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My wife, My Pastor and I are at odds about tithing. I am under an alimony order that takes over a third of my net and am constantly running out of money each month. But I am told that God isn't going to bless me or change my circumstances because I am not tithing my 10%.

I am already putting stuff on charge cards to stay afloat and tithe what I can. If I were to tithe $400 + I would be so far behind I could not pay my bills or eat.

But my Pastor tells me that he would eat cat food before he did what I was doing.

I feel so pushed in a corner over this issue. When I try to show my wife the freedom you talk about from the tithe, she just says who is this guy and won't listen.

There are times when I just feel like tossing in the towel and stop going to church at all.

I don't know what I am asking you to tell me, what's your background, are there any books or commentaries I can read on this topic.

Help I am drowning.


[Ray Replies]

Dear Mark:

Tell your pastor I said he should give you ten percent of HIS salary AND EAT CAT FOOD!

You are not under any "law of tithing" neither are you under "a curse" if you don't tithe. And any man who suggests that you ought to eat cat food so that you can give HIM ten percent of your salary, is wicked!

I wrote a paper showing from the Scriptures that "Tithing is Unscriptural Under the New Covenant." It is the first paper listed on my home page. Print it out and give a copy of it to your pastor along with this email.

Your pastor has absolutely NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER for exacting and extorting money fraudulently through the use of Scriptures. New Testament Believers are NOT under the tithing law of Moses in the Old Testament.

Paul never taught tithing to the Gentiles, neither did he ever accept a penny in tithe money from them. Money, is in fact, a NON-TITHABLE COMMODITY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Israel NEVER tithed "money." Neither did they tithe, fish, baskets, shoes, lumber, ores, clothing, leather goods, pottery, musical instruments, arts and crafts, tents, etc., etc., etc.

Paul teaches us that a man who doesn't take care of his own is worst than an "Infidel." Yet your pastor would have you neglect your family's needs and eat cat food so that he can live like a king on YOUR MONEY. HE IS A THIEF!

Mark, TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY NEEDS and bow out gracefully from this monster of a man who is a herder of wolves, and not a pastor of sheep.

God be with you, and let me know how things go. I and my staff will be praying about your financial situation.

God be with you,


Hey bro Ray,

Since I had my awakening I have come to see a lot of  things in a new light and nothing can shake my convictions, and oh how they try.

But there are some things that I am not rock solid on as of yet and I can only remain open minded on these issues in hope of someday having the truth in them revealed to me in spirit. I was hoping maybe you could share your insight with me on these.

I often wonder about re-incarnation, I'm not set on it, but I don't rule it out. what do you think? Also I have trouble with confessions, is it scriptural, is it a must in order to have serenity? AND what about making amends for the wrong I have done in the past.

As I told you in a previous letter I was once a drug addict and for a time I was involved in a twelve step program, it helped me a lot to get to where I am today, but I still have trouble with resentment and anger.

So I wonder about these things. If they are a must, then what about grace, why do I still have trouble being a kinder person?

One more thing, is there a church or gathering near me that you could recommend.

Hope I am not to asking too much. I love reading your articles and I know I am on the right track here I could use some input.


[Ray Replies]

Dear Randy:

It is not a bother for me to answer your questions.

Reincarnation is a doctrine of demons. God changes us into a new creature, a new creation, but this happens to us as the person we are, not a reincarnated different person.

Regarding 'confessions,' you are CONFESSING to me right now!  And that is okay. In fact, that is what God expects you to do -- learn from the teachers that God has provided. It is not, however, necessary for you to confess all your sins to friends and relatives.

Resentment and anger are carnal pulls of the flesh that only come out with considerable struggle. God wants us to struggle. Anger and resent are among the "spiritual powers in high places" that we ARE to wrestle against. However, God does provide armor and weapons of spiritual warfare for us (Eph. 6:11-17).

What about GRACE? Randy, it is GRACE that trains, teaches, and CHASTISES us so that we should be "disowning irreverence and worldly desires" (Titus 2:11). Grace does not "take all these things AWAY for us" but rather disciplines and chastises these things OUT OF US. It is a process, it takes time, and it is not always pleasant.  You WILL become a kinder person as God continues to chastise you by means OF His Grace.

I am sorry, but I do not know of a church in your area that understands or teaches the Truths of God. Perhaps there are individuals, but I do not have a personal knowledge of who they may be.

God be with you, Randy.


[After several email exchanges]

So far everything I have read from your site has been wrong and every word you have made an attempt to define is wrong. Just look at your own statements and see the mistakes. There is no reason for me to spend days typing out everything you have said.

You have pointed fingers of accusations at some very visible people and your accusations are false.  You have judged people by some standards that are indeed sub-standards for they are not Bible. Your words of condemnation are based on miss-interruptions of the scriptures and confused definitions of the Greek.

How many years have you spent in Bible School studying the Greek?   What qualifies you as an expert on the Greek language? What are credentials?

[Ray Replies]

Dear Nameless:

As I said, you can't find ONE statement of mine that you can disprove! I didn't ask you to critique all my papers. Just ONE SIMPLE STATEMENT OF MINE THAT IS EITHER WRONG OR UNSCRIPTURAL. Really, how hard can that be, Nameless? You are full of hot air. Put your money where your mouth is. If I have said anything unscriptural or wrong, it behooves you to show me, since it is YOU who are condemning my work.

Credentials?  Your want "credentials?"  I'll give you credentials ...

My little staff consists of a paper hanger, a contract painter, a carpenter, and a computer programmer. Peter was a fisherman, Matthew was a tax collector, Paul was a tent maker, Jesus was a carpenter, and I?  I am a roofer. How are those for "credentials."

You are angry with me because you see at least a little Truth, and you don't like it. The Truth hurts, it cuts, it humbles. And who wants to be hurt, cut and humbled?  You condemn your own condemnation by not being able to find anything in my paper that you can prove wrong, but yet you SAY IT IS WRONG. It isn't that what I say is wrong, it is that it contradicts all that you have been taught, and you thus far, refuse to give up your idols of the heart.

Here is what I teach: 

  • Jesus Christ IS THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD. You find that offensive.  
  • God will bring all humanity to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ to His glory. You find this offensive. 
  • God will not torture most of humanity in an eternal hellhole of fire. You find this offensive.
  • God is not only capable, but God is determined to SAVE ALL MANKIND.   You find this offensive.

In reality, YOU FIND GOD OFFENSIVE!! And therefore, I don't believe you are in any position to be condemning me for teaching what the Scriptures teach.

You would like to think that the Greek noun, "aion" (which means an AGE or indeterminate period of time, always with a beginning and an ending), can be used as an adjective "aionios" which would then mean EVERLASTING, FOREVER, OR ETERNAL.  

One doesn't need to be a Greek scholar to see the absurdity of such a desperate argument to prove God is really an eternal terrorist of the worst kind. It is a law of grammar and language, Nameless, that NO adjective can take on a greater meaning than the noun from which it is derived. Now then, do you know a Greek Scholar who can prove THAT statement wrong?  Does the grammar of ANY LANGUAGE ON EARTH allow for something that happens "hourly" to mean something that happens "annually" or "eternally?"  Well?

May God open your spiritually blind eyes and mind and grace you with Truth.



[More nonsense from Brian]

The subject of Lazarus and the poor man: When Lazarus and the poor man died, there is a place "if you knew scripture at all Mr. Smith" called sheol. But there are two parts to sheol Mr. Smith. The horrible part is called "Hades" or as most people call hell. The other part is called "PARADISE'' Mr. smith not heaven. Hades is where the ungodly went, those who did evil in the eyes of god and were unrepentant. Paradise is where those who were righteous in the eyes of the lord went. But you see Mr. smith, paradise was emptied by Jesus Christ between his death and resurrection and now anyone who dies.

NOW Mr. Smith, if they are born again go to heaven, and if they are still lost in their sins at the point of death, well Mr. Smith then they go to hell, Hades etc, etc, etc. If you go read  a Hebraic, Greek translation of the bible Mr. Smith you'll find all of this out on your own, but I found out all this in just a NIV study bible, but since you seem to have such a hard time understanding THE WORD OF GOD Mr. Smith I have given you a reference to a bible that maybe you can understand better. And the reason that the " HUNDREDS'' of people you say have made retorts, I'm sorry REPLIES back to you putting your teaching down is that they ''GET IT'' Mr. Smith and you haven't yet, because if you did get it Mr. Smith, you wouldn't be typing your false crap on the Internet and you would be repenting before the REAL GOD and trying to seek a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ your Lord and savior.

So please MR. SMITH stay off the Internet with the stuff you've been putting on there because the lord is watching you and he does not take kindly to those who do not believe he had the power to make sure that everything he wanted to say in his word IS IN HIS WORD. For His Holy Spirit filled up men and had them write what he wanted us to know MR. SMITH. 

P.S. I will keep you in my prayers Mr. Smith.  ADIEU

[Ray Replies]

Dear Brian:

Thank you for including your name this time. It is always nice to know to whom one is speaking.

This is now your sixth or seventh email to me. All you could do to date is say the I am a false prophet leading people astray. Each time I asked you to be SPECIFIC. I asked you to quote ONE statement or sentence of ANY of my papers and then prove that statement to be Scripturally WRONG. 

In my last email to you I stated it at least three times, thinking that I could goad you into at least "trying" to show that any statement in my writings was wrong. I asked you if YOU would be the first one to actually follow up and "put your money where you mouth is," I believe, was the phrase I used. Just ONE quotation from ANY of my papers, followed by ANY Scriptural proof that the statement is wrong. As it was you who stated that EVERYTHING ON MY SITE is wrong, this should have been the easiest task in the world for you to do, and set me straight on at least ONE SPECIFIC ITEM.

And this email of yours is your answer to that challenge? UNBELIEVABLE!!

Where is the ONE quotation from ANY of my papers that is wrong?  Where? You quoted NOTHING from ANY of my papers! I thought you said EVERYTHING I write is wrong. Why then could you not find ONE statement to present?  For crying out loud, even I can find more things wrong with some of my papers than you can. And where is the "SCRIPTURAL" PROOF that anything I said is Scripturally untrue. You quote NOT ONE SCRIPTURE in this entire pathetic email of yours.

I already corrected you on calling the parable of Luke 16, "Lazarus and the poor man." You did concede that error. And so now, you again, TWICE IN THE SAME SENTENCE call it: "Lazarus and the POOR MAN: when Lazarus and the POOR MAN." Brian, it's "Lazarus and the RICH MAN: Lazarus and the RICH MAN."There is no ONE statement in your email that is Scripturally true--NOT ONE! And your constant repetition of my name only adds insult to your mean-spirited attempt humiliate me as a Scriptural dunce.

YOU STATE: "there are two parts to sheol Mr. Smith. the horrible part is called 'Hades' or as most people call hell. The other part is called 'PARADISE' Mr. Smith not heaven."

COMMENT: Are there two parts to sheol because you say so? Where is your Scriptural proof for that statement? The Hebrew word "sheol" is translated by the King James Version, 31 times "grave,' 31 times "hell," and 3 times "pit." These translators OBVIOUSLY did not know the real meaning of this word, and could not decide how to consistently translate it.

There are NOT two parts to sheol. EVERYONE who died in the Old Testament was said to go to "sheol" -- the good and the bad both go to the same "sheol" which is not made up of different compartments. That is an UNSCRIPTURAL statement. Here is the Scriptural proof: 

"But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave [Heb: 'sheol']" (Psalm 49:15).

There is "REDEMPTION" from "sheol" -- David said so. Who goes to "sheol" at death -- only the good or only the bad? BOTH. Scripturally proof from same Psalm:

"For he sees that the wise men die, LIKEWISE the fool and the brutish person perish, and leave their wealth to others" (Ver. 10).

The wise and the fool DIE THE SAME:

"Nevertheless man [MANKIND, HUMANITY] being in honour abides not: HE IS LIKE THE BEASTS THAT PERISH" (Ver. 12).

"Beasts" DO NOT GO TO A PLACE OF TORTURE OR A PARADISE AT DEATH -- they go to 'sheol' -- the GRAVE, just as men do! And according to Scripture, does a righteous man take his glory of sainthood with him to the to 'sheol' or the grave? Is his 'glory' REALLY in a department of sheol called 'PARADISE' as you say? Is THAT where his glory is preserved, in 'sheol'?  Answer:

"For when he DIES he shall carry NOTHING AWAY; his glory SHALL NOT DESCEND AFTER HIM" (Verse 17).

All people DIE (Heb. 9:27).

Righteous men, evil men, and BEASTS all have the same spirit and they ALL GO TO THE SAME PLACE (Ecc. 3:18-21).

The only way that DEAD PEOPLE will ever LIVE again is if God RESURRECTS THEM OUR OF THEIR GRAVES (not out of chambers of consciousness) (John 5:28-29).

YOU STATE: "Hades is where the ungodly went, those who did evil..."

COMMENT:  EVERYONE goes to Hades at death -- even the righteous! Where do you come up with this unscriptural nonsense?  God said that David would sleep (die) with his fathers. "WITH them," not in some OTHER FABLED CHAMBER or DEPARTMENT! (I Sam. 7:12). He told Moses the same thing. That they would be in sleep (death) WITH their fathers -- MOST OF THEIR 'FATHERS' WERE IDOLATERS!!

Our own LORD went to sheol/Hades when He died (yes, contrary to Christian doctrine, Jesus REALLY DID DIE, HE WAS DEAD WHEN THEY CRUCIFIED HIM. HE WAS DEAD IN THE TOMB [He was NOT on a missionary journey while He was DEAD IN THE TOMB] THAT'S HOW HE PAID FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD).

But then again you don't really believe that He DID pay for the sins of the world, and that is why you teach that the WORLD is going to hell in a hand basket to be tortured by some alien terrorists for all eternity, in real fire. Acts 2:31,

"He seeing this before spake of the RESURRECTION [Jesus was DEAD] of Christ, that His soul was NOT left in hell [this word is 'Hades', but it is translated from the same word used in Hebrew which is 'sheol'--proof: see verse 27 where the Holy Spirit translates 'sheol' as 'Hades'--NOT 'HELL'], neither His flesh did see corruption."

So Jesus clearly was not enjoying Himself in a place called 'paradise' during the period of time He was supposed to be DEAD as a penalty for the sins of the world!

YOU STATED:  "The other part [there is no 'other part'] is called 'PARADISE'..."

COMMENT:  Where? Where is the 'other part of sheol" called 'PARADISE?' Where is the Scriptural proof for such a foolish statement?

YOU STATE:  "But you see Mr. Smith, paradise was emptied by jesus christ [can't you spare the dignity to at least CAPITALIZE the very NAME OF YOUR OWN SAVIOUR AND CREATOR?] between his death and resurrection..."

COMMENT: Oh really?  And I guess that surely would have included, David, a 'man after God's own heart,' would it not?  Did David who 'slept with his idolatrous fathers' really GO TO HEAVEN at this time as you state? In the book of Acts AFTER Christ was both dead and resurrected, we read this:

"For DAVID is NOT ASCENDED INTO THE H-E-A-V-E-N-S..." (Acts 2:34).

Of course, he was STILL DEAD, awaiting a future RESURRECTION:

"Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you of the patriarch David, that he is both DEAD AND BURIED, and his sepulchre is with us unto THIS DAY" (Acts 2:29)!!!

SCRIPTURES, Brian, USE THE SCRIPTURES, when you want to prove a Truth!

Well, that's enough. I'm out of here. I have serious emails to answer.

Brian, read my papers, check all the Scriptural references, and see if "these things be so or not" as the Bereans did (Acts 17:11).

I wish you well, Brian. It should be clear even to you from the above, that you do not teach from the Scriptures, but from the 'traditions of men." Nothing you said is Scriptural -- NOTHING. It is all heresy! You are NOT teaching according to the Scriptures. This is a sin, Brian. You need to repent. NOT TO ME, BUT TO GOD! 

I will pray for you.  I will ask everyone who comes to me site to pray for you. I will post this email so that others can learn as well.

May God be with you Brian, and grant you spirit light to see the Truth.



Hello Ray,
I have three questions:

  1. I would like to know what you believe scripture to say on the subject of healing for today.
  2. Do you think we are able to do the same miracles as Jesus? If so, why do we not see this more often?
  3. The scripture in John 14: 13, 14.  Why don't our petitions get answered like Jesus said?

Thank you for your time,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Cindy:

Many assume that the statements that Jesus made to his eleven apostles on the evening of His arrest, were a blanket statement to all believers to follow, for all time. This is not so.

Jesus did do many miracles through His apostles after His death and resurrection. He promised them the gift of the Holy Spirit (Comforter), which would give them faith and power to spread His gospel message.

This came true fifty days later on the Day of Pentecost. The apostles were given the gift of tongues so that they could even speak in foreign languages which none of them had ever studied. They were able to heal the sick. And they even RAISED THE DEAD. Peter and Paul both RAISED THE DEAD.

These special miracle gifts did not follow all generations of the church. Even later in the ministry of the apostles, God began to withdraw these gifts. No one was raised from the dead in their later ministry. Paul said that "tongues would cease" in I Cor. 13. Only "faith, hope [expectation] and charity [love]" were to "NOW remain...."  Some of Paul best friends and servants in spreading the gospel were sick and not healed. Paul told his dear friend Timothy, to "take a little wine for thy stomach's sake, and thine OFT [MANY] INFIRMITIES. God did NOT heal them. Do we think that Paul did not even ask?

Many in the charismatic church try to make a carnival exhibition of such gifts, but I am afraid all they do is deceive.

However, with that said, does God no longer perform miracles or healings? Yes, He does. I have seen and experienced them. Does He always heal? Does He always alleviate our problems and trials? NO. Why should we pray for God to TAKE AWAY all the things that are absolutely NECESSARY FOR OUR FAITH AND PERFECTION?

Don't neglect to ask God for EVERYTHING you feel you should have. But don't be disappointed if God allows you to CONTINUE IN YOUR TRIALS. Sometimes He removes certain trials after a period of time. We do not know when and how or even if God will do this that or the other thing, so we keep praying.  I ask for STRENGTH AND FAITH to face my trials and OVERCOME my flesh. I no longer pray for God to make me HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE, with absolutely no price to pay for such privileges.

This site is an answer to prayer. My understanding of the Scriptures is an answer to prayer. Everything I have is an answer to prayer. I pray for others and many times, GOD ANSWERS MY PRAYERS! But I do NOT always heal the sick through my prayers, I do not make people wealthy through my prayers, and I have NEVER raised the dead through my prayers. So don't stop praying!! And ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, thank God for all that you have.

And then, don't WORRY about anything. Phil. 4:6 is a terrible translation in the KJV. Instead of "Be careful in nothing..." it should read:


God be with you,


Lately I have been feeling like maybe all this is pointless, meaningless. You know, all that why am I here stuff. Why did I have this experience when it set me apart from the vast majority of my fellows?

This material world means nothing to me now and its hard for me to get into the daily rat race knowing it's all pointless. That's how I feel.  

So what happens then when we die, do we just go blank and if so, then what was all this about? I am afraid of what I don't understand and I look around at this world today and I see what's going on, then I think about my four year old, what am I suppose to do?

I don't know bro, what happened to me was definitely a profound experience in my life and at times I am grateful, but then sometimes I wonder what the hell it's all about and I get angry with God. I am still seeking, that's all, just want to feel some of the absolute peace I once had, sometimes I hate this world because it is a thief and totally contrary to what my spirit says.

My mind cannot overcome itself this I know, but my spirit seems to have eluded me lately,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Randy:

We have all felt like you at times in our lives. I have said that before we ever come to truly love God, we first go through a stage where we HATE God.  It's okay, God understands.

When God calls someone to come out of this world and into His Truth, it is a struggle all the way.  It never gets "easy." God doesn't want it to get easy. We are in training for something big ... really BIG!  We are to be born into the very Family of God as SONS!  We are destined to RULE THE WORLD.  Our goal is to judge and SAVE ALL MANKIND.  This training for this job is a little harder than ranger training in the Army. But then again, the rewards and responsibilities are much greater as well.

God knows you state and your state of mind every second of the day. It is God HIMSELF who has put you in the predicaments that you find yourself. And that is part of the reason you sometimes hate God. 

Not to fear -- God is on your side even if it appears at times that He is not.

Take ALL of your burdens to God. He will see your through.



Be sure you read the installments of The Lake of Fire. It will help you a lot.

Dear Ray,

Hi.  My name is David.  I have written to you a few times in the past and I feel inclined to write to you again.  In the past few times I've written to you, you have responded and I really appreciate that. 

I encountered your website a few months ago and I'm so glad I did.   I have never in my life heard anyone teach the way that you do.  Most sermons I listen to is like listening to Top 40 Music on the local music station. Most of the songs are good, but they really lack depth.  Your articles have depth and your teachings are so scriptually sound, that I can't believe there are people out there that curse you and your website (I saw the e-mails sent to you).

The first time I started to question the doctrine that God will torture billions of unbelievers in the History of Mankind was about two years ago when I saw Schindler's List.   That movie was the only movie that has ever made me cry.  I felt so bad for the Jewish people that were beaten, tortured, and killed for being Jews.  Six million Jews killed for no reason other than being Jewish.  I imagine these Jewish people in their last moments in life crying out to God for mercy, for help, for anything.  I'm sure most turned to prayer begging to be delivered from the horrors of what they were going through.  Then, I started to question what I believe in regards to what I have been taught. 

Most pastors out there will gladly teach that what the Jews went through was only the beginning.  They will teach that the worst is yet to come for them, that because of their unacceptance of Jesus Christ that they will be punished (tortured is too strong a word for them) for ever and ever.  Many pastors will add an "Amen" to the thought of so many people being thrown into the "lake of fire".

Everything you wrote about in your Lake of Fire paper, about the book of Revelation symbolic made sense.  What doesn't make sense is that so many preachers will view the Lake of Fire as being literal while the rest of the book is symbolic.  I admit, I was one of those people even as recent as two years ago. 

I find that your articles are really funny and I'm not sure if you intend them to be funny.  They are funny because you plainly point out the flaws in the doctrines that so many teach, and I find myself laughing because I was one of them.   I'm really laughing at myself for not examining the scriptures a little more closely.  I think to myself, "how could I have accepted this for so long."  

The trinity doctrine is another one.  I used to just accept it as a "mystery that no one can understand" but then I started to really think about it.  I just can't accept the doctrine of the trinity anymore.  I mentioned to someone I know a few days ago that I had some problems accepting the trinity cause it doesn't make sense.  He was surprised that I would say this.  He went on to explain that God has revealed himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the three are one. Then I told him that God has revealed himself in many other ways than Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I used the Burning Bush as an example.  He gave me the typical "it's a mystery we can't understand" explanation and I decided to drop the subject.  I did not want to place a stumbling block in front of him.

I want to thank you for the articles you have taken the time to write.  Ever since I have come across your website I have been studying the Word so much more intently than ever before. 

All the things I have been taught in "Sunday School" have to come into question now.  Not everything I have learned in 20 years of being a Christian is wrong, but I'm finding the major doctrine's taught (tithing, eternal punishment, trinity) all fall apart when you go right to the Word. 

God Bless,



I really appreciate your hunger for the truth of God, and just as importantly your boldness to proclaim it in the face of milk-dependent brethren.

My question is regarding what we here so much in Christendom regarding "covering." You know if you dare leave a church that's teaching false doctrine, you're first labeled rebellious. The next question usually is "what about your covering?".

I scanned your writings and didn't see one that addresses this. Appreciate any thoughts you have regarding this.

Thanks, from one bold believer to another,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Marie:

Thank you for your email and question.

I know NOTHING about a Christian doctrine of "covering." There is no such teaching in the Scriptures.
However, let me state that there is absolutely nothing one has [obtained] by being in a church, belonging to a church or attending a church, that he does not have IN CHRIST ALONE!

Paul stated that we are "COMPLETE IN CHRIST" (Col. 2:10). What more could we desire than to be COMPLETE in all things?

Hope this helps your understanding a little better.

God be with you, Marie



Ray, this one's really got me stumped. Could you explain?

Thanks again, God bless,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Dennis:

There is not one sentence of scholarship in this foolish apologetic nonsense from: CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS & RESEARCH MINISTRY.

Mr. Slick states:

"Therefore, when the Bible speaks of eternal punishment and hell fire, etc., the universalist interprets it to mean an inner sorrow due to loss of reward..." 

Oh really?  Isn't it interesting that those who try to discredit the fact that Jesus Christ is THE SAVIOUR OF THE WHOLE WORLD, they never actually quote from those who teach universalism. They say: Universalists, "believe, think, say, suggest," etc., etc., but they then don't bother to actually QUOTE any Universalists who believe, say, or think the things they dogmatically state. This, my friend, is unscriptural, unprofessional, unholy, DECEIT!

I know of hundreds who believe in universalism and do not believe that when the KJV speaks of "eternal punishment and hell fire" that it means "inner sorrow due to loss of reward." Why don't you DEMAND of this charlatans that they tell the truth. If that is what Universalists believe, THEN QUOTE THEM!

Again Mr. Slick states: 

"Likewise, if, as the universalist says, the punishment is not eternal, then neither is the life.  You can't pick and choose how the word is applied in this ver to suit your own theology. But the universalists do just that.  They want to have Jesus say that eternal life is forever but eternal punishment is not--even though Jesus used the same word, in the same breath, to describe them both."

Not one of these statements of Mr. Slick has a LICK of truth in it. It may sound like he is making a fool of those who believe the word "ionion" does not mean eternal, but he is fooling himself. Here is the Truth:

The Greek word "aionion" is the adjective form of the Greek noun "aion."

And an "aion" is a period of time that cane be an "age" or even shorter.

It is the equivalent of the Hebrew word "olam" which meant as little as the lifetime of a single person, even though the KJV translates it many times as "eternal" or "forever."

Now then, it is a low of language and grammar (not the speculation of deceived people), that no ADJECTIVE can take on a greater meaning than the NOUN from which it was derived!

Therefore, "hourly" for example, pertains to an "hour." Not a week, not a month, not a year, and certainly not ETERNITY!  Likewise, the adjective "aionios" pertains to an "aion" which is a period of time with a BEGINNING and an ENDING.  Hence "aionion" can NEVER, EVER, MEAN EVER OR EVERLASTING, OR EVERMORE, OR ETERNAL! It matters NOT that that is the way the KJV has translated this word many times--however not ALWAYS, I might add.

Here is simple Scriptural proof that "aions" always have beginnings and always have endings -- I will use the original Greek word in these verses rather than the translation so that all can see which Greek word is being used in each verse. And notice carefully that most of these verses use the word in the PLURAL, "aionS." How pray tell could be possibly be a PLURALITY OF ETERNITY?

BEFORE there ever were an aions: I Cor. 2:7 -- "BEFORE the aions" [world--ages]

God created or made the aions: Heb. 1:2 -- "MADE the aions" [the worlds--ages]

Aions in the PAST: Col. 1:26 -- "hid FROM the aions" [ages--ages]

Our PRESENT aion: Gal. 1:4 -- "the PRESENT wicked aion" [world--ages]

The END of our present aion: Matt. 24:3 -- "CONCLUSION of the aion" [world--ages]

The NEXT aion:  Luke 18:30 -- "the aion TO COME" [world--ages]

FUTURE AIONS:  Eph. 2:7 -- "the ONCOMING aionS" [ages--ages]

CONTRASTING aions: Eph. 3:31 -- "the eon OF the eons"  [throughout all ages world without end--ages]

ENDS of ALL the aions: I Cor. 10:11 -- "the CONSUMMATIONS [endS] of the aions" [ends of the world--ends of the ages] 

There is a Greek word for "world" and it is used often in Scripture it is the Greek word: "kosmos" not the Greek word "aion." Besides aions is often found in the plural--just how many WORLDS are there anyway?

Mr. Slick states that according to Universalists Matt. 25:46 could be translated:

"And these will go away into NON 'aionion' punishment, but the righteous into 'aionion' life."

This is sheer fabrication. Universalists believe NO SUCH THING. They no more believe that the second occurrence of the word "aionion" means eternal, than they believe that the first occurrence of this word "anionion" means eternal. BOTH times it is the SAME word, and BOTH times it mean "aionion"--eonian, age-lasting, or age-abiding, NOT ETERNAL!

The stupid, stupid argument is then make that if the first occurrence of "aionion" does not mean "eternal" but rather "eonian--age-abiding," then righteous will never be given true "eternal life," but rather ONLY "age-abiding" life which will some day COME TO AN END. Here's the Truth:

God intends for ALL OF HIS CHILDREN to live ETERNALLY WITH HIM IN GLORY. When and how is this accomplished according to the Scriptures?

It is true that ALL WILL BE SAVED (I Tim. 2:4 and 4:10 and a hundred other verses like this). However, NOT ALL are saved at the same time. Only those in the FIRST RESURRECTION will inherit the Kingdom of God on earth to reign with Christ. ONLY the "very ELECT."  ONLY those who "OVERCOME." ONLY the "manifested SONS OF GOD." 

Eternity in heaven is NOT the "REWARD" of the saved. EVERYONE will eventually be in the realm of heaven with God for eternity. But ONLY those who are accounted worthy to be in the first resurrection will receive a SPECIAL MARVELOUS GLORIOUS REWARD. And what is that glorious reward: "EONIAN [AGE-ABIDING] LIFE, in the KINGDOM OF GOD, ruling and reigning with Christ's for "aions of the aions" until ALL in the heavens and ALL in the earth, and ALL under the earth [the deceased] are ALSO BROUGHT IN GOD'S FAMILY!  It is a special reward to occurs AGES before the rest of humanity receive salvation. This reward is all through the New Testament, but few indeed, seem to see it.

What then happens to the "life" of all those who were given "aionion life." Do they DIE?  Does their life come to AN END?  Just what comes to an end, in THE END? Why, the "AIONS" [THE AGES], of course, come to an end. Do the Saints of the first resurrection then DIE WITH THE AGES? NO!! How so? If the "aions" END, and "aionion life" ENDS, why does not the life of the resurrected Saints ALSO END?  Because God gave them IMMORTALITY AND INCORRUPTION FROM THE BEGINNING OF THEIR RESURRECTION, AND THEY STILL HAVE AND POSSES IT! 

"Aionion" life, age-abiding life, the special reward part of the Saints life, ENDS--BUT IMMORTALITY AND INCORRUPTION DOES NOT END. Immortal life can NEVER END BECAUSE IMMORTALITY MEANS: DEATH=LESS=NESS--never to DIE! But in the SECOND resurrection ALL HUMANITY IS GIVEN IMMORTALITY. And it is the very judgment of the white throne and the spiritual, divine, cleaning of God's
SPIRITUAL lake of fire than purifies all the wicked and unbelievers, until they ALL bow to the name of Jesus and call Him Lord and Saviour to the Glory of the Father   (Phil.2:10-11).

Mr. Slick states:

"I inserted the word 'non' here to reflect what the universalists INTEND THE WORD 'AIONION' TO MEAN when describing punishment--but not life."

What a crock!  Universalists BELIEVE, KNOW, AND INTEND that the word "aionion" means "aionion" and NOT 'NON aionion' as this author so deceitfully contends. He then has the unmitigated gall to say:

"Notice, IT ISN'T THERE when describing life because the Universalist believes that the life of the righteous is without end: eternal." 

Let it be known right here and now, that NO UNIVERSALISTS uses Matt. 25:46 as PROOF that God has promised the righteous "ETERNAL life."  This Scripture proves no such thing regardless of how many thousands of theologians think it does. It promises "aionion [age-abiding or life of the ages] life" and NOT, "ETERNAL LIFE!"  This is not a verse to proves the righteous will live FOREVER. There are OTHER VERSES that prove this. Namely those which speak of RESURRECTION, INCORRUPTION, IMMORTALITY, AND SPIRITUAL BODIES!  Of COURSE, the word "NON" is "not there." The Universalists NEVER PUT IT THERE - Mr. Slick PUT IT THERE, and it doesn't belong there!

Mr. Slick states:

"This the kind of thing the universalist must do in order to justify his position."

Oh REALLY?  Is THAT what I have done in this rebuttal to his foolish unscriptural nonsense?  I don't think so -- if you do, maybe you should read this answer once more.

Mr. Slick states: 


Oh really?  And what might that phase mean in the King's English? "An intrusion into the text of a theological perspective."  Sound erudite! Sounds scholarly!  Sounds intelligent! Sounds very academia. That's how it sounds. Here is what it really is: SHEER INTELLECTUAL FOOLISH NONSENSICAL GOBBLE-DE-GOOK.  But do notice that he says "a theological PERSPECTIVE," rather than "a theological TRUTH?!"

Next he tries to tie the theology and scholarship of Universalists with that of the Jehovah's Witnesses, thinking that that surely will make all Universalists look stupid and foolish.

Next Mr. Slick suggests yet another possible translate that "might be" attributed to Universalists:

"And these will go away into non-eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life."

I know of NO Universalits that would translate Matt. 25:46 the way he suggests. ALL knowledgeable Universalists KNOW that there is NO word in the Greek Manuscripts that can be correctly translated as "eternal." And ALL knowledgeable Universalists also know that this verse should be translated "aionion chastisement" and not "NON-eternal punishment" as this author contends.

Next Mr. Slick states: 

"But, the universalists state that 'aionion' is an age, a period of time that CAN have a finish."

Not true. Anything 'aionion' not only 'can' have a finish, it must by the very meaning and usage of the ALWAYS HAVE AN END.

Mr. Slick says what Matt. 25:46 is really telling us is: 

"He is telling us that there is eternal life and eternal death."

Jesus is telling us NO SUCH THING in this verse. The word "eternal" and the word "death" is not found in this verse in the 5000+ Greek manuscripts of the New Testament thus far discovered. It read: "aionion chastisement" and "aionion life."

One final quotation from Mr. Slicks paper: 

"The universalists have constructed a multi-age scenario to fit their perspective. In so doing, they have allowed for the occurrence of salvation after death, another teaching that is unbiblical, Heb. (27 says, 'And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment' (Heb. 9:27, NASB)."

"MULTI-age scenario" is it?  How many Scriptures must I quote before we can see that there are MANY Scriptures that speak of "MULTI-age scenarios"?

It is true that after death comes judgment for the wicked and unbelievers. But it is also true that Christendom teaches that judgment is just another word for "ETERNAL TERRORISM OF TORTURE IN A HELLHOLE OF FIRE." When in reality JUDGMENT BRINGS REPENTANCE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Would you like a Scripture on that?

"For when Thy [God's] JUDGMENTS are in the earth, the INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD will learn RIGHTEOUSNESS" (Isa. 26:9)!!

And so my bible-truths signature Scripture, I Tim. 4:10 will see it's final fulfillment:

"For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the Living God, Who IS the Saviour of ALL MEN, specially of those that BELIEVE"!

May God be with your spirit and increase your understanding,


Hello Ray!

Thank you so much for investing time and energy in the creation of your web page.  I discovered your site today when I was looking for information about tithing.  After many of years of searching for a church home I decided to start going to a church in my neighborhood.  Tithing is a big part of the pastor's weekly message. 

I have no problem giving when I have it, but lately I have trouble just keeping the utilities on and there is NEVER enough food in the house.  Nevertheless, I felt shammed into tithing, and I believed I would suffer an even greater financial setback if I failed to give the church 10% of my income. 

There was no joy in my giving ... just fear.  Fear that I would not be able to make it an entire month on the $35.00 I had left after tithing and paying most of the bills.  Fear that my fear would keep God from blessing me. 

A couple of Sundays ago the pastor announced the Holy Spirit had directed him to collect an additional $20.03 from each member every Sunday for the building fund.  I was devastated.  We were made to stand up and give this money.  I didn't have it.   I felt humiliated and sick with despair.

I was depressed most of today until I found your web site.  I read your article about tithing and I felt freed after learning that tithing has no scriptural foundation!   NEVER again will I feel forced to give anything.

You are a blessing,


[Ray Replies]

God BLESS you Dee!

Me and my staff LIVE for the very purpose of seeing people like you FREED from the damnable hardships that are placed on them by pretending and would-be ministers of Jesus Christ.

Turn to Matt. 23. After tell the hypocritical scribes and Pharisees (the religious leaders of the day) that they themselves were the HINDRANCE that kept people out of the kingdom of heaven, Jesus then said this:

"Woe [hardship, misery and despair] unto you, scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITES! for you DEVOUR WIDOW'S HOUSES, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the GREATER DAMNATION [judgment--chastisement--correction]" (Verse 14).

Dee, let me ask you a favor:  Let me use your email to help thousands and thousands of others who are in the same position of bondage as you were?

Again, GOD BLESS YOU, and comfort you, and give you peace,



My pastor and I were discussing David Bercot's book '/Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs'/ in which Bercot comments that virtually all of John's apostles held the belief of eternal damnation (paraphrased). For myself, not being very scholarly, researching such things to prove or disprove this is difficult. However, I located a statement from Irenaeous (177 CE) that put Jesus at over 50 years of age. This, plus statements from Aurelius Augustine concerning his beliefs on eternity versus an age while acknowledging other common beliefs during his day, cause me to doubt too much quoting from "early church" writers.

Please guide me to a clear study of "eternity vs. ages" in the context of early understanding of Scripture by those who wrote on the subject closest to the time Christ walked on the earth. Since modern-day authors can pick and choose from whom to quote from ancient times while building a case, there must be a differing opinion from Bercot's. Aside from Scripture, I mean.

Awaiting your reply,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Patrick,

You are correct. There are many writers to hunt and pick from.

I can suggest a few books that are excellent in this area, as well as being honest scholarship:

  • CHRIST TRIUMPHANT By Thomas Allin, Concordant Publishing Concern
  • RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS By Andrew Jukes, Concordant Publishing Concern
  • THE ANCIENT HISTORY OF UNIVERSLISM (From the time of the apostles, to its condemnation in the fifth General Council, A.D. 53) By Hosea Ballou, Reprinted 1989 by: SAVIOUR OF ALL FELLOWSHIP, 6800 Hough Road, Almont, Mi. 48003

Bible Material Unlimited, Inc. of St. Petersburg, Florida may have all of these books. I know they have a couple of them. Call John Braucht at: (727) 347-2051 or Fax (727) 347-8922

Jukes uses a lot of Latin in his footnotes, so that part is not too helpful for most of us, the his book is great. Christ Triumphant gives probably the most positive sources of belief in Universalism.

God be with you,



You are just like all the other "Bible correcting" scholars that teach a false doctrine.  The King James 1611 Authorized Version is God's perfectly preserved and INSPIRED Word of God.  If you would just believe the Book (AV 1611) instead of trying to correct it like Satan did in Genesis you might be surprised what Truth the Lord would show you! 

Apply to yourself what the Bible says in II Thessalonians 2:11-And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.   You cannot teach what you teach without correcting God's INSPIRED King James Bible!

Am I therefor become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

Galatians 4:16

All Quotations are from God's perfect Word-THE KING JAMES BIBLE


[Ray Replies]

Dear John:

John, if the 1611 King James Bible is the "PERFECT" word of God as you suggest, why is it that when one goes to a Bible Book Store, ALL OF THE KING JAMES BIBLES for sale are MISSING FOURTEEN BOOKS that were in the 1611 Edition?  Why is that, John? John, do you even have a 1611 Edition of the King James Bible? I do. When is the last time you read the "The Idole Bel and the Dragon" in the King James Bible? When, John? It is found between the book, "The Prayer of Manasseh" and "The Story of Susanna."

You are familiar with the book, "The Story of Susanna" are you not, John? It is found in the 1611 "Perfect" King James Edition of the Bible.

Me thinks that you are one very deceived person, John. I don't believe you know what you are talking about. Maybe you would do well to put your mind in gear before your mouth starts accusing me of be like SATAN THE DEVIL. You need to learn not to blaspheme those who teach the Truths of God's Word, John.You have no idea the trouble that could get you into.

I noticed that you could not find even ONE STATEMENT in the many hundreds of pages of material that I have written, that you can prove to be Scripturally untrue.  If you can't back up your slanderous accusations, John, you need to keep your mouth shut.   Now with that said, let me suggest that you read the series on the Lake of Fire that is on my site. Ten installments have been posted as of today. There is a mountain of Scriptural information in this series that you will not likely find on any other site. Read it, check the Scriptures, and if you find that I have made an error, would you kindly point it out to me. That is what Jesus said we are to do. Go to a brother and SHOW him his fault. Don't just ACCUSE him of sins, if you can not back up your accusations.

Does that sound like a fair thing to do, John?  Good.  Let me hear from you, okay? Let me know if you are learning anything, or if you find any errors, Okay? Good.

God be with you,


[more on same subject]

It's obvious your an educated man.  My name is James L. ...  I am a construction inspector.  I do not have a degree and I do not know how to read ancient Hebrew.  Maybe you do and I'm proud of you. 

I have all the confidence in the world that the Holy Bible is the perfect word of God.  If I'm trusting God with my soul I'm sure going to trust Him to keep his word for a few thousand years. 

I'll have to admit, there are some things in the Holy Bible that I wish weren't there.  I have to remember though that He is God and I am not.  He makes the rules and I don't. 

There are people who are going to be in a lot of trouble for trying to make God's word say what they think it should say.  I'm not going to direct you to some book or mystical writings or translation to back me up.  God's word is what it is and you better stop messing with it.    

[Ray Replies]

Dear James:

Nice to know to whom I am writing.  I was a roofer the past fifteen years, and I don't read Hebrew either.  However, I do know a little about Bible translations. I have a copy of the 1611 King James Bible and dozens of others.

At what point in time, James, was the King James Bible "the PERFECT word of God" as you dogmatically state? When? First edition? Second?   Third?  Is it now, finally, "the PERFECT word of God?"   James, even the translators THEMSELVES knew for a fact that their translation was FAR FROM PERFECT.  Translations are only men's best attempt to translate ancient and dead languages into modern languages. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TRANSLATE ANYTHING 'PERFECTLY' FROM ANY LANGUAGE INTO ANOTHER LANGUAGE.  If you doubt what I am telling you, ask any scholar who knows anything about the giant problems associated with translating. 

And so a "perfect"s translation is impossible. However, that does not mean that we can't understand the meaning of most of these ancient words, we can.  But even understanding their meaning, it is still impossible to translate perfectly. There are such things as idioms, parables, metaphors, symbols, types, personifications, associations, allegories, etc., etc., etc.  There is no such thing as a direct word for word translation from any language into any other language. The best that often can be done is to translate thought for thought, and not word for word.  It is difficult for me to explain these answers to you when do don't even understand the questions.

One early edition of the King James said: "Thou SHALT commit adultery." The fix that one pretty fast.   In about 1850 the Revision Committee made approximately 50,000 error corrections to the King James Translation. How many more exist?  Who knows. But let me say this, there is only ONE WORD in all the King James Bible that is really really badly translated, and that is the Greek word "aion" which means "an age." In the plural it means "ages."  The King James translates it a dozen different ways including "everlasting and eternal" of which it absolutely means NEITHER.  Actually the King James is a pretty good translation except for that one word.  The hundreds and thousands of other errors are relatively minor by comparison.  

Here's a rather comical example of a minor error.  The King James says in Matt. 23:24 says, "Ye blind guides, which strain AT a gnat, and swallow a camel."  A child can see from the context that it is talking about things that are "swallowed," not things "looked at."   All scholars know that it should read: "Ye blind guides, which strain OUT a gnat, and swallow a camel."  Can you see this simple error that has not yet been corrected in nearly 4 hundred years.  This error has printed and reprinted a BILLION TIMES.  Even my King James has in the center margin the correction "strain OUT" not "strain AT."  Go ahead, James, check your King James right now. You will see this "imperfect" translation with your own eyes.

There are dozens of English Translations that do, however, translate "aion" correctly and consistently. Why do you suppose there are HUNDREDS of translations of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures into English alone, if the King James is PERFECT?  Seriously, think about it.  Your condemnation suggesting that I am "MESSING with the Word of God" is way out of line, James.   It is out of line whether you have limited knowledge or not. If you don't know what you are talking about, then maybe you should not be so quick to condemn those who have studied these things for many thousands of hours.  That doesn't mean that I am never wrong, but it BEHOOVES you to show me JUST WHERE I am wrong and stop throwing darts in the dark.

God be with you,