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Dear Ray,

My name is Kim, and I am an OB-GYN doctor in Los Angeles, CA.  I came across your site about three weeks ago and the only time I have to read your articles are late at night and early in the morning. It has taken me literally three weeks to read all of your articles, not just one time, but some articles up to three times each to absorb and digest the information.

I have really enjoyed your Lake of Fire series.  You have spent much time discussing the first few chapters of Revelation and also the last chapter of Revelation. It seems to me that you are keeping the best for last, namely, defining the different beasts that are mentioned in Revelation, who the false prophet is, the name of the "man" and the number of his name represented by 666, Babylon the Great, the identification of the harlot who sits on the beast, the "is" "was" and "will be" language when talking about the beast(s), the two-horned beast, one beast coming out of the water, another beast coming out of the earth --- in other words, am I correct in stating that you will have one article pertaining to all of the things I've mentioned or are you planning on devoting a complete article on each subject I've stated above?

I've been a Church of God member all my life of 45 years, and the last 15 years I have had so many questions rise up in my mind about what I was hearing from the pulpit which did not sync with what I was reading in the Bible. 

And lo and behold out of nowhere I came across your website. And when I started reading and pondering the things you were saying, I kept saying to myself, "Yes, this answers one of my questions that I have pertaining to this," and "Yes, that answers this question," and on and on and on, and I am totally overwhelmed at the "new" information that I have gleaned from reading your articles. 

It is just UNBELIEVABLE how much "in the dark" I have been all these years and then all of a sudden, without warning, I stumble on to your much desired information, and it's like the Heavens opened up and shined a bright light in my eyes and it is so bright that I have to "partially close my eyes" or slowly read through your information over and over until my eyes are adjusted to the spiritual truths that you have presented.  Because the light that you have put forth is extremely bright and overwhelming, and now I am at the point where I can't read fast enough and absorb enough and I have a constant hunger for more truths.

I told my husband tonight (who is a neurosurgeon) about your web-site, and he is in our family room reading one of your articles at this very minute.

Here is another question I have:  What is going to happen to all these "ministers of the gospel," clergymen, evangelists, pastors, clerics, rabbis who have been teaching all these "false truths" to their congregations all these years?  It seems to me that all these "ministers of righteousness" are going to be scrambling for a place to hide some day when what is going to come upon this earth is not what they have been teaching their "flocks."

One more thing I have to tell you is this:  Last Sunday after church, I went to my pastor and said to him (and I'll call him Pastor Bob), "Pastor Bob, you have taught many times that Jesus' talking about the Rich Man and Lazarus was not a parable because Jesus used the name Lazarus, a real person," and Pastor Bob said to me, "Yes, Kimberleigh, that's right."  Then, I said, "But Jesus said that whenever he spoke to the Pharisees or the masses, he ONLY spoke in parables."   And Pastor Bob said, "Well, Jesus did teach with parables, but in that particular instance He was showing us who will go to hell and who will go to Heaven."   And then I said, "Look at this page in my Bible where it lists all of the parables of Jesus, and that Rich Man and Lazarus is listed as being one of the many parables that Jesus taught.  How can that be listed as a parable in my Bible when you have just said it is not a parable?"  And with that, his mouth fell open, and he started to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth, and about that time, someone else came up to him and he quickly changed the subject and started talking to them.

Isn't that UNBELIEVABLE?  As I'm leaving the church, I'm saying to myself, "I bet Ray is going to love to hear this."  Then as my husband and I are driving home from church, we go by a cemetery, and without thinking, I made the comment, "Boy, that's a hell of a place, isn't it?"  My husband said, "Whaaaaat?"  I said, "The cemetery is a hell of a place, isn't it?"  He said, "What are you talking about?"  I said, "Oh, nothing, I was just making an observation."

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ray, for sharing this information and getting it out to the public.


[Ray Replies]

Dear Kim:

Thank you for your email and kind words.

I probably will get into the "beasts" and their numbers and marks before this paper is through, however, I will not be able to covered everything in Revelation, as that might take a few years.

Actually I get numerous emails where people ask me to explain all of these others subjects in Revelation, before I get to them. I explain that this is not possible, but I will try to cover all the important subjects of Revelation.

Your email would be a help to others, if we might have your permission to post it. We never show last names or addresses, of course.

Your statements regarding Lazarus and the rich man are interesting. Likewise, the "parable" of "The Prodigal Son" is not called a parable in the Scriptures, themselves, but all theologians agree that it is most certainly a parable. Bibles that use headings, do, however, call it a parable also.

I just started Installment XI yesterday. It's title is: THE DEPTH OF SATAN. This may well be the installment that really gets me in trouble with the Christian world of orthodoxy; don't miss it!

I lived in Pasadena, California for four years. I now live in Miami, Fla.Say 'hello' to your husband. I hope he continues reading our site as well.

God be with your both, and give you peace,


[And Kim Replies]

Dear Ray,

Thank you very much for your quick response and sharing your thoughts regarding your upcoming articles in your Lake of Fire series.  Yes, you have my permission to post my email on your web-site.

Just to give you a little insight as to what happened this morning while we were having breakfast.  My husband said, "I was reading a couple articles on that Ray Smith site you told me about, the letters to Hagee and Kennedy, and then I started on the tithing article, and you know what?"  I said, "What?"  He said, "My stomach is feeling a little queasy and feel a little nauseous and at the same time I'm getting a little upset at what I learned."  I said, "Upset with what?"  He said, "I just did a rough estimation of the amount of money we have paid in tithes and offerings at our church for the past 10 years, and do you know how much that is?"  So, I thought a moment and said, "Well, I would say, just off the top of my head, it's about $400,000."  And my husband said with a louder than usual voice, "Are you kidding?  By my calculations, we've given 'them' at least $675,000 in the last 10 years." 

By my husband saying that and the way he said it with the inflection in his voice and body movements, he was very "pissed off" to say it mildly.   He said, "You know what we're going to do? We're going to invite some of our close friends from the church, 4 couples, to our home whenever we can arrange our schedules to do so, and we are going to have a 'Have-an-intimate-relationship-with-our-finances-party' with our dear friends, because I've noticed that they all need some excitement in their life and we need to provide them with a little shock value to titillate their thinking."  I said, "You know, that's an excellent idea.  I'll call their wives and just feel them out about their schedules to see when everyone has about 4-6 hours of free time one evening."   He said, "Call me later today after I get out of surgery at about 6 p.m. and tell me what you've found out." 

Ray, you should have seen the expressions on my husband's face when he's telling me about this.  His jaw was firm, not relaxed, looked like he was very, very perplexed, and was talking so fast, I thought at any moment now he's going to have a heart attack.

Will keep you informed on what's happening with us about our get-together with our friends. 

Thank you again for this "shock value" you've provided us.  


Dear Mr. Smith,

I was reading your site while doing research for a speech I'm giving entitled "Is Hell Really a Fiery Place of Torment." I never expected to find any material on the internet that contained so many truths as your website contains. I must say that in fact, I'm astonished at the truthfulness and clarity of your words and arguments!

An email from a student compared your teachings to "cults" such as Jehovah's Witnesses. He's right about your teachings at least, because I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and have believed all of my life that hell IS NOT a fiery place of torment! Isn't it interesting that the minute you contradict Christendom's ministers, they brand you as a cult? They don't even know the definition of the word! I've been hearing this "cult" nonsense all of my life!

But back to what you say regarding hell, I was pleased to see many of the points you made on your site as being the same points that I've used in my speech, which I've had the pleasure of giving to several congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Portland, OR area.

You made some very good points in your arguments against the false doctrine of eternal torment. I certainly recognized this point about the mis-translation of the word 'hell." You also speak about the condition of the dead, as brought out in Ecclesiastes 9:5, as the ancient Hebrews did not believe that a person was conscious after he died. The dead are lifeless; asleep. I made this same point in my speech as well.

I also am bringing out in my speech the fact that when Adam sinned, how was he punished? God told him that since he came from the ground that he would return to the ground. God did not mention any other punishment for Adam. Since Adam's sin resulted in death, how could he be tormented forever?

Another point I make is from 1 John 4:18-19 which says: "There is no fear in love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint. Indeed, he that is under fear has not been made perfect in love. As for us, we love, because he first loved us." So Christians should serve God because they love him, not because they're afraid of his punishment. And more importantly, God loves US. God IS love.

I enjoyed many other fine arguments you've made on your site against the teachings of these so-called ministers, but especially your points about hellfire. I thought I would write you a letter of sincere appreciation for your courage in stating the truth, and how much I enjoyed that way you devastated those fools and their false teachings.

May I make a recommendation? I have used the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (translated by the Watchtower Society) and appreciate the way it correctly translated the words in Greek and Hebrew that are commonly mis-translated as "hell" by other bibles. It would be worth your while, I believe, to compare this translation with the ones you are using and see how well we've stuck to the original meaning of the writers of the scriptures. The next time you hear a knock on your door (and it will probably be you-know-who), ask for a copy. As always, it's totally free. We're not looking to get rich like the tele-evangelists and the rest of Christendom.

I will return to your site during my research and look forward to more of your stinging criticism of the teachings of those who contradict! I would also be honored if you would like to read the transcript of my speech. I am currently rewriting it, as I'm always looking for new thought and angles on this subject (that's what brought me to your site in the first place). I would appreciate any feedback you might have. Please let me know.



[Ray Replies]

Dear Rod:

Thank you for your email and kind words. I am glad that you found at least some agreement with what I teach from Scripture and your own findings.

Actually I have had a New World Translation for forty-five years now.

However, let me say this (and I certainly hope this will not be the least bit offensive to you), I very seldom use the NWT. I think that I have quoted from it but two times in my papers on the bible-truths site. Although the Christian world as a whole despise the NWT, their own King James is very similar, with the one exception of most of mankind being NOT SAVED by "eternal annihilation" rather than "eternal torture." Either way, both teach that God will utterly fail in saving all of His children. This does not speak well for the most powerful and most loving Father in the universe!

The Watch Tower does, however, publish a book that I use ALL THE TIME. It is very helpful in MANY places. It is the EMPHATIC DIAGLOTT. Do you have a copy? Have you not notice how DIFFERENT it is from the NWT? Maybe just one example will put you on the Rod to a whole new world of Scriptural Truth discovery.

Matt. 25:46, NWT:

"And these will depart into EVERLASTING CUTTING-OFF, but the righteous ones into EVERLASTING LIFE."

This translation is very similar to the KJV:

"And these shall go away unto EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT: but the righteous into LIFE ETERNAL."

The only real different in the NWT's translation of the compound, "cutting- off" instead of "punishment."

Now then, let's check the Emphatic Diaglott:

"And these shall go forth to the AIONIAN CUTTNG OFF; but the righteous to AIONIAN LIFE."

This is a MUCH improvement over the King James and the NWT. The Greek word "aionios" or "aionion" never EVER means "everlasting" or "eternal." NEVER. For proof of this read the first ten pages of my letter to John Hagee in the paper "EXPOSING THOSE WHO CONTRADICT" on my site.

The Watch Tower's Diaglott has this word translated CORRECTLY--it is "aionian" or "eonian" or (if we must use a compound, "age-lasting" or "age- abiding").

But, although the Watch Tower's Diaglot has "eonian" it TOO, misses the mark by using "cutting-off" to translate the Greek word: "kolasis" which comes from "kolaza" which means "to CHASTISE." "Cutting off" is an aspect of this word, however, it is NOT it's primary meaning. It can carry the connotation of "cutting-off" (as in PRUNING A TREE), if the desired result is to IMPROVE rather than destroy or annihilate. This word is used only a couple of times in all the Greek Manuscripts. Here is the other place it is used:

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has TORMENT [Greek: kolasis]..." (I John 4:17).

Is John really telling us that "fear" causes "CUTTING OFF"?? That's absurd.

The proper translation of the word "kolasis" is neither "punishment" OR "cutting-off"--it means "CHASTENING OR CHASTISEMENT" -- to bring about correction, making something RIGHT -- RIGHTEOUSNESS: God's judgements (chastisements) bring about RIGHTEOUSNESS in the WICKED. That IS the result of God's Judgments. Just for curiosity's sake I checked the NWT translation of Isaiah 26:9 with regards to what happens when God really begins to send forth His JUDGMENTS into this earth:

"...because when there are judgments from you for the earth, righteousness is what the inhabitants of the productive land will certainly learn" (NWT).

Here, even the King James is a better and more accurate translation:

"...for when Thy [God's] judgments are in the earth, the INHABITANTS OF THE WORLD [all of them] WILL LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS" (KGV).

YES THEY WILL. They will NOT be ETERNALLY annihilated, neither will they be ETERNALLY CUT-OFF.

There is a world of difference between the words "punish" and "chastise." Chastise carries to meaning of CORRECTING, MAKING RIGHT, ETC. Therefore, it can NEVER EVER BE EVERLASTING OR ETERNAL, as anything that is eternal NEVER fulfills its goal of "correcting or making right"!!

The reason most translations do not translate this verse in Matt. 25:46 correctly is not because it is that difficult to translate; it is not. It is because of the RELIGIOUS BIAS of the translators. And so the King James makes it appear that people will be "PUNISHED [tortured for eternity in fire) and the NWT make it appear as though it is "eternal," however, not eternal conscious suffering, but rather eternal cutting-off from God or literally, eternal annihilation. BOTH ARE DEAD WRONG!

This verse should be translated as follows:

"And these shall be coming away into CHASTENING EONIAN, yet the just into LIFE EONIAN."

And that is the meaning of the Greek words in this verse. It's just that theologians cannot then UNDERSTAND this verse. It doesn't fit the preconceived ideas of the Christians, nor does it fit the preconceived ideas of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The argument on both sides goes like this: How can we have "ETERNAL life" if it is the same period of time that the wicked are chastised, if that chastisement COMES TO AN END?

The answer is quite simple and clear, Rod, if we will but listen to the Scriptures carefully. The Scriptures NOWHERE promise believers "everlasting or eternal life." WHAT? That sounds like blasphemy AND HERESY, doesn't it?

What the Scriptures do promise believers is: (1) Aionian, eonian, or age- abiding, life, AND (2) IMMORTALITY and INCORRUPTION. Immortality has nothing to do with TIME. Immortality does not mean "everlasting" or "eternal" or any other word or combination of words denoting ENDLESS TIME. Immortality mean DEATH=LESS=NESS. Incapable of dying. NEVER to die. So it will be "everlasting," but the WORD DESCRIBING IT DOES NOT MEAN EVERLASTING.

And so the two statements of Matt. 25:46 are in perfect harmony with one another, even though NEITHER ONE IS SPEAKING OF ETERNAL OR ENDLESS TIME!

Jesus promised "eonian life" to those who "OVERCOME." They are to rule WITH Christ as the manifest SONS OF GOD (The BODY of Christ), who will be the "saviours" promised back in Hosea, that will be instrumental in brining God's judgments to all the inhabitants of this earth, both in the millenium and in the second resurrection.

This is just ONE verse of Scripture, Rod. But both the Christians and the Jehovah's Witnesses CARRY THIS ERROR FORWARD IN THEIR ENTIRE TRANSLATION OF THE SCRIPTURES! BOTH ARE DEAD WRONG. God IS THE SAVIOUR of the world, not the weak and wishful "potential" Saviour of the world. This is a TRUTH of GRAND PROPORTIONS, Rod, that you will have to come to grips with if you are to ever truly appreciate God and His Sovereign Power and Love.


After reading the ten pages I suggested above, get back with me on this, Rod. And, Yes, you may send me your paper when you are finished with it, and I will be happy to read it. I hope nothing I said in this email is offensive to you? Let me hear from you. Okay? Good!

God be with you,


In one of your e-mails you said that God expects us sin, which means he's not disappointed or angry with us?

The question here is: Everytime I sin, I ask forgiveness and repent. I feel that it's not working (repenting, asking forgiveness, etc). Am I doing something wrong?

[Ray Replies]

Dear Jeff:

Unfortunately, there is not a magic bullet that will instantly clean us of all sin and bad habits. Even the physical analogies of this spiritual washing, purging, and cleaning of our carnality, indicate that time is required. It takes time to wash clothing, it takes time to purify gold and silver in a furnace, etc.

The penalty of sin issue can be settled in your heart and mind the instant you come to realize that Jesus PAID IN FULL the penalty for your sins and all the sin of the world. However, paying the penalty for sin does not instantly PURGE AND WASH US CLEAN OF SIN. The penalty is paid, but the condition lingers.

The more you SEE your sins and shortcomings, the more you will DESIRE to rid yourself of these things. We are crucified WITH CHRIST, yet we live, but the life we live is one of OVERCOMING THE SINS FOR WHICH WE AND CHRIST DIED FOR.

We have been HAND-PICKED by God to be in His kingdom. Now we must go through the training course that He has set before us.  Jesus said that He overcame THE WORLD. We too are to overcome THE WORLD. It's a HUGE task, that requires the power of SPIRIT to accomplish. 

Don't become discouraged in well-doing. You will triumph in Christ if you have His spirit working in you. God will even give you the DESIRE to want to do right and be right.

This life is a life of SPIRITUAL WARFARE. There will be many battles before the final victory. So we must endure and we must overcome. For those whom God has chosen, this will be accomplished!

God be with you,


Dear Mr. Smith,

From the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you for posting your website and sharing your wonderful studies of scripture with us.

Over the last month I have read everything on your website and have spent hours pouring over scripture verses and commentaries checking to see if what you say is true and I can't find a thing wrong!

While some may disagree with a particular position you take on interpretation (although it would be hard) you have a very clear scriptural approach to application of certain verses.  Of all of the "theologians" I have read as a student, yours is the most consistent exegesis of scripture I have ever seen.  Its amazing to actually have someone reveal that the bible is truth and makes sense from start to finish!  And to imagine God using a roofer of all people, He must have a lot of gaul! (:

I know you are incredibly busy so I'll try to keep this short, but I wanted to give you a quick run down on my story.

I'm 26 and married with a two year old son and another due in January.  My wife and I are both children of Assemblies of God preachers and we met at an AG school in Missouri.  In my early twenties when I met my wife and while we were attending this school I began dealing with certain questions.  Issues like ... Is Jesus the Savior of the world?  Everlasting? judgement, Tithing...why it never mentioned money (except when God wanted the people to buy hard liquor to bring to the party if the distance was too far) - I love the God of the bible he just cracks me up(: Oh and the classic Pentecostal favorite, besides tongues, end times prophecy. 

Here I am at 21 asking professors and good friends (one of which is the nephew of John Hagee -wink) questions that most of them wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole or if they did the answer left me more confused than before.

Since that time I was on staff at a prominent AG church in the Missouri area and a church in Michigan. The church in Michigan happened to be where my dad was senior minister at the time.

Anyway, the other issues I never thought I would get answers to, but tithing was one I was sure the scriptures would make clear.  Several years ago I sat down and began to study everything about tithing and came to the same conclusion you have so wonderfully presented on your site.  Then began the process of sharing my new joy and discovery with God's people.

Of course God's timing, as always, is hysterical.  So I'm on staff with my dad at a church where shall we say, the response from papa wasn't pleasure at his son's new found discovery at studying the Word.  (this is a man who believes he is a type of Levite priest and that the church is the storehouse and God's people should bring the money to Him  etc. etc. ad nauseum. - Oh yeah, he also told me one time that it bothered him that people would question his authority on scripture or disagree with a point he made in a sermon.  He said, "Do you question the doctor's advice when you go in for a check up ... no, because he's the one with the education, he's the authority in that situation!"  I said, "okay, but most sane people will still get a second opinion."  Needless to say I wasn't winning any staff person of the year awards at this time.

Here I am liberated from the bondage of tithing and wanting to share with God's people how to actually be a "cheerful giver" and no one wants to hear me. My dad actually became so frustrated that my record of tithing was so "sporadic" (I was buying groceries on a weekly basis for several people in the church who had lost their jobs and my dad didn't feel it was the churches role to help them, "they should just get another job" - and not neglect their tithe) that he actually required that I start tithing with a check so the secretaries could keep track.  They were concerned I wasn't giving my 10%.  When God purges He purges!

I have since left my former employment and moved to the Pacific Northwest.  Around a month ago I was still trying to come to grips with my vertically challenged paycheck and why God would want the money that was going to pay my gas bill so I decided to pursue the information super highway and see what I could find. I was so "burned" (no pun intended) by my last experience that I was wanting anything to end the misery of my existence.  Frustrated that my finances were a mess and that my parents were...(oh well, you can imagine how everything turned out in Michigan) I was looking for any sign of hope.

Thank God for the internet!  I came across your site and my heart leaped.  I read everything you had written and God brought back all of my questions I have had for years and they began to be answered. I literally felt like I had a conversion experience. I could have been Paul on the Damascus rode. I told my wife (she hasn't been too happy at my conversion ... she likes daddy preacher's version of heaven better than mine and she she's not all that thrilled at the idea of actually dying someday)its like I've actually discovered the God of the bible for the first time and He's so much greater than I ever thought!

By the way, I wanted to share with you something about theologians that I'm sure you know but I wanted to confirm any suspicions you might have.  I'm related to some very, very prominent theologians in the Assemblies of God movement (guys who literally wrote the book on AG history and doctrine and worked on well known translations of the bible) and if there is one thing I know from Thanksgiving and birthday parties is that they are like everyone else. Contrary to what many of your readers seem to think, they don't have all of the answers.  Theologians are like scientists (i.e. the study of God) they are typically specialists.  While one may have a brilliant mind and speak fluent Greek they don't have a clue how to change a flat tire or change a light bulb.  They spend years and a pH.D studying one aspect of theology and outside of taking a class like the rest of us don't know anymore than anyone else.  Its a real deception that bible prof's are scriptural giants when most of them don't even have enough faith to speak to a mole hill let alone a mountain.  I'm not being cruel I'm being honest.  My wife and I have been in over a thousand churches in the last 7 years and we know many prominent pastors and teachers and most of them live in a facade of wanting to secretly be Billy Graham and have the masses love their messages and flock to the front for repentance.  They preach milk thinking its meat and I haven't met a pastor yet that doesn't believe God is sending America a revival and its going to start with their church.  I know you know this but let your readers know that study of God's Word and a plaque with a degree are not the same thing, you can have both, but its about as hard as a camel with a needle.  God loves shaming the wise with fishermen and carpenters ... and roofers.

Ray, thanks so much for all that you've done for those of us that God is preparing for something fantastic. Stay strong and I know your busy so don't feel like you need to respond to this email.  Just know that I'll try to pray that God gives you the strength to keep challenging all of us and exposing those who contradict!

Oh yeah, I love the tone of your letters.  I haven't laughed so hard in years as when I read your responses to the emails you receive. I've been sending your website to all of my former bible and seminary friends who got "blackballed" for one reason or another.  Usually over doctrinal issues.




When Jesus taught the disciples to pray, He said,

"and lead us not into temptation..." 

also, it was the Holy Spirit who led Jesus in the wilderness to be tempted.  But then James 1:13 says,

"Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am being tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone." 

It's confusing, and I haven't been able to figure it out?

Hope all is well.  Love to you all, and thank you for everything!


[Ray Replies]


Why would Jesus tell us to pray that God should NOT lead us into temptation [Gk: trial] when, in reality, we DO go through trials?

After all, Jesus was led of the spirit into the wilderness for the express purpose of being "tried."

Then James comes along and says

"Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, NEITHER TEMPTS HE ANY MANY." (James 1:13).

And if that is bad enough, James first tells us in James 1:2 to


What is going on here?

Although this might sound like a triple contradiction, it is not.

First let's be abundantly clear that God, HIMSELF, does not ever do the actual "trying or tempting."

"And the SERPENT said unto Eve... And when the woman SAW that the tree was good for food,  and that it was PLEASANT TO THE EYES ['...the lust of the eyes ... is NOT OF the Father...' John 2:16], and a tree to be DESIRED to make one wise, she TOOK of the fruit thereof, and DID EAT... And the woman said, THE SERPENT BEGUILED [deceived] ME..." (Gen. 3:6 & 13).

"And lead us not into temptation but DELIVER US FROM THE EVIL ONE [Satan]" (Matt. 6:13).

"...when YOU  FALL into divers [various] temptations [trials]..." (James 1:2).

"But every man is tempted, when he is DRAWN AWAY OF HIS OWN LUST, and enticed. THEN when lust has conceived, it brings forth SIN: and sin, when it is finished [full grown], brings DEATH" (James 1:14-15).

From all of these examples it is abundantly clear that it is not the OBJECT that is the TEMPTATION, but rather the temptation COMES FROM WITHIN, not from without. It was not the "tree" that MADE Eve lust. It is not the "pretty woman" that MAKES a man lust. The LUST IS IN THE MIND, IN THE HEART, and therefore, the trial IS IN THE HEART AND MIND, not in the literal flesh.

And so we pray that God should not lead us into temptation, but rather DELIVER US FROM THE EVIL ONE [Satan] WHO DOES LEAD US INTO TEMPTATION.

But notice again, we pray that we should be "DELIVERED." We cannot be 'delivered' from something UNLESS WE ARE ALREADY IN IT! God intends that we get "IN IT"--trials and temptations, which are GOOD FOR US, AFTER we have gone through them.

The longer we live the Christian walk, the better we should get at this. Hence Paul tells us,

"For if we would JUDGE OURSELVES, we should not be judged" (I Cor. 11:31).

The MORE we 'judge ourselves' the LESS we are "lead into temptation." We learn to cut it off at the pass, as they say. It is by God's divine counsel that we are led into temptation (even if God never DIRECTLY tries or tempts us), and it is by God's divine counsel that He delivers us from the "evil one."

Hope that helps a little.

God be with you,


God bless you Ray,

I want to first start off for thanking God for you and the website. The many truths that have been presented have helped me get out of my captive state that the church has had me in for a long time. I now want to have SCRIPTURES that back up EVERYTHING that I have been taught, because most of it has been presented to me from the "faulty" King James and that has caused me to believe (and teach) in error.  

Upon reading your paper on free will, I came across this quote and I would like more clarification.

"The only One in the universe Who is responsible [able to respond] is God And so, God takes full responsibility for everything even though He holds man accountable for his deeds. Man is accountable for his deeds, not because he could have done otherwise, but because he thinks he is responsible through his presumed free will. Because he actually did the things he did. However, the Scriptures tell us that, "not in all" is this knowledge. Puny man really thinks he is in control of his own destiny. He really thinks he is a "god unto himself." And the Christian Church hasn't done very much to educate him out of this dilemma."

My Question is: How then (or why) is it that if there is no such thing as free will, there is such a thing as accountability? For if God is in control of everything, and He has done everything "according to the purpose of the One Who is operating all in accord with the counsel of His Will" - then how can we be held accountable for the things that we "do"?



[Ray Replies]

Dear Chris:

You ask how one is held "accountable" when he only did what he HAD to do? I actually do answer this in my paper, but let me relate it for you.  God has NOT given man 'free' will (the ability to make UNCAUSED choices), all of man's choices are CAUSED BY SOMETHING. But the man DOES MAKE THE CHOICES!

When you or I are confronted with a decision to either do something that we know is right, or know is wrong, we weight the options and MAKE THE CHOICE. God has absolutely given man a brain that has the ability to process information. Man CAN process information and make a choice. But it is the information itself the causes the choice one way or the other. The man cannot make a choice WITHOUT some form of information that influences or ultimately CAUSES him to make a choice. NO ONE MAKES US MAKE THE CHOICE, even other unforeseen circumstances and information DOES MAKE OR CAUSE US TO CHOOSE!  True, circumstances beyond our control, which we do not see or even perceive, do cause us to MAKE a choice, but ... BUT, IN OUR OWN HEART AND MIND, WE MAKE THE CHOICE -- not someone else or something else.

But "it's all GOD" Who is ACTUALLY doing it, isn't it? NO, YOU, ACTUALLY, ARE THE ACTIVE PARTICIPANT WHO IS DOING IT! God merely brings about the circumstances that INFLUENCE AND CAUSE YOU TO DO IT! 

Now then, pay close attention to what I am saying:  Why are we held accountable for something that we absolutely COULD NOT HAVE AVOIDED?  Why?   Because at the time we made the 'voluntary' (not absolutely 'FREE,' but 'voluntary') CHOICE, it was in OUR heart and in OUR mind to DO SO. And if the choice was WRONG, or SINFUL, then WE, not GOD, must be held accountable. God takes the "responsibility" for what we did -- hence He DIED ON A CROSS FOR US, but WE are accountable for our SINFUL WRONG CHOICES.

This is the only way man will LEARN right from wrong! Adam and Eve were 'TOLD' right from wrong, but not until they actually 'EXPERIENCED' right and wrong, did it make sense to them.  IT IS WRONG TO SIN WHETHER WE WERE COERCED TO COMMIT SIN OR NOT.   "The DEVIL MADE me do it." It matters not, YOU DID IT and are therefore accountable.

Juveniles commit MILLIONS of crimes and sins for which they are not RESPONSIBLE. But, nonetheless, our own court system HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE. And even human, carnal, judges take this factor into consideration when handing out penalties.

It is the PENALTY that also CAUSES US TO CHOOSE RIGHTLY after we have chosen WRONGLY! When we burn our fingers on a hot stove, we LEARN to not touch a hot stove.

God has developed a "ways and means" to accomplish His righteous end, plan, and purpose. And God's ways are VERY WISE -- they WORK, and they work very well!  We have this absolute promise from God:

"When Thy JUDGMENTS are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world, WILL LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS" (Isa. 26:9)!!!

God be with you,


Hi Ray,

Christians say that they love there neighbor and yet when they come upon a hitchhiker who is a stranger to them they pass him by. Is this loving your neighbor? It doesn't seem like it to me. I think Christ would pick them up. There excuse is that they FEAR for there safety. Isn't fear a sin?

[Ray Replies]

Dear Garth:

Picking up hitchhikers may not be a wise thing to do, especially for your wife or daughters. I have picked up many dozens in my life, but I don't recommend it for my own wife and daughter.  Too many women (and men too) have been brutally murdered by hitchhikers. Sometimes it may actually be better to "err on the side of caution." I once picked up a man who slid over next to me within a few minutes and tried to put his hand down my pants. I had to pull over and push him out!

There are thousands of ways in which we have opportunity to help others. When Jesus was aware of the fact that His enemies were trying to take opportunity against Him to destroy Him, He slipped through the crowd and ran away. Paul was let down over the wall in a basket by night, etc.

There are dozens of situations in which I would counsel against trying to be giving and loving. I would not recommend that a Christians go down dark alleys in the bad parts of town, at night, by themselves, to distribute food among the needy. There are hundreds of situations in life, where trying to do a good deed may actually be foolish.  I pass through parts of the city were street people come up to my car and ask for money to buy food. Yet I know for a fact that many of them want the money to buy crack cocaine. Invite these same homeless street people to live in your home, and you might put your family in great danger. I do not have any living with me.  I have really gone out of my way to help street people, only to have some of them turn on me.

Each of us will have to give an account of how he has conducted his life. I don't believe that I can speak for everyone as to how they should conduct themselves in every situation of life.  If one truly has LOVE IN HIS HEART, then he will do the right thing under most circumstances, and that is all that can be expected.

God be with you,


Hi Ray,

I have been reading a lot from Mr. Eby's writings and have hit a snafu.  Mr. Eby makes a reference to something being as false as Kissinger being the Anti-Christ, and next on his list of obviously false things is the immaculate conception of Mary.  Huh?  Does he mean that Mary's mother wasn't a virgin when she conceived Mary or does he really mean that Mary was not a virgin when she conceived Jesus?  Is it the word immaculate?  

Please help.


P.S. Lord Willing, I will be at our next meeting.

Thank you, with Love

[Ray Replies]

Dear Bob:

Thank you for your email and question.

The Immaculate Conception is a Catholic doctrine, and has nothing to do with whether Jesus' mother Mary was a virgin at conception OR that Mary's mother was a virgin at Mary's conception.

What the doctrine proposes is that Mary was conceived WITHOUT ORIGINAL SIN. In other words, Mary was born a SINLESS person. Whereas David says that he was "conceived in sin."

Catholics teach that Mary was "immaculately conceived" WITHOUT sin. Like most Christian doctrines, it is false.



I like your site but I was wondering why you continue to use the name of Jesus?  What is your view on the name of Yahshua as the Messiah and Yahweh (YHWH) as the name of God?

I strive to know Them on a more personal basis.  I don't see how Jesus could have been the name God gave Him.  When Yahshua said I come in the name of the Father he meant it. The letter J was the last letter to be included in the alphabet (about 1500 ad).

If there is no other name under heaven by which you may be saved, we should get it right.  He also said He gave His Son a name above all other names.   The info is in any dictionary or encyclopedia.  Jesus is a Greek name.   Why would Hebrew speaking parents in a Hebrew speaking land give there son a Greek name?  Just curious, Eric

[Ray Replies]

Dear Eric:

Thank you for your email and comments.

I just refuse to get caught up in all this "Sacred Name Society" business.

You used the word, "Messiah" which is an Hebrew word. But the New Testament uses the word "Messia" which is the Greek form of the Hebrew, "messiah." Should we use and speak Greek or Hebrew. But "messiah" means "anointed." "Christ" also means "anointed." Which should we use, Messia or Christ? Should we call our Lord, Yahshua, Messia or Jesus Christ?

And there we have that word "Lord." In the Greek, Lord is "kurios" and it means supreme in authority or Lord. But in Hebrew, Lord is "Yehovah" and it means self-existent, the Jewish national name of God. But in Psalm 113:1 we read,

"Praise ye the Lord, Praise, O ye servants of the Lord, praise the NAME OF THE LORD."

But "Lord" is "Yehovah/Yehwah/Jehovah" in Hebrew, yet you say "Yahweh is the NAME OF GOD" whereas the Scripture says "Praise the name OF the Lord," not "Praise the NAME LORD." Furthermore, Jehovah (YHWH) IS JESUS CHRIST, not God the Father!

Jesus also said that, "Before Abraham was, I AM."  Jesus Christ is the "I AM" of the Old Testament. Well, yes, of course, no man has ever seen God the Father, but Moses and others did see and hear "I AM" and "Jehovah." And God told Moses that "I AM" was His name. He told Moses to tell the Children of Israel that God's name is, "I AM."

And so, even those who make a virtual religion out of this Sacred name business have not a clue as that they are talking about.

It is not wrong to call our Lord, "Jesus Christ." Furthermore, the whole world knows Him as Jesus Christ, and they are already confused enough about religion and the Scriptures, that I don't think we need to add one more obstacle to their understanding.

God be with you,


Dear Mr. Smith,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your web site! I have recommended your site to my friends who think "outside the box". Do not get discouraged from the mindless criticism you receive from those who are "in the system"!

I am a 47-year-old who was raised as a faithful Southern Baptist. There have been two issues that have bothered me a great deal about orthodox Christianity. The first has to do with soteriology:

How can a God who is "rich in mercy" send 90+% of the human race to everlasting torment in hell? And how can this be considered "victorious" over the fall that Satan brought about?

Now, the reason I am writing is in regard to a second problem that I hope you can enlighten me on eschatology. The specifics are this: If one puts aside all "grids" and reads the New Testament with fresh eyes, he will observe the following:

  1. Jesus taught unequivocally that the generation that would see him die would be the same generation that would see him return.
  2. His apostles understood him to teach this.
  3. The book of Revelation confirms it.
  4. The Old Testament prophets also teach this.
  5. The nature of the resurrection and the Lord's coming has been completely misinterpreted by the historical church.

As you probably know, the system that accepts these statements as true is known as "full preterism" or "realized eschatology".

I have spent many long hours on the web reading their material. They support their position very well. Interestingly, the criticisms that preterists receive are similar to those that you receive: lots of cynicism, name-calling, labeling, etc. If scriptures are quoted at all, it's from a shallow, non-thinking point of view.

Perhaps the whole preterist argument is an issue of "rightly dividing the word of God"?

I would appreciate any response you could give on the matter and I'll forward them to others I know who are likewise wrestling with this issue.



[Ray Replies]

Dear David:

Thank you for your email and comments about preterism.

I do comment from time to time on this theory, however, I have not ever handled it as a separate paper. I am at least a little familiar with the preterist and futurist approach to prophecy.

David, what if there is a third approach? The Scriptural approach? Would you be ready to consider that? I cover this principle in passing in Part X of my series on "The Lake of Fire."

Let me let the Scriptures shatter BOTH the preterist and futurist theory on prophecy fulfillment.  I'll not attempt to harmonize all of the prophecies of Daniel, Joel, Zachariah, Matt. 24 and the the book of Revelation in one email. I have sixty more emails to answer. Hope you understand.

I think we can all agree that the Book of Revelation covers a larger assortment of prophetic world events than the rest of the prophets put together. The Book of Revelation is "the TESTIMONY OF JESUS CHRIST." (It is decidedly NOT the revelation of St. John the Divine).  And just what is "the testimony" of Jesus Christ? 

"...for the testimony of Jesus is THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY" (Rev. 19:10).

Now then, is this prophecy of Revelation futurist or preterist? IT IS NEITHER! The answer is so simple, but who will believe it? I will give you the answer (not a full explanation, JUST THE ANSWER -- for now anyway):

"The Revelation OF JESUS CHRIST, which God gave unto Him, to show unto his servants things which must SHORTLY [or QUICKLY, is this 'preterist'? -- see my Series on the Lake of Fire for an explanation of this statement] come to pass; and He sent and SIGNIFIED [symbolized] it by His angel unto His servant John:  Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.  Blessed is HE THAT READS ['futurist'?], and THEY THAT HEAR [those in John's day? Or those during the middle ages? Or those in these latter days?] the words of this prophecy ['futurist'?], and KEEP those things which are written therein; FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND ['preterist'? I cover this phrase in my Lake of Fire series]."

"John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto YOU [just the seven literal, physical, churches in Asia during the first century? Remember that this 'testimony' of Jesus is SPIRITUAL, Rev. 19:10. "Hear what the SPIRIT says unto the churches, 2:7, 11, 17, etc.], and peace, from Him WHICH IS, and WHICH WAS, and WHICH  IS  TO COME..."!!! (Rev. 1:1-4).

There is your SCRIPTURAL ANSWER, David. Everything in the Book of Revelation (which is the testimony--the prophecy of Jesus Christ), leading up to the consummation of all things, differs not from Jesus Christ Himself which, "IS, WAS, AND WILL BE." See, Rev. 1:4,8; 11:17; 16:5, etc. Preterists deny the FUTURE: Futurists deny the PAST: BOTH deny THE NOW -- what presently "IS"!

Hope this helps your understanding a little better.

God be with you,


Hi L. Ray,

I am a non-member of a Word church in Honolulu Hi., that I attended for 13 years.  I am a divorcee whose husband walked out leaving me with no home and 2 children to support.  For many years I have been in conflict with the tithe. I have questioned pastor after pastor about tithing. My conflict has never been resolved and I have felt like there must be something wrong with me!  I am a born again Christian with a loving personal and passionate relationship with God.  I have prayed about and apologized to God for my "diss-obedience", double mindedness, etc., because I have not been a 10% tither. 

I agree with you - tithing is unscriptural, the tithe was originally under the Mosaic book of laws-we are supposed to be in the time of grace, not law.   My own pastor keeps telling us how we are under grace, EXCEPT for tithing!  It is so hard for me to believe that my pastor may not be a spirit filled born again Christian as he says he is.  Other than the tithe (and a few other things - mostly stuff we hear from other visiting pastors) he is a man of God.  Is it possible he is not?  

Can a pastor be a good God loving person and have eternal salvation if he is money hungry????  We have a visiting pastor Jesse Duplantis who is telling us that the 10% tithe is supposed to be the first 10% BEFORE taxes.  My son and his wife just had their first child, they can ill afford 10% before taxes, yet they do because we're also being exhorted to "obey the pastor whom God put before you". 

Paula White comes to our church and says we should be able to go to Neiman Marcus, put on the most expensive clothing we can find, because we deserve it, how much more will God clothe us in.  We are told the "supply" (whether it is a old 57 Chevy or a Rolls Royce) comes from the same source, we might as well have whatever we want.

Suddenly 2 years ago, my pastor re-built our church and started having all these high pressure preachers come in talking to us, constantly about tithing.   The church has started taking 2 tithes with each service.  The pastors wife is now wearing St. John suits at $2,000 each, a lot of jewels, and it irks me so badly because I really don't think the pastors should dress so much better than their parishioners, I feel insulted!  Frederic Price comes to our church - he does the same thing!  I will never forget the time I turned on the TV and Frederic Price was bragging about his Rolls Royce.  Then I heard him insult women parishioners by calling them fat.  Then I heard him start admonishing all of them about the bad checks he had received from them!  The gall!!!!!  We are told "make your checks out, even if you don't have the money in your accounts, God will provide".   And if we don't, as there are many non tithers, we are told we are not blessed because we have not believed by faith that He will provide!!!  It winds up our fault if we have a brain and can see by the Bible that these "rules" about tithing ARE NOT IN THE BIBLE.

Recently, another well known pastor came to our church and did a one man drama presentation that was so wonderfully and artfully done that I basically fell under his spell.  He told us that if we did not have membership in the church that we were in danger of losing our souls, because God would be judging us corporately, as a church.  WHAT???? The Bible Says that each man works out his own salvation, right? and that we will INDIVIDUALLY stand before God, right??  Have you ever heard such a crock???  Because of the roundabout way this pastor presented this idea, I came forward with A LOT of other people, as I have never joined the church.  I was "processed" - that is what it felt like.  I was brought to a separate room and told to join the church and my info. taken, and that I must become involved on a daily basis with the church.  I am seriously disturbed by all this.  Is there one, just ONE honest church or pastor????  Do you know of any????

L. Ray, are you a born again Christian?  Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and then came alive again and went up to heaven?  Or are you a dissenter, a causer of trouble - because we are also cautioned to watch out for that, too.  Is that also just another bid to control and manipulate us???  What should a true Christian do?????    

Many thanks for listening, I hope you can understand all this, because I don't.


[Ray Replies]

Dear Jeanne:

Yes, you make sense, and I have personally been there myself. I belonged to a church for a long time that exacted THREE TITHES. There are two tithes mentioned in the Old Testament--one paid to the Levites, and a second set aside for ones self and family to attend the annual Holy Day Festivals. This church, however, concluded that the "third year of tithing" was an additional THIRD tithe to be paid to the Church in addition to the other tithe. This is not true, but we didn't know any better.

I called the Paula Jones Ministries (just for fun and to prove a point) a dozen times last summer. She was asking for $40 contributions to make up a "back to school pack" for the needy. It included a pair of tennis shoes, pencils, etc. I asked WHERE these school packs were to be given away? No one knew. I got put on hold, left messages, was asked my address so they could send me information, was promised a call back, etc., etc. This went on for a month, but NO ONE would tell me where these schools packs were to be given away, or if indeed, they where given away AT ALL! Of course, I suspected the same, that is why I called.

When I sent Dr. Fred Price my paper on: "EXPOSING THOSE WHO CONTRADICT" he sent me back a letter stating that "not everything in the Bible is true."  He said there are many things that ARE INSPIRED SCRIPTURE, but at the same time, JUST AREN'T TRUE. He cited for example: "The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes away" from the book of Job. Dr. Price says this verse is NOT TRUE!   I too, heard Dr. Price brag about his Rolls Royce on one of the few times I listened to his show.

I heard Jesse Duplantis a few weeks ago asking for 18,000 people to send him $1000 each ($18,000,000). He wanted a more expensive and posh Executive Jet. He even showed a picture of the Jet he wanted to buy.  They have NO SHAME!

I heard Dr. Chronno say that he has a fetish with shoes. He never likes to wear a pair more than ONE TIME!!!

Paul and Jan Croach recently purchased a FIVE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLAR home--Jan supposedly said she needed more room for her dogs.

I am going to update my tithing paper and make it a little plainer and a little stronger--maybe a LOT stronger.

The Church today has become a fat whore. God calls the whole system: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And in Chapter 18 of Revelation He says: "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE."

I attend NO institutionalized church of men. Our true fellowship is with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I fellowship in person with believers of like mind as often as possible, but it often requires traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to do so. I fully understand the situation of many who are coming into a knowledge of the truth, but have no church   to attend.

And, NO, all those who are in lust over money and riches will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God.  God tells us to: "Love NOT the world neither the things that are IN the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father IS NOT IN HIM. For all that is in the world, the LUST OF THE FLESH, and the LUST OF THE EYES, and the PRIDE OF LIFE, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust thereof, but He that does the will of God abides forever." (I John 2:15-17).

I believing in "giving." Paul tells us that "God LOVES a cheerful giver," but tithing was on farm products in the Old Testament for Israel only, when they had a tabernacle or later a temple. There is no Levitical Priesthood, today, nor a temple, nor are we to continue in the Law of Moses. KEEP YOUR MONEY--us it as YOU see fit, and God will bless you!

God be with you,


I just finished reading the first part of "The Lake of Fire."  I have been praying for so long for God to grant me knowledge to understand his Word.  I feel he answered me by pointing me to your website.  When I read this, I felt like shouting (LITERALLY).

I have printed it and intend to send it to my daughter.  I have so often wondered what heaven would be like if we, "Know as we are known" yet, so many of our loved ones may not make it.  Isn't God truly, truly awesome!   Hallelujah!!!

I wondered while reading if the sinner were to truly understand this would they not care whether they be saved?  But, I only know that it has so lifted my heart and makes everything so clear for it was so hard to reconcile our Blessed Father with such an unhappy ending for billions of his own creation. 

My dear Mother died trusting in God (after being in a coma for 4 years).  However, she believed in the literal lake of fire.  I know that she will be waiting for ALL her children and ALL her grandchildren and won't be saddened by missing loved ones.

Please know that your word from God has come into this home, and it has been received and appreciated.  I can't wait to read everything posted by you.

And something else, I was in a backslidden condition for quite a few years and found it so hard to forgive myself and to enjoy my salvation (after repentance).   Your insights and understanding of God's Word can give so much hope to me, and I hope that others will seek and find as I did tonight.  I would be interested in any books, periodicals, etc. that you may have written.

May God richly bless you!

If God would save everyone, because that's His will, then what's the point of all this. I mean with what I have read I get the impression we are just here for ... I don't know ?

Why would God, who needs nothing and is self sufficient, create us, the human race, who He knows are going to do the things we do, then save us all for eternity? Why wouldn't He just make us for what He purposed in the end. I don't know if this makes sense?


[Ray Replies]

Dear Charles:

Of course your question makes sense--it is an excellent question. Too bad that the Christian Church does not answer it.

God is SPIRIT. God is interested ONLY in spiritual things. All this physical creation is not something that God takes great pleasure in--it is but a means to an end. Well, what does He want then? He wants CHILDREN! SPIRITUAL Sons and Daughters in HIS VERY IMAGE!

But, how does He get them? Create them? Yes, CREATE them. But how does He create them. Instantly? No. To be in the IMAGE of God means that we will have the very same CHARACTER AND LOVE of God. Character and Love cannot be created instantly; it can only be developed over a period of time under severe pressure and duress.  And so God creates severe pressure and duress, which produces GODLY CHARACTER.  Imagine creating "patience," INSTANTLY?  Why the very thought is self-contradicting. Patience by its very nature means that something must be WAITED FOR even though it is desired NOW.

God knows what He is doing. Now then, there is a second part to all this. We ourselves would never ever really appreciate the qualities of character, virtue, and love, that we will possess if we did not have to "sweat blood" to get them. There is no virtue that you can name that is not the result of overcoming some form of evil.  And so this physical, human, temporal existence is as beneficial for US, and it is to GOD.

Hope this helps your understanding a little better.

God be with you,


A false prophet if I've ever heard one. You back up your stories with inspired scriptural references and not from a standpoint of status and fame and strictly by your own opinion.

You have a deaf ear. An ear for yourself. Jesus opened the mouths of the mute, the ears of the deaf and the eyes of the blind.

Think with your heart and with the spirit of God and not your mind. The mind is the devils playground. Think with your heart ... not your mind.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Nameless:

Thank you for conceding that: "You back up your stories WITH INSPIRED SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES..." even if you do think that those "inspired Scriptural references" make me a "false prophet."

So you think that God says we should "Think with your HEART... not your MIND," do you?  Permit me, if you will, to give you just two more "inspired Scriptural references"

HEART: "The HEART is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked [Hebrew: 'incurably SICK']: who can know it" (Jer. 17:9).

MIND: "Let this MIND be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 2:5).

May God forgive your ignorant arrogance.


God bless Ray,

I have written several times before, and I really appreciate you taking the time out to answer me with clear, concise answers. God truly is at work here, and I just wanted to let you know it is appreciated, keep up the great work for His Kingdom.

Here is my question:

There are times when we read in scripture the phrase "will not inherit the kingdom of God" (1 Corin.6:9, 10, 15:50, Gal 5:21, Eph.5:5).

Now, I can understand how those who believe in "hell" would use these scriptures as a way of showing that those people mentioned in the scripture will NOT be saved-because they will not inherit the kingdom. Also, Matthew 7:21-23 speaks of "not getting in".

Please help me understand these scriptures in reference to God saving us all!

In Christ Jesus,

servant Chris

[Ray Replies]

Dear Chris:

It is a matter of timing. All Scriptures that speak of those who go the "broad way into destruction," "perish in their sins," etc., are all speaking of the NOW, this lifetime. Most of humanity have not even heard the name of Jesus Christ in THIS lifetime, THEIR lifetime.

There is coming a resurrection to REWARDS, and a second resurrection to JUDGMENT. It is in the resurrection to judgment that most of humanity will be saved. Notice what happens when the whole world is raised to God's judgments:

"When Thy Judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants OF THE WORLD will learn RIGHTEOUSNESS" (Isa. 26:9).

And trust me, God will not torture the "righteous" in an eternal hellhole of fire.

Actually there are HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of Scriptures that point to the Salvation of ALL. I only have time and space in my papers to cover a couple dozen of them.

"Not inheriting the Kingdom of God" has absolutely nothing to do with not ever being saved. Only the CHOSEN FEW will inherit the Kingdom of God, and will rule and reign with Jesus Christ. But ALL will receive salvation in the judgment.

Be sure to read my series on "The Lake of Fire." Nearly every installment gives proof of the fact that only the FEW inherit the Kingdom, while ALL will receive salvation in the Judgment.

God be with you,