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Hi Ray,

I have learned alot from you and Lew White. My question is, what is your understanding of our creator's actual name and the name of his son. YHWH? Yeshua? My apologies if the answer is already on your page somewhere.

Keep the truth coming brother.


[Ray Replies]

Dear Jeff:


The New Testament was written and preserved in GREEK manuscripts.

GOD said through HIS ANGEL, that HIS SON's Name should be called: "Jesus" [Gk: "Iesous"].

All of the Apostles called God's Son, their Lord, JESUS, the Christ.

God calls His Son, "My SON."

Jesus calls His God, "My FATHER."

Now those are the facts of the New Testament. Hundreds of thousands of idol worshippers call what I have just presented to you, HERESY. No, this is not heresy, but the facts of Scriptures.

God be with you,


Ever since I began looking for the truth, I had wondered about the Consistency of Various Words, Names and Locations through out Bible. Thanks to your site (which is the first I ran into) I found out that it's bad (or deceitful) scholarship to translate Aion as eternity, and to use various words (such as spirit and soul) interchangeably.

But now with those out of the way, I come an issue (of sorts).

I have, through a search, found a couple of Webster's most proper names for most (not all) Bible Prophets, Apostles and The name for Jesus and God (who is sometimes called Jehovah).

Should I now (seeing that I have a good Idea of what God and Jesus' name is) continue to use these translated words? or Should I use the Hebrew Name?

While were on the topic of consistency, How Does Rotherham and Concordant Render their Names?

To make a rather long story short, is it okay that I use these "translated" Names in Prayer? or should I use the Names of The Hebrew and Greek.

I don't mean to sound sarcastic, rude, impolite and such is not intended.

Ps: yes I understand the response of your last letter dealing with Faith and how it's impossible to permanently lose grace.

[Ray Replies]

Jeff it is good to know the MEANING of Greek and Hebrew names, but when it comes to how one pronounces them, that is sheer folly. I have groups virtually make a NEW RELIGION out of how we pronounce and spell the names and titles of Jesus and His Father.

Translating "aions" into English "eternities" COMPLETELY changes the meaning of the original word. Calling Jesus by His Greek, Latin, or whatever, as opposed to how His name is pronounced in Hebrew proves NOTHING. And certainly is NOT a sign of spirituality. Besides most of the population of the world who is familiar with the KJV wouldn't even know who you are talking about. Paul became ALL things to ALL people that he might gain some.

We can even call God the Father "Pappa" if we want to, so give me a break!

Jeff, don't ever let people make you feel spiritually inferior to themselves through the use of supposed higher knowledge. If they are shaming you, then SHAME ON THEM!

God be with you.



If eonian is not eternal, as in no eternal punishment or hell, then in John 6:47 (and others like it) what is "life eonian"?

John 6:47 "verily verily I am saying to you that he who is believing in me has life eonian"

Thank you for your time!!

[Ray Replies]

Thank you for your questions.

"Eonian life" is life for the eons or life for the ages. However long the eons or ages are, that how long eonian or age-abiding life is. Then what?

Here's why unlearned theologians say this is not possible, because after the ages or eons, we would all die. NOT TRUE!

Let me illustrate. Suppose your company is going to buy you and everyone in your company an all-expense paid trip to Europe for one month.  EVERYBODY gets that trip. However, because you are such a fabulous worker and such a asset to the company, your boss is going to send you on a trip to Europe for three whole weeks BEFORE everyone else goes on their trip. This is a SPECIAL, BONUS trip. Not many get to go on THIS particular bonus trip, only a few.

Now then, you get to go THREE WEEKS earlier than the rest. When they arrive, you have already been their enjoying yourself for THREE WEEKS. So when the others arrive to begin their vacation, does your vacation END? No. Only your "three week" vacation ends. But you CONTINUE to vacation in Europe just as long as the rest.Your hotel reservation is not cancelled after three weeks.

That is not a perfect illustration, but maybe you get the point. "Aionion" or "Age-lasting life" is a SPECIAL gift from God that only a relatively FEW ever receive. It is LIFE in God's Kingdom BEFORE the masses are brought into God's Kingdom. What allows those who are given "eonian life" to continue living even AFTER the eons are past, is not the promise from God of "eternal life" but rather "IMMORTALITY."

All of God's children will be given IMMORTALITY and INCORRUPTION, so that they will NEVER DIE. However, those who are given immortality before the rest, receive it ages or eons IN ADVANCE of the rest.

Can you now understand it? If not, let me know and I'll try and explain it a different way.



Hi, I'm Esther.

I'm 13 going on 14 this Saturday. I really like rock and punk and I was wondering is it ok for me to still like them even though I'm a Christian?

Plus I don't listen to the songs about death, drugs, sex, or anything like that. As for punk, I just like the style.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Esther: 

When I was 13 and 14,  and even 15-20, I too liked things that seemed to be okay at the time. Things like girly magazines and smoking cigarettes.  The reason for this is that, "FOOLISHNESS is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it FAR FROM HIM" (Prov. 22:15).

Trust me, Esther, many many of the things that seem (maybe not necessarily good and wholesome), but at least NOT EVIL, when we are young, will seem like foolishness when we are older and wiser.  The "rod of correction" spoken of in the Proverbs can mean ANYTHING that shows you that your ways are wrong. We often refer to this rod as, "The School of Hard Knocks."  Ask your mother if she ever learned anything at this International University?

Sometimes the "lesser of two evils" seems to proper course to go, however, both the greater and the lesser evils will bite you like a poisonous snake one day.  A definition might be in order at this time, Esther:

Punk rock n. Rock 'n' roll characterized by extremely fast tempos and lyrics expressing emotional isolation and ANTISOCIAL ATTITUDES" (American Heritage College Dictionary, page 1130).

Do you wish to be an "isolationist with antisocial attitudes?"  I hope not. But be of good cheer, "THIS ALSO SHALL PASS"   (with time).

God be with you (and your parents),


What did Jesus mean when He said it was better for Judas never to have been born because of his betrayal? 

Denise   Jesus never said any such thing--that's what the King James bible says. Here is what the Scripture states from a Greek Interlinear:

"The indeed Son of the man goes as it has been written about HIM ['Him is Jesus, not Judas];  Woe but to the man that ['that man' is Judas, not Jesus] through whom the Son of the man is delivered up; good it was to Him [remember 'Him' is Jesus] if not was born the man that ['that man' is Judas. "Good were it for Jesus if JUDAS had not been born," not "Good were it for JUDAS if Judas had not been born](Matt. 26:24).

God be with you,


Hello, first I find you to be very intelligent and most astute of biblical matters, however you are in the wrong when it come to something's.

First, God has not and will never send a human being to hell for failing to believe in his son Jesus Christ! Hell was not made for mankind but for the devil and his host of demons that joined him in his effort to overthrow God from his throne. 

A person chooses to go to hell for failing to believe in his son . God does not wish anyone to perish but all come unto him.  But not everyone will.   Let us agree to disagree!


[Ray Replies]

Dear Don:

No, let's not.

Thank you for your comments.

No one "sends himself to hell" or "chooses to go to hell" or any such nonsense. That's all theological gobbledygook and double-talk. It has no basis in Scripture.

Your comment failed to touch upon all the billions and billions who have NEVER heard of Jesus Christ or the Scriptures or the Gospel. What about them?

I Tim. 2:4,

"God WILLS that all men be SAVED and come into a knowledge of the truth," and "Thy WILL BE DONE..." (Mat. 6:10).


GOD IS LOVE (I  John 4:8) and LOVE NEVER FAILS (I Cor. 13:10). Jesus Christ is very good at what He does, and what He does is SAVE!!! His Father sent Him to save the whole world--do you think He will fail?

There is no Scripture that states that God will only save those who want to be saved. Is there? I think not!

Have you read my two letter to John Hagee and Dr. James Kennedy? Read them thoroughly before you make more comments. It will help you a great deal.

May God guide you into His perfect will for your life.



What Bible should I buy considering the flaws in translation that you've highlighted?

Not the KJV?

Is a concordance just a book that details translations of Greek and Hebrew into English, or what?

[Ray Replies]

Dear Jason:

No translation is perfect. They all have flaws. Some are better than others. The King James is an very good translations overall. There are just certain key areas that the miss the mark completely.

If the KJV translated "aion and aions" as "age and ages" or "eon and eons," and if they translated "Hades" [usually translated 'hell'] the "unseen" or "imperceptible," it would then be one of the BEST translations.

The Concordant Literal New Testament is a good translation and CONSISTENTLY translates "Hades" and "aions" properly.

Most Bible students and scholars use anywhere from ten to over a hundred different translations in their studies. I have about thirty-five, and keep adding new ones.

The Concordant Literal New Testament is a translation from the original Greek manuscripts.




I think you had better read the bible again. And use the REAL BIBLE!!! The KJV is the word of God. You know the first thing the Devil or Satan questioned don't you, "The Words of God". Read Genesis in the KJV. You know God is fine he can keep his word no matter what man thinks.

You think too much, that's where Eve messed up too, thinking too much.

A Servant of Christ Jesus,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Kirk:

You think the KJV has no mistakes?  Back in the 1800's when the Revision Committee examined the KJV it discovered over FIFTY THOUSANDS errors of translations. They corrected only about half of the errors they found.

Do you know how many editions and corrections the KJV has gone through the past couple of centuries? Did you know that the KJV once contained the 14 apocraphyl books that the Catholic Bibles still contain.

Did you know one of the early editions of KJV said, "They SHALT commit adultery"? Kirk, you haven't a clue as to what you are talking about.  You are trying to defend the evil heresies of Christendom, but you can't. You can't prove anything I said on my web site wrong. If you could, you would. Get specific, Kirk. Point to a word a sentence a paragraph, and PROVE what I say is wrong. Do it!




Here are a few translations that do NOT translate "eionios" into "for ever" or "for ever AND EVER[?]) or "eternal".

  • Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible, 1898
  • The New Covenant, 1881
  • The New Testament in Modern Speech, 1910
  • The Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible, 1976
  • The Twentieth Century New Testament, 1900
  • The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Anointed, 1958
  • The New Testament, a Translation, 1938
  • Concordant Literal New Testament, 1983
  • Rotherham Emphasized Bible, 1959
  • The Companion Bible, 1990

A King James Reference Bible Dr. Bullinger clearly states: "Aion which means 'age.' Aionios means 'of or belonging to n age.'"


Dear Mr. Smith,

In the last two years since I became aware of your teachings, I have come to the conclusion that I can believe what you say about hell and the miss-translations of the bible. The problem though, and this is breaking my heart, is that I don't know if I can trust the bible any more. It seems my faith is beginning to crumble like a cancer, as the bible says. I don't know what to believe anymore.

If those things you write about are false then how do I know what is real and what is mistranslated? It's gotten so I don't even want to read the word for fear of being mislead. Then it makes me paranoid that what you teach is heretical because of my confusion. Do you know what I mean? I'm sure there are so many things we don't know for sure but I always taught others that you could rely on the Holy Ghost to give you the amen on things, but He remains silent on this issue. I'm at a loss and heart broken. I don't know which version to read, what to tell people. I'm scared of being under deception from either side of the spectrum. I used to be so sure of what I knew but since this info came along it has shaken the very foundation of my faith. I'm not saying that it didn't need it if it was in error. But I need to know about the rest of the word

If you can help me by suggesting some study books or sites and tell me what version is accurate, I would be so blessed.

Thank you,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Romaine:

Things are not nearly as bleak as they may seem.

If you had been reading my series on the "Lake of Fire" you would have read in a few installments back, some of the problems of translating. There is no such thing as a perfect translation of the Bible.

Furthermore, it is impossible for men to perfectly translate ANYTHING from one language to another. You can come close, you can use hundreds of extra words that will help in the complex meaning, but it will never be a "perfect" translation.

However, There are very few "translation" problems with the Scriptures. The problem is one of INTERPRETATION.  If the King James Translators had translated the Greek Words "aions" into the English word "ages." We wouldn't have the false teaching of eternal torment in hell. But the translators felt the need to INTERPRET aions into a word that THEY DO NOT MEAN.

But is this the case with every word in the Bible?  No, not at all. Correct a few dozens verses on the use of the words, everlasting, forever, and eternal, change "hell" to unseen or the grave, and the King James Bible is a FINE translation that can be depended upon in most other areas.

Of course, we can learn more and deeper things about God's word by going to the original works of inspiration and finding their meaning, but it is not absolutely necessary. God's Spirit has moved and inspired many men to come to know God, who did not do so by perfect translations.

God be with you,


If God does answer prayer is it possible to for us (as humans) to know if he shows us a sign of some sort?

You said in another e-mail: as long as we have a contrite heart and are humble and that we don't use the same pattern in our prayer that he will hear and answer it (although sometimes this is not always the case).

How many variations of "Please Lord Let your spirit guide me in the Studies of your word" can I come up with and no I didn't say it quite like that.

[Ray Replies]


Since you are asking for spiritual understanding of God's word, are you not gaining spiritual understanding? If you are, then you have your "sign."

James warns against praying for "things" to consume on our lusts. Like, "Please Lord, give me a new car, a new job, and new girlfriend, a new body, a million dollars" etc. Which I know you are not doing. James says not to expect an answer from such prayers.

The real key to prayer is to:

"Seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and all these other THINGS will be added unto you."





I hope this finds you well. A good Christian friend of mine told me; "I believe that God gives people what they ask Him for, but He doesn't seem to want to give to me. Why is that?" My response was; "It sounds like you lack faith. That may be because He has blessed you so much already that you feel some guilt in asking for more."

Could I have given a better answer? I believe that was a good question, because I hear it a lot - maybe worded a little different, but basically the same question.

Your friend - and thanks,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Wayne,

Prayer is an enigma to most Christians.

The Scriptures warn us about asking for things that we wish to consume on our lusts.

If all prayers were answered, there would be NO disease, NO poverty, NO death. Every Christian would be a billionaire, eternally youthful and beautiful, without trials or problems to overcome.  No, that's HEAVEN not earth.

We live on the earth with mortal diseased bodies. Many live in poverty and have many problems. And Paul said it is through MUCH TRIBULATION (as in a whole lot of bad things happening to us) that we enter the Kingdom of God.

The Scriptures also tell us that we should pray in accord "with what MUST be."   But that Scripture is too high for Christendom.  They haven't a clue as to its purpose or meaning.  Most Christians would like to view God as a great spiritual Santa Clause in the sky. God tells us in Philippians 4:8 not to worry about anything, but in thanksgiving let us make our requests known to God. How and when God answers is up to HIM.

Hope that helps you a little.



Dear Mr. Smith,

I have been brought up in the Church of God all my life and I have even been a leader in the church.  I used to lead praise and worship, but I was always afraid of quenching the Holy Spirit or that I would have a bad thought while leading the worship.  I had even gotten jealous when God would use others who would lead the worship. I could feel the anointing leaving me and felt like I was going crazy and having a nervous break down.  The last time I lead worship, awful blasphemies against God were going through my mind, and I was a very bad hindrance to the worship service,  I couldn't wait to leave the church.  I even told my pastor's wife that I had blasphemed the Holy Spirit. I am so confused right now.  In the past two years I have tried suicide three times.

I am soooooo afraid of the God of the bible, it torments me sometimes. I wish that I would have never heard of anything about God and been brought up as an atheist.

I spend a lot of my time on the Internet trying to find other people's way of believing in God.

My husband and I are well thought of people in this little Bible belt town that we live in. Many people know about what I have gone through and I have even told some of my close friends to leave me alone about God.  I know that they are all praying for me. My mom and dad have been fasting and praying. They belong to an Assemblies of God church. Since this has happened to me, my husband is now attending a Church of God in a city about 45 minutes from where we live. It is a large church and no one knows him there.

I just don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and I just want to find a way to cope with how I feel.  I have confessed to my mother that I want to believe in the New Age way of thinking that all paths lead to God and that God is good and that there is no such thing as hell and that the God of the Bible isn't real. She has assured me that If I want to believe that way it will lead me to a burning hell.

The Bible says that the double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. One minute I am trying to make myself find a way to love the God of the Bible, and the other minute, I am doubting that He even exists.  Sometimes I just have to cut my mind off to it altogether.  I do find some peace when I do this.  I just decide that what ever happens will happen. I have even told my mother that if the God of the Bible is the real God, then I will just go to hell.

Now I am kind of seeing things a little differently since seeing your website.  I know that the real reason that I want to try to love God again is so that I can fit into the society that is all around me [emphasis webmaster].  I guess he knows that too, that is what is so scary for me at times.

Can you explain to me how you live?  Do you still have bad thoughts about God at times and do you still have fleshly desires, like wanting to be well thought of or other things? I have asked Jesus to forgive me, but I still don't  feel a change of heart.

I have wondered why Jesus didn't appear to unbelievers after he was resurrected and not just to believers only.  This is kind of why I doubt God I guess, also there are many people who say that they Can prove that Jesus is not the Son of God and that the resurrection didn't even take place and that the Bible is just myths.

I have read a lot of different things since this has happened to me.   I have even read Reasons to believe by Dr. D. James Kennedy.  In that Book he tells of a man who died of a heart attack and before they could get him back he was already tormented in hell's flames.  I know that you have written to Dr. Kennedy and have read your response to hell being like this.

I just hope that there is some way that you might can help me to believe. There are days when I praise God and feel it and there are others when I just don't think of Him at all.  I know that I probably sound crazy, but I am being honest with you.

My mother says that reasoning is of the Devil, but I have told her that God gave us a mind to think.  I have thought so much at times, that I feel like I am going insane, and I just cut it off.

Thanks for listening to me, and I hope you might can give me some insight.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Tina,

I don't have "doubts about God" nor do I question how He is running His Creation. That doesn't mean that I completely understand everything, however.

There are just so many basic problems and trials that frustrate most people: Health, social, financial, mental and emotional, and spiritual. Everything else comes under one of those categories. Few people suffer from all of these at the same time--some, however, do. These problems humble us.  Humility is the first step in coming to God. One cannot MAKE himself humble, however. And it does no good to PRETEND to be humble. God has ways of accomplishing this. Just BEING poor, sick, rejected and emotionally unstable, does not prove one is humble. It is a thing of the heart and the spirit.

If I were you, Tina, I would not be looking for comfort in those who have turned atheist. I have heard many many arguments against God's existence and the inspiration of Scripture. Most are not historical, unscientific, and often foolish. The same goes for the theory of evolution. There is a God--make no mistake about it. And God is awesomely powerful and wise. Only fools question God's ability to always do the right thing.  You may have been looking for God in all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons.

Forget about which church or which man has the truth of God. Forget about being the chief worship leader in a local congregation. The things of God are spiritually discerned. They are not "man-discerned" or "church-discerned". I go directly to God for all my spiritual needs. I have no desire to lead worship services, talk in tongues or fall over backward and foam at the mouth.

I have listened to Dr. James Kennedy (that is "Doctor" with SIX doctorate degrees) and can honestly say that I have NEVER learned ANYTHING spiritual from his sermons.

I believe that God is leading you through different trials and experiences, Tina, that will ultimately bring you close to God.  I certainly don't have all the answers as to why this particular trial or that particular trial. You are not the first. Even the Apostle Thomas (after three and one half years watching his Lord do miracle after miracle), DOUBTED that Jesus really rose from the dead. He didn't believe until he put his hands in the HOLES of Christ's flesh.

Study and pray--God will not turn His back on you!!


[more from Tina]

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thanks for responding to my notes so quickly.  I feel that it is good for me to talk with you.  I hope that you don't mind.

Right now, I just don't want to be a part of a Pentecostal church at all.  I was scared all the time that I was going to be judged by God.  We would have messages in tongues that would tell of judgement coming to people and it would tear my nerves up.  I wondered if God will strike me dead or kill me because he knows the thoughts I have.

I just want to have some type of peace in this life and be able to function. I have started saying that God is good even though I don't feel it. I don't want to ever lead worship anymore, but maybe God will let me just sing in the congregation and worship like that.  I somehow have a peace about that If I can just do that.

[Ray Replies]


There is a bit of contradiction in your pursuit of religious happiness.  You turn from one babylonish system to another thinking you will find it.

I do not attend ANY church services on a weekly basis. None of my friends who are believers attend churches either. We do talk and fellowship by email and telephone. Occasionally we have small regional conferences and get together and give lectures and studies.

Jesus Christ is our "Mediator" to the Father, not a church system.  Most people can have no real communion with God except through the vehicle of a man-made church system.

If I only felt at home with God when I sat in a church meeting, I would be most miserable. What do you do for the other 95% of your time when you are not in church.

Salvation is a matter of coming in union with God through His holy spirit. There is no other way. And you can do that in your car, in your bed, or anywhere else where God's spirit is--EVERYWHERE!

Stop looking to man to "fill in the gaps" of your faith. God deals with us all in different ways. Don't be discouraged. It is always darkest before the dawn.


I was saddened to read in your letter to Dr. Kennedy that you are one of the millions who are in denial about the consequences of sin-eternity in Hell. Yes, I read your Bible references, which only reaffirmed the truths of Dr. Kennedy's teachings.

It amazes me how so many can twist the words of Christ into saying what would benefit them the most-that WE are not responsible for our own actions apart from Christ, that God is saving EVERYONE no matter if they reject Him their whole lives and choose to do evil. How fortunate for them!

Gee, I don't know why anyone would bother at all to live according to God's will or strive for righteousness-forget the 10 Commandments, we are all going to Heaven anyway!

Thank God for Pastors like D. James Kennedy and TBN! I pray that you may you come to see the Way, the Truth, the Life.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Kathy:

Thank you for your email and comments.

You speak VOLUMES about your own personal character, love, and dedication to God and His way (or rather lack thereof), when you state: "I don't see why ANYONE would bother at ALL to live according TO GOD'S WILL or strive for RIGHTEOUSNESS--forget the 10 Commandments, we are all going to Heaven ANYWAY"! (Caps emphasis mine).

I'm sure that is an honest statement, Kathy. It is also a completely carnal and love-void statement as well. It's a good thing that Jesus Christ did not feel the way you do when He DIED FOR THE SINS OF THE WHOLE WORLD! Even while we were 'YET SINNERS'! You "say" that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, but in your heart, soul and spirit you RESTRICT it to just a few such as yourself.

Since you cannot honestly understand why "ANYONE" would strive to do God's will or live righteously except to avoid some fabled hellhole of eternal torture, or because you think that is the only way that you will qualify for heaven, then maybe deep in your heart, YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN JESUS, GOD THE FATHER, OR GODLY LIVING AT ALL!?

Think about what you are saying, Kathy! If God is going to save sinners that you don't think DESERVE to be saved, then why should you live a Godly life? What kind of childish, foolish, unscriptural nonsense is THAT? A religion like this is no better than heathenism! That's disgusting, Kathy.  Living Godly and according to His Word is the RIGHT WAY TO LIVE, regardless as to whether there is a heaven for some or a hell for others

If you can specifically prove that I "twisted" a scripture in my paper, I would be happy to consider your criticism. Why don't you make me a list of all the "twistings" you find in my paper and send them to me.

May God grant you a spirit of love for all who have not yet been introduced to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.



Thank you Ray Smith for finally making the bible make sense to me.

For a long time I've wondered why the best verse in the bible is so universally glossed over and seemingly, totally ignored.

I think you said the reference is 1 Corinthians 15:21, where it says, "as in Adam all die, so in Christ all shall live".

I was an atheist or an agnostic for a long time, after being a "Christian?" for years because of so many "seeming" contradictions in the bible.

Now, I am an alcoholic. On, or about, 4-1-`98 I made a decision to turn my life and my will over to the care of God, "as I understand Him" as it says in the third step of Alcoholics Anonymous.

"As I misunderstand Him", or "don't understand Him" would be more nearly correct in my case. I wanted what those people had, but I couldn't honestly say I believed. Turns out I didn't even have to believe to get started. All I had to do was admit that I could be wrong about the non-existence of God, and say, "God, if You really are there, would You help me?"  Help me to believe, and to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

I thought the "problem" was drugs and alcohol, and here the problem was my denial of the power of Gods love.

Wouldn't that be wonderful if Dr James Kennedy could bring himself to admit he's been wrong, and embrace and proclaim what the bible really says.

The truth shall set you free. Thanks, Ray, for searching out the truth and proclaiming it for me.

Walk in peace and love,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Bruce:

It's great to know that at least a few out there are listening and getting the big picture about God and His love for humanity.

May God grant you a special understanding as you continue to submit to His will in your life.



What exactly was the reason they set out to build Tower of Babel?

If Heaven is not in outer space, and if Outer space then was the same as now, that labor would have amounted to nothing.

[Ray Replies]


The purpose for the Tower of Babel was the same as it was for all tower-building down through history. A huge tower is a sign and symbol of power and unity. Nimrod built it as a rallying point for the people.

All great empires have built huge towers, cathedrals, buildings, pyramids, etc. Same reason.

Nimrod did not think that he could really build a tower that would go to heaven, but rather to reach into the heavens as a tall tree or mountain.

Seeing that Jesus said while He was on this earth, that He was also at the same time, IN HEAVEN, ought to dispel and fanciful idea that the Heaven of God's Throne is in outer space on some huge galactic rock.

God's heaven is a higher spiritual realm of life and existence, not a geographical location in outer space.

Hope that helps a little.


Almighty God has protected His perfect inerrant Infallible alive Word through all ages. His Word has not been lost He said Heaven and earth shall pass away but my Words shall never fade away. God says in Psalms Thy Word is ever settled in heaven. Friend Jesus in Luke chapter 16 says their was a certain rich man and in hell he lifted up his eyes in torments.

You can say what you want and play a wise fool if you like for the Bible says professing themsel;ves to be wise they became fools. Their is most definitely a place of hell. Only a man that God has reprobated who is void of judgment and understanding could come up with the theory that you have. I laughed pretty good as I read how you get around the truths of Gods Bible. Death is coming for you and friend if the Holy Ghost don't open your eyes that place that you try to explain away will certainly be your eternal destiny.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Nameless:

My friend, are you always so dogmatic about things you know absolutely nothing about? In three short sentences you change "God's Word" into "God's Bible." As though they were one and the same thing!!! God's WORD is INERRANT! Men's BIBLES are filled with ERROR! I was at a large Bible Book Store yesterday. There are HUNDREDS of translations. Why is that? Are the ALL INERRANT? If they were, then they would all be translated with the SAME WORDS!

Even the revered King James Version is not a pure 'translation' out of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, but rather is a revision of other translations including the Catholic Latin Vulgate by Jerome. Did you know that the 1611 King James Bibles contained fourteen additional books that are no longer found in the modern King James Bible? Which edition was "inerrant," the one WITH the fourteen additional books or the ones WITHOUT the fourteen additional books? We are not talking about a word or two here, we are talking about WHOLE BOOKS disappearing from the King James Version!!!

Have you seen the NEW King James Version? Why did they produce a NEW version with DIFFERENT words in it if the OLD King James Version was "inerrant?" The KJV translates "sheol" (the GRAVE) into the English word "grave" 31 times and it translates the same Hebrew word "sheol" into the English word "hell" 31 times. You call that "INNERANT?" Which is it, the grave or hell?  You have no idea what you are talking about. You are parroting things you have heard or read that have absolutely no basis in fact! You are in no position to criticize or even worse CONDEMN me for speaking the truth. You cannot disprove anything that I have said in my two letters to Kennedy and Hagee. I don't doubt that you "laughed" when you read it. They laughed and jeered at Jesus and the Apostles for their teaching of God's Truths also, if you remember.

Did you know that many modern language translations are dropping the translation of "hell" in the Old Testament. That's because they have checked and found that the KJV translations were in absolute error on this subject. The Holy Spirit inspired the New Testament to be written in Greek. When a New Testament writer quotes from the Old Testament Hebrew, the Holy Spirit inspired them to translate the Hebrew word "sheol" (the grave, erroneously translated hell half of the time) into the Greek word "HADES." So the Hebrew "sheol" (grave) and the Greek "hades" are synonymous--they have the SAME MEANING, and yet, and YET the KJV translations translate the Greek word hades (the UNSEEN,
the abode of the dead, the GRAVE) into the word "hell" 99% of the time!!!

Why not only 50% of the time as in the Old Testament? But now to the 1%. What about that ONE PERCENT (actually only ONE TIME) that the KJV did NOT translate the Greek word "hades" into the English word "hell."  What happened there? I'll show you. I Cor. 15:55, "O death, where is thy sting? O grave [Greek 'hades' always translated 'hell' elsewhere in the New Testament], where is thy victory?"

Did you catch that, my friend. In I Cor. 15:55 the KJV translators translated the Greek word not "hell" but "GRAVE." Why? Why just this ONCE? Why because there is "VICTORY" over THIS "HADES" over THIS "GRAVE" over THIS "HELL" but the deceitful translators following their pagan traditions wanted to deceive their readers on this one verse. They didn't want anyone to KNOW that there is VICTORY OVER HADES WHICH THEY ALWAYS TRANSLATE HELL in the New Testament!!!

Now that you know the truth, I suspect I will not hear from you again. Or if I do, you will NOT address what I have given you above, but will take me on on another front of error with equally damning criticism and condemnation about something else you know nothing about. I WELCOME CRITICISM. I AM NOT PERFECT. I am learning new Truths nearly every day of my life. There certainly are errors in my writings and I welcome those who find it, but in this case you are in error and just need to be educated to the facts. Will you too, admit error and accept Truth? I hope so. I pray so. I wish you well. I appreciate your e-mail. It is an opportunity for me to defend the truth. And as most of my readers realize by now, I DEFEND THE TRUTH WITH VIGOR, so don't be offended at my reply.

May God grant you the wisdom to see that God's Word is indeed "inerrant" but man's translations are anything BUT "inerrant." Some are the work of deceitfulness and others are not, but the most sincere and dedicated translations are still incapable of making a perfect translation and God has allowed it to be so. Many of the treasures of the Scriptures must be sought after with the tenacity of a bulldog. We must DIG and SEARCH and FORFEIT ALL for God's Truth. Any less effort is NOT WORTHY OF HIS TRUTH OR THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

God be with you.



Hi Ray,

The Bible says that when you are tempted do not say that God is doing the tempting. How can this be so if he allows it to happen. I am very disillusioned with the God of the Bible. I just don't get it that he is a God of Love.

Thanks for your comments.



[Ray Replies]

Dear Tina:

Not everything in the Bible is "easy" to understand. It takes God's spirit and it take wisdom. God supplies both.

God does send custom made trials to all of us. He does NOT, however, do the "trying" in these trials.

A trial is where evidence is presented to determine one's guilt or innocence. God is far above us carnal matters. God already knows IN ADVANCE what we will or will not do under our trials.

Therefore, He does not determine from the evidence whether we passed or failed the trial; whether we are guilt or innocent. The trial is for OUR benefit, not HIS!

Hope that helps you a little.



I haven't gone to church for many years now because I didn't feel right with any of the numerous ones that I attended. What a treat it was that I happened on to your website! Now if only I could find a church who believed the same way.

There is only one thing that I cannot figure out. It has really been bothering me and I hope you dot mind me asking. Since all of the events in our life are predetermined, how is it that we can be held accountable for what we do?

Maybe I got my wires crossed while reading your website but this is the question that has stuck in my mind.

Thanks to you and your devotion to the truly good news!


[Ray Replies]

Dear Vince:

Thank you for your email and question.

There are a couple of reasons why God holds one accountable (not responsible--God takes the responsibility) for his sins even if he couldn't have done otherwise.

  1. People who sin and have no desire to please God, do not believe in the first place that they do not have a free will regarding their sins.   They believe that they ARE in control of their own destiny. See the example of that I use of the Assyrian king in the latter part of my letter to James Kennedy.  The king took credit for conquering all the nations around him. He though HE was the mighty one. He thought HE planned and did these mighty acts by HIMSELF.  God informs us that the king was merely a pawn (or an ax) in God's own hand doing the conquering.  Our pride and vanity will be conquered by God.

  2. We actually DO commit the sins that we commit. Whether we could have done otherwise is immaterial in as much as committing the sin makes us SINNERS.  Think of sin as DIRT.  It matters not HOW we got dirty--God is going to give EVERYONE A BATH LIKE IT OR NOT. God is God and He can and will do as HE pleases. And God pleases to put us through an experience of sin and death before He glorifies us with all the powers of the universe.



Hi Ray,

I am so scared that I will not except Jesus. I still question why God wants all of this worship.  I am so scared that I am going to be judged and die because of these thoughts.  It almost makes me crazy.  I have prayed and prayed for God to help me.  I wish I had never had these thoughts.

I just do not trust God. I do not go to church anymore and I am so afraid that God is going to get me because of this.  I just want to be a good person and be a loving wife to my husband.  I find myself getting frustrated because all he wants to do on Sunday is come home after church and watch TBN and listen to Christian music.  I just don't want to hear TBN or Christian music anymore.  I like to hear love songs that are descent and uplifting, but my husband will not even listen to another radio station.  I just want Help.



[Ray Replies]

Dear Tina:

You are worrying yourself sick. Paul instructs us "DON'T WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!! (Phil. 2:8).

Now I know we don't all obey that command, but it is the truth. If we trust God we would worry about NOTHING!

Stop trying to "save yourself."  Let God save you, or rather bring a realization of salvation to your heart and spirit.  God isn't going to "trick" you into loosing your salvation, Tina.  I suspect your husband is bringing more home from church than he left with. Demons do not want you to trust God for the salvation of all humanity, and so they are placing doubts in your mind about everything.

God is quite capable of saving all humanity and all of the heavenly host including all demonic forces.  He will not loose ANYTHING that He has created for a purpose. They will ALL fulfill His purpose. You, Tina, have a purpose in God's Kingdom. There are evil forces that want to discourage you realizing that calling and purpose. I will pray that God will rebuke these evil forces causing you discouragement.  Remember, it is through MUCH tribulation that we enter the Kingdom of God. 

Trust me, Tina, God is not punishing you for not going to your husband's church. Study and pray daily for God's guidance in your life. Listen to GOD'S WORD and not to demons whispering in your ear!  Let me know how else I can help you, Tina. You will be all right!



Hi Ray,

I haven't spoken to you for while, but we  have continued to read your articles, and they continue to get us into trouble from time to time as we share what we have learned. However sometimes the new information brings freedom to others like it has to us.

We have a young non practicing Muslim neighbor who regularly has chats with us and we really enjoy talking with him. Tonight he came over with a question, he has a Christian uncle who teaches theology at some university and corresponds with him and really doesn't agree with anything this young man has to say from a Muslim perspective.

His question: according to him even though the Muslims do stone each other it is not in the Qur'an, so God never told anyone to stone anyone, it must have been the Jews who decided to do such things. BUT! if God did tell them to do such things then how come God changed his mind if He can't change his mind?

I cannot answer the question as to why God changed his mind, or should I say my explanation of the Law having been completed through Jesus did not satisfy him. The question for him still remains: how come God changed his mind and how could he allow such terrible punishment.

Kind regards,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Bernadette:

I am only a roofer by trade, Bernadette, and not a schooled theologian. However, the last place on earth we should look for spiritual insight into the Scriptures and the plan of God, would be a professor of theology in a theological cemetery (where they bury the truth).  See the paper I wrote to a professor at Florida Bible College after receiving several demeaning letters from them.

Certainly God did NOT change His mind. When it said, for example, in Ex. 32:14 that God repented [CHANGED HIS MIND?] of the evil He had thought to do, does that mean that, HE CHANGED HIS MIND?  No, of course not. God says, in effect, If these conditions continue, I will do THAT, if they change, I will do THIS.  It is all written from man's perspective. It was GOD Who brought about the conditions that would require "that" to be done, and it was ALSO GOD Who then brought about the condition that will make "this" happen. GOD DOES NOT EVER CHANGE HIS MIND: 

"God is NOT A MAN that He should REPENT [change His mind]" (I Sam. 16:29)!

I will now give you spiritual insight that most theologians have never even dreamed of. In God's plan for humanity and the universe:

The PHYSICAL always comes first. It is sown a NATURAL body; it is raised a SPIRITUAL body.

There is a NATURAL body, and there is a SPIRITUAL BODY.

And so it is written:

"The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam [Jesus, ver. 22] was made a quickening SPIRIT. Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is NATURAL; and afterward that which IS SPIRITUAL" (I Cor. 15:44-46).

To cut out another hundred pages of explanation, let me just say, that there was an OLD covenant and there is now a NEW covenant. The New Covenant is "NOT IN ACCORD WITH THE OLD" as the Church teaches that it is--IT IS NOT!

"NOT according to the covenant that I made with their fathers..." (Heb. 8:9).

The OLD covenant and law of Moses (with its stoning and all that) was but a schoolmaster (or ESCORT) which was to lead Israel TO CHRIST--THEIR MESSIAH AND SAVIOUR. But once we come to Christ we are no longer in need of an escort or schoolmaster as KJV translates it. See Gal. 3:24-29. Children don't stay in grammar school till they are twenty! They go on to high school and college.We are to go on to MATURITY in Christ!

God never "changed His mind."  He changed His administration for a great and grand purpose as we mature from grade school to post graduate word. And, since the Church does not understand ANYTHING SPIRITUAL, they would keep us back in grade school until we DIE.

The truth is, THE CHURCH IS ALREADY DEAD (Rev. 3:1). That's why virtually ALL THE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES IN AMERICA were for and behind the war effort in Iraq (and dozens of other places); they are STILL IN THE STONING BUSINESS. They have NOT matured to Christ's SPIRITUAL COMMANDMENTS -- "You shall LOVE YOUR ENEMIES"!!!

Christ FULFILLED THE OLD COVENANT WITH IT'S TEN COMMANDMENT LAWS! We are to now following Christ's SPIRITUAL LAWS. Hence, "Let him that is without sin cast the first stone."  The truth be known, the Pharisees that brought the young adulterer to Christ failed to bring the MAN WHO DID IT. Moses' law said that HE WAS TO DIE! Perhaps the "man" involved WAS ONE OF THEM?

May God be with you and your new Moslem friend,