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First, I would like to start out saying that I am a 16 year old Pagan and a Witch. I have actually put a lot of thought into my religion of choice, so please do not assume that I am some immature adolescent   wanting of attention, or trying to be like Marilyn Manson (who I am a fan of actually), who by the way isn't a Satanist, or as far as I know a follower of any kind of religion.

Anywho, I have a question about something you stated in your Lake of Fire Series, Part 10:

"Is there anyone who doesn't understand that last verse? Is there anyone who doesn't believe it? Then how is it possible that man has "free will?" If humankind has just as much of a "free will" to choose GOOD as they have a "free will" to choose BAD, then why oh why has not one of the fifty billion, in the history of the world, used his free will to choose good and to not sin?"

It would seem to me that  you interchangeably use the word 'bad' and 'sin' to mean the same thing when they do not. Example: Hitting your sister is Bad, but not a Sin. Murdering someone is both bad AND a Sin, but not just one alone. (I of course use the word sin as pertaining to your religious belief and the issue at hand, not my religious belief.)

Also it seems that you base your opinion on the non-existence of free-will, based on   your opinion that not a single person would have not eaten that apple in Eden, and that not a single person has ever chosen not to sin. Did you ask, take a poll, do research, on  whether or not people would've eaten said apple? No. What do you have to base this on? It's excusable since it is only your opinion, but since you like to present it as fact, I do question it. I would also like to make a point that according to your religion, there is sin, and not to every religion in the world, or to every person. There are probably billions of people over time who have not sinned, because they did not believe in it, or the belief in sin did not yet exist.  You may rebuke that sin existed even before the idea was coined, saying it always has existed no matter what people believe. But then, if other people's beliefs can be so easily thrown away because they do not coincide with  yours, why not your beliefs as well? Why can another's beliefs be so easily shot down or pronounced as folly?

I believe it has to do with the individuals strength and passion for their own beliefs, regardless of what they are. After all, I don't believe in the validity of the majority of Christianity, even the version you put forth, as that is exactly that. Your version. Just like several versions of Christianity before yours and that will come after yours. And they all pronounce that they are right and everyone else is wrong. You can't deny you do that, you've stated it yourself, just on fellow preachers of other versions of Christianity.

I do respect the amount of work and research you've put into your website. I appreciate and respect how you've managed to present and show how the research debunks certain myths about Christianity. However, I do find a very large similarity between yourself and other Christian preachers when their version of a truth is threatened in some way. When someone presents to you a question/opinion you find difficult to answer, deal with, take in, or whatever, you usually blame this on them being uncomfortable with God and not yourself or scripture. While this is an easy way out of a problem you don't feel like dealing with, and I know you get bombarded with a number of emails, it's not an excuse I would use so often. It reminds me too much of all the Christian weasels I have come across in my time, and I"m sure I'm not the only one that has noticed your tone when saying such words.

Finally, in regards to a reply you put in your series of emails about how the different races came out of Adam and Eve, you said this:

"Dear Karen: I wouldn't be too sure about your friends statement that the Garden of Eden was in "northern Africa." That is NOT where the descriptions of rivers, etc., would put it."

First, I think her friend may be thinking about the scientific idea that Africa was the birthplace of humans, where they all originate from and migrated to different places in the world.

Second, you are incorrect in your statement. I'm basing my argument on the fact that Egypt is located in Northern Africa, and back in it's heyday (thousands of years ago) it was in fact lush with greenery. They irrigated the water from the Nile River (one of the longest in the world) to grow their crops, and to grow beautiful plants and flowers. Egypt   was not always a desert, therefore rendering perfectly possible that Eden could've been located in Northern Africa.

Well, I'm sorry that it's so long, as I know you're very busy, but it's everything that I have to say. It would be interesting to get a response, or hell, even see it on the website, but I'm not expecting much. I just feel better now that I've said it. Have a good day!


[Ray Replies]

Dear Katie:

I will try to answer your questions and comments without offending you.  Hope you are not easily offended.

You ask me to, "...not assume that I [that's you] am some immature adolescent..."

Katie, OF COURSE you are an "immature adolescent."  You are 16 years old--an adolescent is some between purity (usually 12 for girls and 14 for boys) and maturity.  You are therefore, by definition: [1] still in puberty, [2] an adolescent, and [3] immature.

You appear to me that you have not only a desire to live, but to understand what life itself is all about. Am I correct in assuming that from  your email?  Then how could you possibly be a fan of Marilyn Mason?  Do you ever listen to the lyrics of his music?  Some are far to gross for me to repeat, but here's one for you:   "There's nothing to live for."  So if all the philosophy of this man amounts to "nothing to live for," why would you think that he has something of value to offer you?  Even "Witches" don't officially condone the evil expressed in his lyrics.

You claim to be a "Pagan Witch."  Do you perform "supernatural" acts?

Actually I do not use "bad" and "sin" as totally interchangeable words. The word "bad" is a synonym for the word "evil" [Hebrew "ra"--to smash in pieces, any evil].  Sin is a mistake (large or small), lawlessness, or falling short of the Glory of God. God created "evil" ['ra' Isaiah 45:7], and God uses evil all the time for good, but God NEVER, EVER SINS.  Be sure to read Part C on the "Myth of Free Will" soon to be posted on my site.

"Hitting one's sister" may or may not be bad/may or may not be sin, depending on circumstances:

1.  If you were to baby-sit your five-year old sister and your parents gave you permission to spank her bottom with discretion in administering correction for a very bad behavior, that would be neither bad nor a sin (Prov. 13:24 and many more such references).

2. If however you were to punch your 17 year old sister in the mouth, that would be both bad and a sin.

I do NOT base my teaching (which is NOT really mine, but is both scientific and scriptural) on this or that fact as you suggest. It is based on [1] all known scientific knowledge of the subject, and [2] hundreds and hundreds of plain Scriptural references totally contradicting any such heresy.  Be sure to read my four-part series on this subject in Installment XV of my "lake of fire" series.

And "no," I didn't take a poll to see if everyone would have eaten of the forbidden fruit, for their are MILLIONS of professing Christians that would loudly proclaim that if they had that opportunity, they would NOT eat the forbidden fruit. Seeing that Adam and Eve were "carnal-minded" from creation, and that the carnal mind CANNOT love God or be obedient to His laws (Rom. 8:7), no one could do differently than Mother Eve did.  No human on earth has ever been found, save Jesus Christ, in whom it can be proved that he or she never did wrong, made a mistake, broke a law, or committed many other such sins.  Sinning has nothing to do with whether on "believes in it" or not, as you suggest.

OF COURSE I believe that my teachings are correct and most other Christian teachings are wrong.  Can you imagine me spending thousands of hours and thousands of dollars promoting a site and teachings in which I pronounce all other Christian teachings RIGHT, and pronounce my own teachings WRONG?  I'm not too smart, but give me a little credit; I'm not that stupid.

I am not interested in researching all of the false religions of the world, anymore than I have an interest in researching all of theories of science that proved to be unscientific and unworkable. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.  However, if you have one question specifically regarding what I believe or what you believe that you think that I am wrong about, I would be happy to address it for you.

Your theory that if Northern Africa was once green and lush, then it represents proof that the Garden of Eden was located there, is not logical.  Other factors would place it in the Middle East.

Continue reading my site. There is none other like it.  Perchance you will learn a lot of good things to help you mature into a fine and noble young lady.  That is my prayer.

God be with you,


So you are saying there is no benefit to living a good life, living by the word of God?  If that is the case, I might as well go back to living the way I used to and have as much fun as I want and sleep with as many women as I can and whatever else I can do to make my life as fulfilling as possible.  There is no reward for living by the scriptures, there is no such thing as sins against God.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Nameless:

You are spiritually BLIND!

You equate NOT living according to God's Word, Whoring around with as many women as possible, having carnal fun, and being a general overall ass, will "Make my life as FULFILLING AS POSSIBLE."  Listen to yourself! 

You are admitting that you HATE GOD'S WAY OF LIFE.

To you it "isn't fun" and "isn't fulfilling."   To you a life of sin is a "FULFILLING LIFE."  You need a little spiritual adjustment between your ears.

I stated that there is coming "JUDGMENT" upon all who have not known or obeyed God.  There is "chastisement" in that judgment. THEY WILL have a change of heart, (as you must as well) before they will be members of God's Family. God will PURGE THEM of their evil and wicked ways--it is not a pretty picture.

Hitler will not just waltz into the Family of God as if he has not nothing to be corrected about.  People like Hitler will be SEVERELY CHASTISED for their evil ways. But, he WILL BE SAVED! Thank God for that.

You and I both would have been little "Hitler's" except for the grace of God. And if you don't believe that is true, then your understanding of your own carnal nature is small indeed.

Have no fear. The wicked will repent before they ever enter God's Family. Therefore, if we do not welcome them, then there is something seriously wrong with our own attitude, character, and spirituality.

Hope that helps yours understanding.



Dear Ray,

I think your letters and proof of all your answers to back them up are very impressive. 

I get so confused with church and the bible and all the organized religions and do this or that or you are condemned to hell forever. 

I have a question for you and I was reading that you are in your 60''s, so you may have some sort of generational outlook on this subject, no offense.  

Do gay people go to hell? 

I have many wonderful friends who are gay and I know what they do isn't my lifestyle, but I have met some wonderful people who are, and during a bad time in my life, I had some friends who were there for me and helped me through the bad times and they were so wonderful ... isn't that a Christian thing to do?  Yes, they happened to be gay, but they were better friends to me than most of my "Christian" friends!   I look at it as why in the HECK would someone CHOOSE to live a life of misery, depression and constant judgement!? 

Thanks for your time! 


[Ray Replies]

Dear Kelli:

Homosexuality is only one of a million plus sins that will have to be repented of sooner or later.

Don't forget, Kelli, that there are probably many liars out there that make good friends, also. Thieves can also be good friends. Some people who curse God's name even make good friends at times. I know for a fact that Al Capone WAS A FRIEND TO OTHERS and also HAD friends himself.  Osama bin Laden OBVIOUSLY has good friends, else they would have found him by now. I think you get my point.

And so, homosexuality must be repented of just as lying, stealing, or being a terrorist.

Paul tells us in Romans that such people believe a LIE. That is they believe that THEY AND THEIR OWN PRIVATE LUSTS are much more important than obeying God of even acknowledging that God IS THE CREATOR OF ALL (See Roman. 1:18-25).

"Therefore God gives them over to DISHONORABLE PASSIONS.  For their females, besides, alter the natural use into that which is beside nature.  Likewise also the males, besides, leaving the natural use of the female, were inflamed in their craving for one another, males with males effecting INDECENCY, and getting back in themselves the RETRIBUTION of their deception which must be" (Rom. 1:26-27).

Read the rest of the chapter as well.

And then this sober admonition in Rom. 2:5,

"Yet, in accord with your hardness and UNREPENTANT HEART you are hoarding for yourself INDIGNATION in the day of indignation and revelation of the JUST JUDGMENT OF GOD, Who will be paying each one in accord with HIS ACTS..."

They too, however, will all be saved after they pass through the judgments of God (I Tim. 2:4). Whereas they rejected the TRUTH in favor of a LIE, as we read in Romans, they will, in the judgment, come to a full REALIZATION AND EXPERIENCE OF THE TRUTH!

Hope that helps your understanding.




Dear Mr. Smith,

I have enjoyed reading your online works, especially your writings on Dr. Hagee's hell sermon.  Thank you for your insight and for offering another perspective.

A charismatic church that I have attended highly recommends the teaching of many of the following:  Benny Hinn, Casey Treat, Dr. Fred Price, Marilyn Hickie, Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Dr. Jack Van Impee, and Hal Lindsey.  They also like Joyce Meyer, Oral Roberts, and Kenneth Hagen (among others). 

I was curious if you had any comments regarding homosexuality.   The church that I mentioned is very against homosexuals, openly condemns them in public, and will not allow them to attend the church.  I have a difficult time understanding how a God of love can be represented by a church with so much hate.  My brother-in-law struggles with his faith because he is a gay-Christian that daily faces oppression.  Often people in the church are trying to "heal" or "convert" him and view him as a sinner even though he (in my opinion) acts very much like what I would hope more Christians to be like.  I love and accept him for exactly who he is and I have a hard time believing that God does not love him and would not let him inherit the kingdom of God (I Cor. 6:9-10).

Any insight that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.   I would like to understand more about this topic in general and welcome your thoughts.



[Ray Replies]

Dear Christina:

I understand your sadness over a loved one who is committing a sin over which he has no power.

It is true, that homosexuality is a sin. A lust and a perversion of the flesh. But it is in the same company as being greedy and extortioners if you noticed. These sins are very common among those who condemn homosexuality. That is what makes for a HYPOCRITE! Jesus Christ DIED FOR ALL SINS AND ALL SINNERS!  It is a done deal. It is finished. It has been accomplished. ALL HUMANITY WHO HAS EVER LIVED WILL BE SAVED AND ENTER INTO GOD'S KINGDOM. Most will not, however, "inherit" the Kingdom of God during the oncoming ages. That is a special privilege allotted to only those called and chosen in this era.

All unbelievers and all unrepentant sinners will be judged in the White Throne Judgment.   Their salvation is SECURE! That was accomplished on the cross two thousand years ago. However, experiencing repentance and forsaking our carnal sinful nature is something we all must go through. Either now or later.  So your homosexual friends will either see the error of their ways now and repent and turn to God and forsake their lifestyle, or they will do it later in the resurrection of judgment.  Either way, THEY WILL BE SAVED!

I too have friends and acquaintances that are homosexuals. And many of them are fine and loving people. Their sexual lifestyle is, however, wrong. Just as wrong as many other fine people who are loving and kind, but have a habit of committing adultery on their mates.   Being a kind and loving person does not justify some GROSS perversion of the flesh. That's just the way it is.  We ALL have sins that are profoundly difficult to overcome. God makes us CRY OUT TO HIM for the power. It is humbling and it is good for us to NEED OUR GOD IN EVERY WAY.

Hope that helps your understanding a little more.



I think your web site is doing a great service.   I do not think it will impact much at all those with a hardened made up mind attitude, but for those like me, who for 20 years agonized over the prospect of so many people facing such an awful eternal doom it is like the most refreshing thing I have ever read. 

One small question I am pondering.  Since so much of Christendom believes (at least doctrinally I'm not sure how many believe it in their heart) in eternal torment, how does God do his work through these ministries so far in error?

I guess it is true when we come to Christ we receive a better salvation than those who come after death by sight, and not by faith, as we do avoid any of Gods corrections, but I wish some ministries would arise and do the works of God and preach the correct Gospel!

For example, I think Focus on the family does a lot of good in dealing with issues of this life (though still no hope for most after death) so what should are position be in regards to most of Christendom?

[Ray Replies]

Dear Douglas:

Thank you for your interest in my site.

Paul said that there were those in his day that were preaching Christ for the WRONG reasons. He nonetheless said that Christ was at least being preached to some degree.  

There have been many people who have come to Jesus Christ through churches or ministries that are totally out of step with the Scriptures.  Many of these people write to me and tell me that although they found Christ in this or that church or ministry, that they were unfulfilled until God showed them His real plan of salvation for all. And that's one way in which God works through His own enemies of the Cross.

You are correct in stating that it is better to come to Christ through faith now rather than through sight later. However, ALL BELIEVERS are still corrected and chastised by God. Hebrews explains this in some detail:

"And you have been oblivious of the entreaty which is arguing with you as with sons:  My son, do not disdain the DISCIPLINE of the Lord, Nor yet faint when being EXPOSED by Him.  For whom the Lord is loving He is DISCIPLINING,  Yet He is SCOURGING [that is a severe beating, but used here to show the severity of God's actions to purge us of sin and carnality] EVERY SON to whom He is assenting." (Heb. 12:5-6). 

This chapter ends by informing us that, "Our God is also a CONSUMING FIRE." Paul tells us more about that spiritual consuming fire of God in I Cor. 3:14,

"If anyone's work will be remaining which he builds on it, he will get wages. If anyone's work shall be burned up, he will forfeit it, yet he shall be saved, yet thus, as through fire."

As Paul also said,

"It is through MUCH TRIBULATION that we enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens."

Keep the faith! God be with you!


I have been pondering the thought of getting a tattoo for about 5 years now and can't seem to get a straight. Are tattoo's allowed or not?  Is it ok to get one or shouldn't you mark your body?  I would appreciate some input on this topic.


[Ray Replies]

I don't think the tattoo itself is as much of a question as is the REASON for the tattoo.

What is the tattoo you want, and why do you want it?

The pagans and heathens have always marked, cut, stretched, or in other manners disfigured their bodies in order to either please their gods or please themselves.

If you can think of a way that your tattoo will glorify God, then I would say, do it.




It brings me much satisfaction that I have finally found the correct path to many questions that I have sought for the last 40 years.  You are a very talented and honest person. I can see that you are truly a man of God. 

I have prayed and I feel secure that what I have always suspected and what you have revealed with your insights are in fact the truth. 

May God bless you and your quest to search out more of Gods will not only for the public but for yourself as well. 

Take care, John :o)

Dear Ray,

In the letter I sent on July 23 about freedom of choice you answered me with this reply "we are not the captains of our own destiny ... you will quit smoking when GOD DECIDES YOU WILL QUIT SMOKING and not before"

If this is true, then we ARE puppets with God pulling the strings. This means that God is in charge of all sin.

If this is so why did Jesus have to suffer for our sins if we really are not in control of sinning?

If it is true then all of those TV evangelists are preaching about hell because GOD HASN'T DECIDED TO STOP THEM YET.

All the misinterpretations of the bible that cause people to hate God's children because they are different WONT STOP UNTIL GOD DECIDES.

Ray is this what you mean is happening unknown to us? I just want to understand what you are saying. I really am not being arrogant, even though its sounds that way.

I am a Christian for sixty years. For the past two years I have been researching past Christian history. It puts a new outlook on what I have read. I have always blamed mankind for the Spanish inquisition, slavery, white man slaughtering the American Indians, etc.

I just don't want to believe they were all GODS DECISIONS. Do you understand what Ii am trying to say Ray?

Very sincerely,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Grace:

Your feelings and thoughts are not unusual.  Many people who come into a knowledge of the Truth [Jesus] have a real battle on their hands for some time.

YES, God is in control of EVERYTHING--EVERY THING!!!

Consider the alternative of this fact. God IS NOT IN CONTROL OF ANYTHING!!! Would that make you happier? Of course not.  It's just that we want to place God where WE THINK HE SHOULD FIT INTO OUR FRAME OF THINKING.

Either God created His own ENEMY (Satan), or Satan created HIMSELF and God was helpless to stop him and has been loosing out to Satan by a ratio of ten to one for the past so many thousands of years. This is what Christendom teaches. This is NOT what the Scriptures teach.

By the way, we are considerably more complex than a mere puppet.  But it is true that God controls us every bit as much as a puppeteer controls a puppet. And God is not ashamed to admit that this is the case. God says that a man CANNOT DIRECT HIS OWN STEPS, that the response of the tongue IS FROM THE ETERNAL, that ALL IS OF GOD, that God is operating ALL according to the counsel of His own will, that HE Himself is the CREATOR OF EVIL, it was God who planted the forbidden fruit tree in the garden than contained not only good, but a knowledge of EVIL as well, it is GOD who sets up the rulers of all governments, one can only come to Christ when God decides to "draw [Greek, drag] him to Christ," and a thousand and one other things. So why do we have trouble believing all these Scriptures?

You ask why Christ should die for the sins of humanity which were known and brought about by God Himself? I would as you of what purpose would be Christ's crucifixion if it saved no one except those who somehow came to Christ by their own free will ASIDE from any "drawing of the Father"? 

The problem is, Grace, that we have been so brainwashed by the pagan and heretical theories of carnal-minded men that it is difficult to believe and rejoice in the plain, simple, and yet marvelously profound truths of God's Perfect Plan for the Salvation of all Mankind!

Meditate on this theme for a couple of years, Grace, and it will all become very clear--trust me, it will!



[In response to a lengthy email about evolution, Ray Responds]

Charles Darwin had a personal purpose for trying to find an explanation for the creation with a Creator. It was almost a "vendetta" if you will. He despised the evil teachings of Christendom (as do I), believing what is taught by Christendom really IS the religion of the Scriptures. BOTH his theories were wrong!

That there is "evolution" going on in biology as well as in industry is not in question, not with me at least. It is EASY to see the evolution of the dog as well as the automobile. I believe that all honest thinking people can agree on that. The real philosophical question, however, is WHAT DOES IT PROVE?

So in a broader discussion of "evolution," the origin of the species DOES come to mind, and so how does TRUE biological science deal with this question?  Facts of biological science are not always easy to use in either projections for the future or explanations for the past. If the percentage of change in mans' height the past fifty years were run backward, it would be but a few thousands years that man would have had to been no taller than an ant. Project the same percentage of change into the future, and in only a few thousand years the average man will be as tall as skyscrapers! So what is the TRUE application of the fact that man has increased in height dramatically in the past fifty years? Does it in any way prove that God did not create the universe, earth, and man upon it?



I was reading your opinion on Hell. I want you to read peoples near death experiences, you will find them all on the internet.   People that actually saw Hell, demons and the like. I don't know if you have ever seen a demon possessed person, or actual ungodly unexplainable things, but there are demons, who will be cast into Hell. 

People who do not choose God are cut off from God after death for their lack of unbelief.  They do go to Hell.  I know that you are very sure of yourself, but I would hope that as sure of your self as you felt when you were a teen, and as you got older and realized that at your youth you were not always right, be open minded and do more research, as I think you are steering people unknowingly the wrong way.  To give people a false sense of peace is dangerous before the Lord. 

Sincerely Kimberly

[Ray Replies]

Dear Kimberly:

Thank you for your email and comments.

Kimberly, you are like hundreds and hundreds that have come before you criticizing my writings. You have a lot to say about your OWN opinions about how I am leading people the wrong way, but you have NOTHING SPECIFIC that you can find wrong with my writings. If you think I am wrong, why don't you point to page such and such, paragraph 1 or 2 and sentence three and PROVE ME WRONG? Why? Because YOU CAN'T! No one can PROVE THE SCRIPTURES WRONG! It is as simple as that.

People are not "cut off for a lack of unbelief" but a lack of belief. But even then, God SAVES those who are lost and cut off. Have you never read the dozens and dozens of Scriptures that tell us this?

Kimberly, just why do you suppose people have near death experiences? And why doesn't EVERYONE have them. If people went ALMOST to some fabled hell in their experience, why didn't they go ALL THE WAY? Why and how did they COME BACK? Is God not quite sure where they belong? Is He giving them a second chance? Does EVERYONE get a second chance. Is salvation really a matter of "chance"?  Maybe it is YOU who needs to do some further studying?

Do you deny that "God WILLS that ALL MANKIND be saved and come into a knowledge of the truth" (I Tim. 2:4)? Do you deny that God will accomplish and perform ALL OF THIS WILL AND DESIRES AND GOOD PLEASURES (Isaiah 40:10-11)?



I've found your web site to be a great blessing (I particularly liked your article on the secret rapture), thank you.

I was wondering, with all changes that have taken place in Europe since the 1980's (changes that I never thought I'd live to see) it's difficult for me not to believe that Hal Lindsy (and Herbert Armstrong) were right about the E.C. leading to an end time revival of the Roman Empire (even though A.E. Knock saw "Mystery Babylon" as Apostate Judaism, and believed that the original Babylon would be rebuilt in Iraq). What do you think?

Also, do you have any kind of organized church? Do you perform baptisms, or celebrate the Lord's Supper? I ask these last two questions because I'm not sure I ever received a valid baptism, and I haven't partook of the Lord's Supper in years, Please reply.

[Ray Replies]

Since EVERYTHING in the Book of Revelation is SYMBOLS, it is not likely that "Mystery Babylon" is literally the ancient city of Babylon. Just as all the dozens and dozens of other symbols in Revelation, Mystery Babylon symbolizes something other than literal Babylon. 

I do not believe the Common Market countries are the resurrected Roman Empire. Besides, are there not  now THIRTEEN members?  They will have to start dropping members, not adding as we were told a few decades ago.

I do not have, nor do I attend an institutionalized church.

There is only ONE BAPTISM (Eph. 4:5), and that is the only one that matters or accomplishes anything.

Observing days and rituals are no longer required to be in God's good graces.  Some, however, do not feel spiritually clean unless they observe and do certain minimum necessary requirements.  We are to mind the things on high--above, not the things on the earth.




I just read your writing "Tithing is Unscriptural Under the New Covenant". I agree with what you have written. God blesses us not because we pay tithes, or give offerings or even support a missionary or two. He blesses us because we are His children and He is making us to be what He wants us to be.

I well remember the day when the Holy Spirit set me free from the legalist commands of the church I was attending at the time. In that church if I didn't pay tithes I couldn't partake of the services. I wasn't allowed to sing in the choir, be and usher, a door greater, or teach a Sunday School class.

I am free man today! I have found the true church of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is that Kingdom that is found within me. In this Church, which goes wherever I go,  I am allowed to be a greeter, I can sing in it's choir, am allowed to usher to it's Saints and from time to time even allowed to teach from it's pulpit. Today when I go to the place where I work I will be in fellowship with Christ in His church. And the next day and the next after that and forever I am in His church. WOW, I am a free man and I want the world to know.

I appreciate so much your web site and the truths you bring forth. Preach the word L. Ray Smith, and never stop. I see that the site is approaching 200,000 unique visitors. I long for the day when 2,000,000 visitors have visited, and than 20,000,000 visitors, and I long  for the day when by whatever means, all of Gods children everywhere have been set free and we all fellowship together in the true church of Jesus Christ which will never pass away.


[Ray Replies]

Dear Gary:

Thank you for your kind words!

May God be with you and yours as you fulfill God's will in your lives.


Dear L. Ray Smith,

After searching the internet for only a few minutes, I stumbled onto your web-site, and I read through some things that you wrote. Now, I don't necessarily agree or disagree with what your point of view is, and I'm not sure that that matters too much. My question is simply about the purpose of the web-site that you've created.

I may be missing it, but the point of your web-site seems to be an outlet of knowledge for you, but it unfortunately tears down Christians and their ministries, and I'm not quite sure how you can do that in the name of Christ.

I don't think that I would have any problem with it if it seemed that you were telling the truth in love, but that's not what it seems at all. What it seems like is that you disagree with some pastors, and you've tried to spur arguments.

I don't doubt that what you believe is very valid and you can back it up with scripture, but before I was in full time ministry, I was in a church of 3,000 people, which was split by two groups of people who had a lot of scripture for their actions. Both of their motives were wrong, so no matter scripture that they had, they were wrong.

I feel like you may be treading on the same ground. Listen, I believe that God still does miracles today. I believe that He heals people of sickness, that there is prophesy present, and that the gift of discerning of spirits is still on the earth as well. Now, that doesn't mean that I set up a web-site that bashes Presbyterians or Lutherans. You see, these things are not essential for salvation, and so there is no reason that we should fight, tooth and nail, with other Christians about non-essentials.

Just focus on the essentials, the non-negotiables. If a pastor gets up and says that we have to be good in order to get to heaven, then challenge him. But if a pastor gets up and says that Jesus was of a caucasian decent, just let it go ... let it go. Find some other way to apply your knowledge. Don't be like so many other Christians and try to kill the wounded.

In Christ's love,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Michael:

I am sure that it makes you feel good to accuse me of bashing and destroying and fighting, etc., etc. Just maybe you missed the point of the WHOLE THING!

Paul admonished to "EXPOSE THOSE WHO CONTRADICT" (Titus 1:9, Concordant Literal New Testament). Now I am sorry if it offends you that I followed that admonition.

Get your head out of the sand, Michael. Teaching the ENTIRE WORLD (thirty THOUSANDS MAJOR CITIES A WEEK), as Dr. Kennedy does, that God is going to torture in real fire most of humanity for all eternity and that the commission of Jesus Christ by His Father to be the Saviour of the whole world will never happen, but will utterly fall short is NOT something to be compared to some trivial aspect concerning Christ's race!  Give me break! 

Have you ever read Matt. 23?  Did you approve of Christ's condemnation of the Pharisee's hypocrisy? Did you know that if we are "in Christ" then, "so are WE in the world" both as He was and as He is?

If you can find something wrong, false, or unscriptural about my writings, then please present it. But don't impute impure motives when you know nothing about me!



Hi Brother Ray,

I would like to know your interpretation of the Bride of Christ?  As of Revelation chapter 19 and 21.

Please explain Jesus going back unto the Father, does this mean Jesus goes back into what He was before He became flesh, before the foundation of the world?  I see Him being not flesh anymore with a Glorified body being the Holy Spirit.

So since our Father is the Holy Ghost that means that Jesus is our Father????

Thank you for responding to these questions,

in Jesus,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Pattie:

I will be the first to admit that we "understand in part" as Paul has told us. We certainly do not understand all of the mechanics of God and how He is manifested toward man. But we can know as much as the Scriptures tell us.

First, God has predestined and called a group [Greek: ecclesia] commonly called church, out of the humanity of this world. This called out group is likened to virgins, a bride, brothers, Christ's body, and sons of God. Christ will marry this virgin bride body of believers who are the manifest sons of God for whom the whole creation is groaning.   It is this body of believers that will reign with Christ and bring salvation to the entirety of the universe.

Second: Christ is the Image of the Invisible God. Christ is EVERYTHING that the Father is, only in the visible flesh of humanity.  In that respect Christ IS our Father just as Isaiah prophesied.  Jesus said to know Him is to KNOW THE FATHER. So, clearly, we know all that the Father is, THROUGH CHRIST!  And that includes FATHERHOOD. Jesus Christ not only was a man, He is now and always will be A MAN.  Notice that AFTER Jesus was resurrected and returned to the glory and splendor that He had in the beginning with God, that He is STILL called a MAN,

"For there is one God, and one Mediator of God and mankind, A MAN, Christ Jesus..." (I Tim. 2:5).

Try this: There is ONE GOD. Jesus Christ came OUT FROM God and is called the "Son OF God." The Holy Spirit comes OUT FROM God and is called the "spirit OF God." But God has bestowed on Jesus ALL THAT HE IS AND ALL THAT HE HAS, hence Jesus also has this SAME SPIRIT and therefore there is the "spirit OF Christ" which is the SAME spirit OF God. They BOTH possess the SAME SPIRIT. And as they possess the SAME SPIRIT, they are ONE!

God promises believers the obtaining of this same spirit also. Hence WE TOO become ONE WITH CHRIST AND OUR FATHER!  Did I loose you yet?  Furthermore, all of God's creatures will one day possess this same spirit and then God will be "All in ALL" (I Cor. 15;28)!!!

Certainly there is much we do not know, however, all that I have presented here can be substantiated by the Scriptures.

Hope that helps your understanding a little better. May God grant you a spirit of wisdom and understanding in these deep spiritually discerned matters.



Hello Ray,

I have been reading some of your writings on your web site and I was just wondering what your stance is on the subject of healing ? thanks if you have time to answer this,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Danny:

When Jesus preached the Kingdom of God vast crowds of people came out to see and hear Him. Everywhere he went there were crowds following. One of the main reasons they did follow Him was that He healed thousands. Wherever He went the Scriptures tell us that He healed many. So clearly, God has healed many thousands of people.

Most people are more interested in whether God will heal them or not. People are looking for a magic formula that will guarantee their healing. We are instructed by James to call for the elders of the church to pray for healing. Not all are healed, however. In Paul's epistles we read of several ministers of the gospel who had health problems. Paul once told Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach's sake and his MANY ailments. I am sure Paul prayed for his healing, but he was not healed.

I have prayed for the sick and some where healed and others were not.  It is God's decision as to whether or not He will heal someone.  Sometimes there is a better purpose served in our not being healed.

Above all, DO PRAY, and do let your requests be made know to God with thanksgiving.   Praying for healing is not that much different from praying for anything. Sometimes God grants our desires and other times He does not.

I believe men like Benny Hinn to be charlatans. Many who have come up on stage professing their healing were shortly thereafter to be in the same state of disease or sickness as before.

Never stop praying just because all of your desires are not answered.  In due time God will reward us all.



Wow Ray, I really have to thank you.

I read your paper 'exposing those who contradict'. I always thought I have to live a righteous and perfect life to be saved, but now I can live how ever I please, go to sleep for a while (when I die) sleep till Jesus comes again, be resurrected from the dead just like He was, REPENT, and then be reigning on earth with Him for eternity afterwards.

I'm glad you made me realize and showed me proof through scriptures (gave me Gods ok) living a life of sin wont effect my eternity in anyway, maybe just my life here on earth somewhat (what goes around comes around) but that don't really matter to me because I get to live how I want to live now in exchange, so its worth it to me, a little punishment here and there ain't a big deal ... what's the worst that could happen to me, pain and suffering don't bother me ... death I guess, but that will be abolished too, and I'll be sleeping with no perception of my physical death so it don't matter.

I cant wait to start sinning again. I miss doing so many things I don't do no more (especially committing adultery), makes me love Jesus even more that He saved me from all my sins I committed and plan to commit, but I still don't understand why He had to save me or what He saved me from since there is no HELL or any type of eternal death to have ever worried about, what would have happened if Jesus never saved me?

Maybe you could explain if you got the time, or tell me which of your papers to read that will answer my question.

Thanks again Ray, God bless you.

P.S. I guess all those who told me, it don't matter how you live all you have to do is believe in Jesus. I guess they were right, but even then you made me realize that even if I didn't know or ever believe in Jesus or God the Father, it still wouldn't have effected my eternity in any way. Thank you.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Nameless:

You speak as FOOL!

God will bring all mankind to repentance and they will learn righteousness just as Isaiah prophesied.

There is coming a time of severe judgment upon sinning mankind. It will not be a walk in the park for any of them. God will purge them all with the fires of His Spirit. But then, all mankind will be saved. This occurs at the white throne judgment, not when Christ returns to reign on the earth.

And, no you will NOT reign with Christ if you purposefully go back into sin. It is the "overcomer" who will reign with Christ.

Of course your foolishness speaks volumes regarding your motives in following God. You don't believe that living righteously is the right way, the best way, or the ONLY WAY to live in the first place. I have not taught any such foolishness as you are proposing. 

And I firmly believe that it is people with your attitude that will be judged the most severely. YOU MOCK GOD AND YOU MOCK HIS WORD! Your own words condemn you.  You need to repent of your rotten attitude.

Maybe you need to read "EXPOSING THOSE WHO CONTRADICT" again, but this time look up all the Scriptural references I give.



... I stay far from your website since I read and realized how worldly and literal you are. You're like an empty shell who knows how to read ...

... I dare never to use my Kings words for such. You're in my prayers Ray, and all those who's minds you have corrupted with the truth (as the evil one does).

[Ray Replies]

Dear nameless:

Just as I expected. I have had hundreds who were all talk and no substance.  You will waste hundreds of words in condemnation, but not one in factual criticism. You CANNOT contradict what I say by using the Scriptures because what I say came FROM the Scriptures, and this is what torments your miserable soul.

You are not disapproving my words, but God's.

You do not approve of what God plainly says He will do.  

You do not approve of God saving all humanity because then you don't feel so SPECIAL anymore.

You have no love for humanity. Most of humanity has NEVER heard of Jesus Christ. God DIED for all humanity and His supreme sacrifice will NOT be in vain as most of Christendom teaches.

God WILL PERFORM ALL of His desires and all that He has spoken. Only a fool would have the audacity to deny it.

You are both a hypocrite and spiritual coward!

May God have mercy upon your miserable soul and give you spirit of wisdom and understanding.



Mr. Smith - This is not a parable, Jesus said "there was a certain rich man..."    If there was not a certain rich man then Jesus was lying, but God cannot lie so, there was a certain rich man and this is an actual account and not a parable. Unless you don't believe that Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh then what you believe doesn't matter.   John 8:24

[Ray Replies]

Dear Paul:

And just how, pray tell, does the statement: "There was a certain rich man" PROVE this this is not a parable?

Luke 16:19 is in fact, the fifth part of a FIVE-PART parable beginning with Luke 15:3, And He spake THIS PARABLE [in 5 parts] unto them, saying,

[1] "What man of you, having an hundred sheep....." (Lk 15:4)

[2] "Either what woman having ten pieces of silver...." (Lk 15:8)

[3] "And He said, A certain man had two sons....." (Lk 15:11)

[4] "There was a certain man, which had a steward....." (Lk 16:1)

[5} "There was a certain rich man......"  (Lk 16:19).

Notice how the second parable connects to and is a continuation of the first parable: "EITHER...what woman...." The word "either" is a continuation of the very thought in the parable that preceded it. Check a dictionary, "either" means "also" or "likewise." So when Jesus said "Either what woman..." it was the same as saying, "Likewise what woman..."   Likewise or also what?  Why the same as the parable that when before. Like I said, this is a Five-Part Parable. All five together are call "A PARABLE."

Now then, notice how all five parable begin:

[1] "WHAT MAN..."
[2] "WHAT WOMAN..."
[3] "A CERTAIN MAN..."
[4] "a CERTAIN MAN..."
[5] "a  CERTAIN RICH MAN..."

You know what, Paul, according to you, NOT ONE OF THESE FIVE PARABLES ARE PARABLES! I'll bet you never noticed that before, did you? We have, MAN, WOMAN, MAN, MAN, MAN. A CERTAIN MAN, A CERTAIN MAN, A CERTAIN RICH MAN. So the proof this is not parable is in the phrase "A CERTAIN..." Is that correct? Then we have at least THREE parables that are not parables, don't we.

Seriously, Paul, do you not now clearly see and understand that your contention that the phrase "a certain rich man" does not hold water. I hope so. Not only is "Lazarus and the Rich man" a parable, it is an absolute CLASSIC example of a parable in every way.
God be with you,


[another email on same subject]

Mr. Smith - I have nearly finished reading your letters to James Kennedy and Dr. Hagee.  I am amazed at your teaching, your presentation, your command of the scriptures.  I am a believer, but have long struggled with the traditional theology of heaven and hell, and also know non-believers that turned their back on Christianity because of this doctrine (among other things, I'm sure).  Anyway, I agree with you on many points and intend to study this very important issue out thoroughly myself.  Thank you.

By the way, are you familiar with Bollinger's and Otis Zellers' (Sellers?) view on Luke 16 - that the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus is not a parable at all but rather another literary device altogether, that being a satire?   The gist is that the Lord took concepts and teachings of the Pharisees and satirically threw them back in their faces to expose them. Certainly not to be taken literally.  I read your analysis as you presented to Dr. Hagee, but just wondered if you were familiar with this viewpoint and what your thoughts were on that.

God bless you, Mr. Smith.  I look forward to reading your other articles on the internet.  Thanks again.


[Ray Replies]

Dear David:

Thank you for your interest in our site. My family tree is filled with "Davids." My father, brother, nephew, etc., all "Davids."

Yes, I am somewhat familiar with what you are purposing. However, even if Christ did draw upon pagan beliefs to make His teaching more personally directed toward the Pharisees, He nevertheless put these characterizations into the form of a parable. We have proof of this:  Christ taught ONLY in parables when speaking with the masses. And earlier in Luke 15:3 it says, "Now He told them THIS PARABLE..." Now if you notice carefully, Jesus then presents FIVE PARABLES! 

  1. "What man of you, having a hundred sheep..." (15:3).

  2. "Or what woman having ten drachmas..." (15:8).

  3. "A certain man had two sons..." (15:11) This, of course, is the popular "Parable of the Prodigal Son" which ALL scholars admit is a parable, however, it does not specifically call it a parable at its opening words. That is because Christ's statement in 15:3 where it is said, "Now He told them THIS PARABLE..." INCLUDES ALL FIVE OF THE PARABLES TO FOLLOW! It is utter nonsense to try and prove that Lazarus and the Rich man is not a parable.

  4. "A certain man, who was rich, had an administrator..." (Luke 16:1). And finally

  5. "Now a certain man was rich..." (16:19). Only the first one of these parables is specifically called a parable. However, no one doubts that the parable of the Prodigal Son is a parable, even though none of the second, third, fourth and fifth parables are specifically called parable. Nonetheless, they certainly are. They all follow a similar theme, hence Christ did not preface each one with a statement verifying what was to follow was indeed a parable.

These five parable all revolved around the Pharisees which were "fond of MONEY."

So there it is, plain and simple. All five of these parables follow Christ's statement back in Chapter 15 and verse 3. Christ ALWAYS taught in parables, Mat. 13:34. 

Christ and the Scriptures would both be liars if Luke 16 is NOT a parable. And parables are NEVER literally true, so all that is taught in Christendom regarding this parable is heresy on the highest level.

Hope that helps your understanding a little.

May God be with you as you yield yourself to His perfect will for your life.



[after several spirited email exchanges .. ]

You know where in the bible does it say that "Every knee WILL bow" but it does say in Philippians 2:10  That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;  11  And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

The bible says that every one SHOULD confess, that WILL.  But there is coming a day when every knee WILL bow, some in heaven, and some in Hell (under the earth), but in hell it will be to late!

I do believe the scriptures of God, in fact I believe everyone of them.  Just look at them from a wrong perspective, for example when you said "Paul plainly tells us that no man can call Jesus "LORD" EXCEPT BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, so everyone will eventually have the spirit of God"  that is not the meaning of that verse.

Paul is saying that the Holy spirit brings us unto excepting Christ.  The Holy Spirit has to been Convicting a Sinner before he can except Jesus.  Its the Holy Spirit that seals us and by the holy spirit we can call Jesus "LORD".  Galatians 4:6  And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.  I did not deny the Scriptures, but by the authority of the bible I deny your Interpretation

[Ray Replies]

You are fighting the Word of God to uphold your pagan tradition of eternal torment.

How pathetic that you should latch onto the word "should" as thought this is only expressing the ideal, or what is desired, and not the actual fact. Maybe you could be more convinced by reading the same prophecy in Rom. 14:11,

"For it is WRITTEN [in Isaiah 45:23], AS I LIVE, SAITH THE LORD [does this sound like maybe He really MEANS IT?] EVERY KNEE SHALL [is that word strong enough for you, or do you think 'shall' also means 'maybe' or 'possibly'? And does 'EVERY' maybe mean just a 'few'?] BOW TO ME, and EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS GOD"!

Did you notice that God says, "AS I LIVE SAITH the Lord."? God has SAID IT!!! Where did He SAY it? In Isaiah 45:23.

Now if you think the word "should" back in Phil. 2:11 is too weak a word to convey the idea that it really WILL HAPPEN, then try these words on for size: 


This is were Paul got that quotation from in Phil. 2:11!

Now then, what is the result of anything that God "says"? Turn over one chapter to Isaiah 46 and the last half of verse 11: 


In fact, back in verse ten God strongly affirms that,


People blaspheme when they try to turn the very WILL of God into a 'weak unattainable wish'!  You will give account for the very words in this e-mail, one day. I would be very carefully about insinuating that God's will will never be accomplished!

"For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour, Who WILL have ALL men to be SAVED, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth" (I Tim. 2:4)!

Don't you be lecturing me about misusing the Word of God! You are out of your league. You say that you believe every word of God, you do not. It is YOU who are refusing to believe "WHAT IS WRITTEN!"

The last part of I Cor. 12:3 states,

" man CAN say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Spirit." 

We read in in Phil. 2:10-11 and Rom. 14:11, and Isaiah 45:23 that EVERYONE WILL BOW AND CONFESS GOD and I Cor. 12:3 says


This is not rocket science to believe these verses, but the carnal mind will fight these verses all day long! They are properly translated and they are simple to understand. One really has to do a hatchet job on these Words of God to get to to say something other than way they say.

If you refuse to be honest with God's Word, then stop wasting my time!



My name is Tim and I am an atheist.  I came across your site, quite by accident; however, I wanted to drop you a line and say that I was impressed.  You see, the whole reason that I stopped believing in the biggest mass-murderer in history, was because I did not and still do not believe that he/she/it exists, simply based on the astonishing lack of evidence.

The point is, I like very much what you are doing.  It almost makes Christianity palatable, because you are reading the bible (which is certainly a book containing errors and contradictions large enough to drive a truck through) and making as much sense of it as is humanly possible. 

I like the fact that you think tithing is tantamount to extortion in the name of God, is refreshing.  The idea that people will be burning FOREVER is insane; the ramblings of a sick and twisted person.  Not that I'm suggesting the people that preach such things are sick; they have chosen to believe and force their lies on everyone whom will listen.

In closing, keep up the great work.


P.S.  I'm sure that if this is posted, many people will say that since I am an atheist, that it somehow proves that you are wrong because I tend to agree with you. 

It is not my intention to cause you anymore negative responses than you are already receiving.  I only wanted to thank you.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Tim:

Thank you for your kind words.

God does indeed exist, Tim. Even the best of scientists agree that the unfathomable harmony and design of the cosmos and everything in it is far far beyond the possibility of a giant explosion [Bang]! Not to mention mankind with brains that pale the most complex computers into tinker toys.

As far as giant holes in the Scriptures, that too is not really true.  There are many inconsistencies in the various translations, however these errors do not occur in the original manuscripts. I would be happy to discuss any of the reasons you have for NOT believing in God or the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

You did not come to my site by accident, I will guarantee you that.  So let's see where God directs you from here...




I have been reading your site for over a year. On another site that doesn't believe in eternal torment, was a committed born again Christian but now is a deist. He doesn't believe in Jesus anymore and is sharing that the word of God is not a revelation from God.  This disturbs me. On my search for truth it also brings many doubts about a lot of things. I know that Jesus is real and I cant bring myself to let go of my belief in him but I don't understand how so many Christians are turning to atheist, deist, and everything else. I trust your wisdom and ask if you could comment on this.

One of the most important concepts in Christianity is original sin, or the belief that all mankind has inherited a sinful nature brought about by the acts of Adam and Eve.

Rom. 5:12 "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:"

Rom. 5:19 "For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners,..."

1Cor. 15:22 "For as in Adam all die, ..."

Original sin makes about as much sense as if I were sitting at home one evening and the following occurred: The police came to my door and stated I was under arrest because my father in Europe just shot and killed someone. I responded by asking what that had to do with me and they said, "He's your father, isn't he?"

How do you deal with all the contradictions in the bible? Is there an article on your site that deals with this?

Thank you and God Bless You,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Barb:

As with ALL major doctrines, the Christian Church has not a clue as to this subject of "original sin."

The doctrine taught is that Adam and Eve were PERFECT (after all, could God create something that was NOT perfect? Were they not created in God's OWN IMAGE)?

Well, they were "perfect" in the same way that Satan (a liar and a murderer from the very beginning) was perfect -- PERFECT FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH GOD CREATED THEM.

Adam and Eve ALREADY had lust and disobedience in their hearts BEFORE the serpent approached them. Eve LUSTED BEFORE she ever actually ate of the fruit. Small technicality for our Christian friends.

Now then let's read Rom. 5:12 together: 

"Wherefore, as by one man [Adam] sin entered into the world, and death by sin: and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned."

Now then, WHERE does that verse say that Adam's "sin was passed on to all in the world?"  Was "sin" passed on? NO! "DEATH" was passed on.

Are we condemned because of "ADAM'S SIN?"   NO! "...for that ALL have sinned."  All have sinned their OWN individual sins, they are not condemned because of Adam's sin, but they did receive "death" from Adam in that "mortality" WAS passed on to the whole human race, because Adam did NOT partake of the "TREE OF LIFE," but rather sinned which brought the penalty God promised of "death."

A better translation helps our understanding: 

"Therefore, even as through one man sin entered into the world, and through sin death, and thus death passed through into all mankind on which all sinned..." (Concordant Literal New Testament).

Rom. 5:19 "For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners..."

They were made sinners by VIRTUE OF THE FACT THAT THEY RECEIVED ADAM'S MORTALITY [DEATH] NOT HIS SIN. We sin because we are mortal [dying]. We have NO SPIRITUAL STRENGTH to combat our carnal, sinning, DYING, FLESH. Hence all sin because THEY ARE MORTAL. Adam sinned because HE WAS MORTAL. "It is appointed unto ALL men once to die"

But there are TWO DEATHS -- spiritual and physical. Jesus Christ said: "Let the DEAD bury the DEAD."  Two kinds of "dead" in ONE VERSE. The SPIRITUALLY DEAD, who bury the PHYSICALLY DEAD!

Hope that helps your understanding a little better. One more point: Any human being from any generation in the history of the human race, if put in the garden under the same conditions as Adam, would have ALSO SINNED THE SAME WAY. Adam sinned not because he could have chosen NOT TO SIN, but because he was made too spiritually weak to avoid or conquer sin. God MADE Adam subject to VANITY and CORRUPTION (and "not willingly"). See Romans 8:18-23).

God be with you,