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Your Pastor has No Faith At All - None!
Should We go Door-To-Door?
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What type of Sick Trick is this?
Blotted Out of the Book of Life?
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[Ray replies to a reader who asked him to look at another site]

I read a couple of dozens pages of Johnson's site. I grow weary reading his stuff. I fully realize that God is not dealing with historical Israel in His prophecies for today. However, Johnston takes about ten pages or more stating that NOT ONE PERSON IN ISRAEL TODAY CAN PROVE THE HE CAME FROM ONE OF THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL.  So what?  Neither can Johnston, himself, PROVE that he is not of one of the historical tribes of Israel. Neither can he PROVE that every single person living in Israel today is descended from a Gentile. How pray tell would he ever prove such a thing??? What person alive today anywhere on the face of the earth, can trace his lineage back to Adam and Eve? I rest my case.

I explain the origin of the "Jews" in Jerusalem at the time of Christ's ministry in my paper on "Lazarus and the Rich man."

[The reader replies]


The so what is that if today's Christians believe that Jews will on day return to making sacrifices in the temple and the antichrist will one day step into the temple and declare himself God then we all have our timeline wrong. I like most follow the Van Impe's, Hagee's, Thomas Ice, etc. For then it means that today's Jews may not hold a special place in God's time calendar and all that is going on in Israel may not be significant.

Pastor Hagee believes that Jews don't need to be saved however everyone else who does not get saved is going to hell. If you were taught that all this time today's Jews were the anointed (no matter how Jewish they were) only to find out that they may not be, it opens up your eyes. I found it interesting that he had a different take on the issue and wondered what your thoughts were?

[Ray Replies]

Van Impe and Hagee HAVEN'T A CLUE as to the meaning of and timetable of prophecy.  Do you remember twelve years ago when Van Impe had a series on "How long is a Biblical Generation?" His method of calculation was about as inept as anything could be. But anyway, from his 'Biblical calculations' he determined that Jesus Christ would RETURN IN 1996! He used the sets of fourteen generations in Matthew to prove his calculations. He totally neglected the genealogy in the book of Luke. I guess those figures didn't work in his favor as well as those in Matthew. I wrote a paper after those broadcasts because a friend of mind believed every word of Van Impe. I don't even know if I still have the paper, but I proved his calculations to be nonsense, as time itself has now proved the same fact. Need I note the fact that it is now just fourteen hours until 2003? He has already missed it by SEVEN YEARS, and I suspect it will be a lot more. How quickly people forget what these self-styled, self-appointed false prophets have prophesied in the past that never came about!!

The people living in Israel today may or may not consist of real Jews from that blood line. The physical house of Israel is not the key to understanding prophecy.  Have you read my paper on exposing the secret rapture theory?  That would be a start in understanding prophecy if you have not read it. Virtually every teaching on prophecy by mainstream and fundamentalist Christendom is in ERROR, and will never come to pass as they prophesy.

And remember, just as no one can prove that those living in Israel ARE Jews, likewise, no one (including Rick Johnston) cannot prove that some of them ARE NOT Jews!



Hi Ray,

I just briefly looked over your site and have to say that organized "Christianity" is God's strong delusion to those who have not a love for the truth.

TBN is a great evil to the true gospel of Christ. Paul and Jan Crouch will let anybody appear on their stage so long as the ratings are high, and the money is flowing. Why else would God let men desecrate His name and the precious sacrifice of His Son?

Just speak the truth of these wolves, and the children (like myself) who were once deceived will hear Him calling to them from deep inside. They know something is wrong but cannot pinpoint it.

Ministry for profit. These are the sons of Baal today, the offspring of Simon who would try to buy the Spirit of God rather than be transformed from his blackened soul. These T.V. con-artists, have been put in place that the sons of Light may be made evident by the Truth that they speak to those of kindred spirit. We are known as those who have gone astray, but the fruit of truth glistens from the Source within.

Bless you in your work of preserving the true Gospel before a lost and dying world.


Dear Ray,

Several days ago I came across your site.  I am excited by the things that you have put here. 

My father and I have been discussing many of the ideas on your site for years and have not found anyone who had any similar beliefs. 

Most people start making the sign of the cross towards you if you want to discuss the things that you bring up on your site. 

I have just finished printing up your entire site and sending it to my father, who I know will be equally excited. 

God bless you Ray and may none of us ever stop seeking truth in Jesus.


L Ray Smith,

I have been doing some research on Tithing and found your writings most interesting. I am not a Bible scholar by any means but have read the Bible completely through.

We belong to a Non-denominational Christian Church that is a New Testament Church. I was Chairperson of the Pulpit Committee in search for a Sr. Pastor one year ago. To cut to the chase we found a wonderful Minister with his Doctorate and more then qualified for our small Church. He and his wife have been with us for nine months now and he has been everything we had hoped for. He has been teaching us a series called Life Design that he has Authored.

The last two weeks have been on Tithing and after completing the second week we in the class were all given a paper with three things to commit to and the one I have the problem with states that we should give our first ten percent of our income in Tithing first and we are to sign this paper committing to this. He has quoted a lot of Scripture about Tithing and in Bible Study has talked about it a lot but has never given an exact Scripture that states we should give our first ten per cent.

Our belief is we should support our Church financially and commit to an amount and abide by that commitment but feel that amount should be just between us and God as we also believe it is important in supporting your Church in giving of your time for needs within the Church.

My husband is an Elder and we are very active members. We and the Congregation love this Minister and his wife who is also very hands on into her husbands Ministry but this is of great concern to us. If it is Scripture according to God's word then it should be abided by but in your writings you show all the Scriptures about Tithing and this is just what I was looking for so we can know for sure what the Scriptures demand. Any other insight you could give us on this we would appreciate. Also are you a Minister, or a Bible Scholar?

I guess I am asking what your Title is as far as your expertise although I do realize all your quotes to back up what you are saying is Scripture. Thank You for your knowledge and narrowing the subject of Tithing down to what it is.

With Love In Christ, Mr. & Mrs. William ...

[Ray Replies]

Dear Mr. and Mrs. ...

Thank you for your email and your interesting in our site.

I can certainly identify with your situation. I once belonged to a church that taught 1st tithe, 2nd tithe, and every third year, the THIRD tithe. We also had the Tithe of the Tithe, Holy day offerings, building found offerings, love fund, etc., etc., etc. And all this was ONE THE GROSS of our income.

Interestingly, it was discovered that following this ridiculous unscriptural laws of financing the church, was a impossibility for our brothers and sisters in the Australian Congregations. You see, after taxes they didn't earn enough to tithe even if they gave 100% of their paycheck!!!!!!!  A minor technicality, I guess.

Your pastor has NO FAITH AT ALL!  NONE!!!  His faith is not in God, but in a piece of paper GUARANTEEING him "X" number of dollars each month. I do not have a church, neither do I belong to any institutionalized church of men. I am, however, a member of the Body of Christ, The Church of The Living God.

God has called me to do what I am doing--teaching God's Truths to as many people as will listen.  It takes many thousands of dollars to operate a web site such as ours, since we pay for key words that bring people to our site.

Don't get me wrong, it is perfectly okay for members of a congregation to contribute to the expense of having a full-time pastor and all of the other bills associated with a church building.  It is wrong (a SIN) to ask or tell parishioners that they are required by the laws of God to give ten percent of their salaries in the form of money to the church!  The apostle Paul never did it, did he?  In fact, those who were weak in faith such as the Corinthians, Paul would not accept even the basic needs of life such as food and clothing. Would any suggest that Paul did not have a successful ministry?   I speak as a fool. 

GOD IS ABLE! God can and does provide for HIS ministries, and He does NOT require believers to TITHE THEIR SALARIES! "God LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER"--that my friends is SCRIPTURE. God DEMANDS BY LAW TEN PERCENT OF YOUR GROSS SALARIES is man-made heresy!

Now I am sure your pastor is a fine fellow, and is not totally responsible for what he teaches. He has been TAUGHT to teach what he teaches. He is following the orders of those who presented him with a doctorate. Furthermore, he is not at liberty to teach the truths of God. He MUST teach as he was taught. He is NOT FREE.  It is only the TRUTH of Jesus Christ that can make one free and your pastor isn't there yet.

You can copy my paper on "Tithing is Unscriptural under the New Covenant" but he will rebel against it with every fiber of his doctorate indoctrinated heart.   "God loves a cheerful giver" is part of God's Word which is part of the Law of the Spirit. We are now under God's SPIRITUAL LAWS, which include, The Law of Christ, The Law of Faith, The Law of Righteousness, The Law of Liberty, The law of the Spirit, etc.  All of these ARE SCRIPTURAL. My paper on tithing is simple. A child can understand it. A wise man of this religious world CANNOT!

Trust me when I tell you that tithing is not your biggest problem by any means.  Ask your pastor if he believe that God Almighty will TORTURE with real FIRE, billions and billions of men and women, boys and girls, for trillions and trillions and trillions of billions of quadrillions of centuries--ALL ETERNITY, because they have never even heard the gospel?  If he believes or teaches that God will torture even one creature for all eternity, then your pastor has not even a clue as to WHAT the gospel of Jesus Christ is. And that, my friends, is a HUGH PROBLEM!  Tithe is of NO consequence compared to the torture of billions of helpful people for all eternity!

Sooner or later you will be faced with really BIG issues in your church. If God is calling you out of Babylon the Great, then you will have to face these really big issues. I pray that God will give you understanding in your quest for Truth.  There is a thousand times more to consider that merely tithing.

I am not a scholar, but a roofer down here in Miami. However, in my defense, let me say that I don't believe that either James, John or Peter graduated from Hebrew Tech, did they?  I do have a Bachelor of Arts degree, but I don't generally make that known to anyone.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to write. I posted the first part of my paper on "The Lake of Fire" this week. Be sure to read it.  Let me know how you make out if you refuse to sign your pastor's legal documents.

Question: Is no one's word good in your congregation, it requires a signature? I am not being sarcastic, but I am trying to get you to THINK, which, of course, you are already doing, or you would not have asked my opinion on this matter.




Do we need to witness to people, or does God build His church?  

"The Holy Spirit draws men to God, not people." 

"Going door-to-door witnessing is simply religious works of the flesh."

Do you have a quick response?



[Ray Replies]

Dear Paul:

No, you do not have to go door to door witnessing to people about Jesus or the gospel. However, that does not make it a wrong thing to do. God calls different people to different offices for different services. 

Unfortunately those who make the biggest practice of door-to-door teaching, don't even teach the true Gospel. Of the two largest groups that do this--Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, neither one teaches the true gospel. I don't believe either one teaches that Jesus Christ is the SAVIOUR OF THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

I have hundreds of pages of material on my site. Imagine if I went door to door and tried to present HUNDREDS OF PAGES OF MATERIAL. How many doors would I get to in a year? Ten or fifteen? Maybe. 

In little more than a year [2001], my web master tells me that we have already reached over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people. At least that many have come to our site.  So I think I will keep on doing what I am doing and leave the "door-to-door" for someone else.

Yes, God does build HIS church, but He also inspired Paul to say that He uses the "foolishness of preaching" to accomplish it.

God be with you.



Dear Ray,

I can appreciate your approach to the scriptural relevance of tithing, particularly under the new covenant.  However, when Jesus says that "I did not come destroy the law, but to fulfill it."

Giving the tithe was a part of that law... While I certainly agree with you with regard to ceremonial foreskins and other Levitical materials... we must also remember that we must be very careful when quickly claiming grace and abolishing law.   Does this mean we can now murder, covet, bare false witness, steal, lie, fornicate, commit adultery because we are no longer under the law?  As Paul said, "Should we continue in sin that grace should abound? God forbid."

I agree that God does want all of us... but all of us will incline us to keep His laws, which are now written on our hearts.  Again, I think you lifted up a very powerful perspective, I simply believe that God still requires us to provide financial support to his church, and specific support at that.  When God's Word says that the tithe is Holy, holiness transcends time, covenant and testament.  Because we are under the new covenant, what was Holy then does not become unholy now.  Thanks Ray for your viewpoint... I would love to get a response from you on this...



[Ray Replies]

Dear Byron:

Thank you for your comments and/or questions.

You are not distinguishing between things that differ as the Scriptures admonish us.

It seems hardly anyone knows that "fulfill means." Jesus said that he "fulfilled" the LAW, yet it is taught today in the Church that it YET needs to be fulfilled BY US. What is that?  I have never heard a minister yet put the parts of Christ declaration together:

"Think not that I am come to destroy the law OR THE PROPHETS: I am not come to destroy, [the law AND THE PROPHETS], but to fulfill [the law AND THE PROPHETS]" (Matt. 5:17).

Now then, did Jesus Christ "fulfill" all of the prophecies concerning Him? Well if He did, then does there REMAIN any that He DID NOT FULFILL? Then why doesn't anyone, it seems, believe that He also and in the very same way fulfilled "the law?"

We are now under a NEW COVENANT [and Hebrews 8 tells us that this NEW covenant is NOT IN ACCORD with the OLD covenant.

The Pharisees kept the old testament law of Moses with its ten commandments. But Jesus said that WE, Believers, must FAR EXCEED the righteousness of the Pharisees. Jesus gave us NEW COMMANDMENTS that are far superior to the old law. Christ's laws are SPIRITUAL laws. The Old Covenant which really IS "the ten commandments" (See Deut. 4:13) was an administration of DEATH. The laws were of the letter (death) not of the spirit (life). See II Cor. 3.

Under the Old Covenant you were to HATE YOUR ENEMIES. Under the New we are to LOVE OUR ENEMIES. Love your enemies is not a slight modification of hating your enemies.  Not lusting after a woman is not a slight modification of not committing physical intercourse with a married woman. NOT SWEARING is not a slight modification of swearing!  Etc. Can you see this? Under the old covenant one was to love his neighbor as himself. Under the new we are to esteem our neighbor HIGHER than ourselves. Do you see the difference?

Things that were "holy" and have run their course, are NO LONGER Holy. All Israel was Holy. Physical Israel is no longer holy. Sacrifices were HOLY unto the Lord; they no longer are. Tithing was just as specific a law as sacrificing. Tithes were of farm products NOT MONEY. It was paid to the Levites. There are no Levites today. It was kept in storehouses. There are no storehouses today. Go to the nominal Christian church and as for food from their storehouse to feed some poor that you are aware of. They will in all probability TURN YOU AWAY, even though their bank accounts are filled with MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars, often times. There is NO TEMPLE at which the Levites and Priests officiate today. And if you liken the Church today as God's nation of priests as Peter tells us, then we ALL should be receiving tithes, NOT PAYING TITHES!

Byron, Paul NEVER, EVER taught, or collected tithes from the Gentile congregations. Can you not see that?  Why did he work with his own hands if he were collecting millions and millions and millions from the HUNDREDS of congregations he founded? Seriously, these are questions that need answering. Paul never taught tithing and he never collected tithes, so why should anyone else who claims to be a minister of Jesus Christ??

Now it is not wrong to support a church or pay a salary to a pastor, but it cannot be in the form of MONEY FROM A VOID LAW OF PRODUCE TITHING.

You are right, we should not CONTINUE TO SIN, and teaching and collecting tithe money from believers IS A GROSS SIN!!!

God be with you,


We have a hundred and fifty page paper that will be posted in the near future on the Law of Moses Vs. The Spiritual Law of God. It is a huge subject which I will not attempt to explain in an email.

You have partial truths (like many others)   -- BUT if God created Satan to be an adversary so that people could "develop virtue" then God is the one ultimately responsible for all of mankind's suffering because God certainly could foresee all the evil, suffering and pain that sin&Satan caused when they induced Adam&Eve to sin.

What type of sick trick would that be for a God who is FULL of Love as his main "virtue"?  Angels have free will just as mankind, some chose to rebel with the chief slanderer - the angel who BECAME Satan CHOSE to leave God's truth.   Eze. 28:12-19  and Isa. 14:12-20 tell of that angels fall into sin that he CHOSE to rebel against Jehovah God and became Satan the devil.

You would indeed do well to study with one on Jehovah's Witnesses to find the truth about God's plan to do away with the devil and the suffering of mankind.

Have a nice day!!

[Ray Replies]

Dear Nameless Jehovah Witness:

You would do well to not assume without proof that your Creator and Heavenly Father is performing some kind of "sick trick" on His subjects.

I understand perfectly, that you have been "indoctrinated." That is, you were shown certain Scriptures, told what they mean, and have since believed those explanations for probably many years. You are not about to give them up without a spiritual fight. You KNOW that I am wrong and you are right.

What the Jehovah's Witnesses have done at many places is to fall in line with the same pagan teachings of Christendom that they supposed have condemned and come out of. 

And so you have a God Who does not "torture" most of humanity for all eternity, but on the other hand you do NOT have a God Who plainly says many times, that He WILL save all mankind and NOT "annihilate" many of them for all eternity as you teach.

You saw through the unscriptural fallacy of ONE argument, and swallowed down whole the Satanic teaching of another unscriptural heresy.

Do you REALLY want to know the Truth?  Do you REALLY have a "LOVE of the Truth."  Would you spend a few days of your precious life to know the Truth? Or are you absolutely positive that you ALREADY own all of the Truth and nothing but the Truth?  I will now give you an opportunity to prove your love of the Truth.

What you don't see, and have not been taught, is that the Jehovah's Witnesses, just as Christendom at large, is that:

You are worshiping a God of FAILURE!

A God Who always has to go from plan A to plan B.

A God Who is running a "disaster control operation" from heaven.

A God Who supposedly created creatures HE CANNOT CONTROL. -- Creatures that will wreck His original plan.

The foolish and unscriptural teaching is that God created a PERFECT archangel / cherub / light-brining / angel (Lucifer?), who then SINNED AND REBELLED AGAINST God.

But ... BUT, here is the evil in this teaching: 

God did not intend, neither did He KNOW that this was ever going to happen!!!

Then, supposedly, God created PERFECT MAN and put him in the garden of Eden, and never intended for him to sin or rebel, nor did He know it was going to happen!


Then God sent His Son Jesus Christ to BE: "The SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD" (I John 4:15).

And now we are taught by Christendom and Jehovah's Witnesses, that JESUS CHRIST FAILED!!! He wanted to save the world, He tried to save the world, it was, in fact, His VERY WILL that all mankind be saved (I Tim. 2:4 & 4:10), but He COULDN'T DO IT.

Man's phantom free will proved to be FAR TO POWERFUL FOR THE SON OF GOD TO OVERCOME.

FAILED AGAIN! How many times must your god FAIL until you find ANOTHER GOD?

I will not mince words: 








God created EVIL, not Satan or any other supposed power greater than God (Isa. 45:7).

God uses evil for good.

GOD planted the tree of the knowledge of good AND evil in the garden.

If man wanted to know "good" he had to partake of the tree of EVIL as well. BOTH WERE IN THE SAME TREE, IN THE SAME FRUIT!

Both good and evil experiences are necessary in the building of Godly Character, and so God provides both.

God knew what He was doing, He knows what He is doing, He will continue doing exactly what He planned FROM THE BEGINNING!

Now then, with that said, read Part IX of my Series on "The Lake of Fire" which will be posted Oct 12 on this site. You will see the Scriptural proof against the "Lucifer became Satan" theory.

After you read that installment, get back with me. I want to hear from you. I want to know if you are learning anything or not. Will you do that? Good! GOD BLESS YOU!




Hello, I stumbled upon your site and happy that I did.  I have struggled of late with many issues on your site. 

I have "fallen away" from my Assemblies of God Church for many reasons a lot have to do with what I feel God has pointed out to be false teachings on the tithe, importance of an altar (in the church of course). But most has to do with the arrogance and greed of our pastor.

My church is in a small farming community and the pastors wears expensive clothing and has a large house.  He teaches on the tithe and says that if you stop no matter how much debt you have in your household you risk losing God's covering.  I have pointed out the new testament teaching about owing no man anything but the debt of love and the response I got was is it God's fault that you got yourself into a situation by being a poor steward with your money.  The word 'pastor' is only mentioned once in the NKJ version which tells me God didn't put to much thought into the position.

Enough of my ranting.

I have a couple of question now that I completely doubt my belief and the teachings I have been under.

1.  How do you know you are right with God?

2.  What would cause your name to be blotted out of the Lambs book of life?

3.  What does the future hold for pastors that teach error laden sermons?

[Ray Replies]

Dear ...:

Thank you for your email and interest in our site.

More important than "being right with God" is the fact that "God is ALWAYS right with us."

Conversion is a process. It starts with faith and desire. Both of which are gifts of God. You come to the place that you no longer hold out on God, you are no longer playing church, see the deception and corruption in the Babylonish Church System smothering the earth, and surrender your will to God, then you will start to feel "right" with God. When your desire is to mortify the lusts and deeds of the mind and body rather than to feed them, you will begin to feel right with God. When you find yourself thinking about God and praying to God for yourself and for the suffering of others EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG, then you will begin to be RIGHT WITH GOD.

I remember a friend saying to me years ago, "Ray, is this stuff with God all you ever thing about?"  I thought for a moment and replied, "Yah, pretty much." The longer you hunger and thirst for righteousness, the stronger you faith and emotions toward God become. Your heart's desire is to do God's will in the spirit and not your own will in the flesh--you are now RIGHT WITH GOD!

Trust me when I tell you that people who are concerned and fear committing the so-called unpardonable sin or being blotted out of the book of life, are not the ones that it will happen to. These two things are virtually synonymous.  First understand that "book of life" is an idiom used to describe something SPIRITUAL, not a literal physical book with pages and names on them.

What is the book of life? JESUS CHRIST IS THE WALKING, TALKING, LIVING BOOK OF LIFE.  The Father has given His son  LIFE, and Jesus can give that same LIFE to anyone He desires. People don't have their names written on a page in a literal book, and then later have an angel come with a bottle of white-out and remove it. Those who are not walking, talking, and living the life of Christ in them are CONTINUALLY BEING BLOTTED OUT OF LIVING BOOK OF CHRIST. Life is not in a book, but in CHRIST WHO IS THE LIVING BOOK. 

But even if one is being blotted out somewhere along his life, he can be restored. Paul turned people over to SATAN THE DEVIL to have their flesh destroyed (not there physical body, but their CARNAL HEART AND MIND) so that they would learn not to blaspheme. But after they learn not to blaspheme, then they are RETURNED to fellowship with man and God.

It has been the churches that have caused men to fear God as a fickled kind of a god who one never quite knows for sure which side of the bed he got up on and therefore we must always be in fear and trepidation of our salvation. The "Pastors" (you are correct there is truly only ONE PASTOR of the sheep and that is Christ) love this power over the dumb sheep.

Have no fear. If you love God you will NEVER be blotted out of Christ the true book of life.

"Error laden sermons" is not nearly as huge a problem as error laden hearts and minds. As most pastors of Christendom are not converted and actually despise the True Word of God, they will have to be purged with the fire of God's Holy Spirit. In one way or the other we ALL must bear our cross and go through the fire (See First Cor. 3).  Also be sure to read my paper on the Lake of Fire which is now being posted in installments on this site.

Isaiah tells us that it is the "shepherds" that have LEAD GOD'S SHEEP ASTRAY. They will bear the greater accountability for their sins.

Let me know if you still have questions. God be with you always.



I read your page ... well most of it. I am a Pastor of of a church and agree with a lot of what you have said on this page (no 10% tithe in the church) although I do find in the book of Acts 5 with Ananias and Sapphira where they were required to give all.

I believe as New Testament believers that we are required to give our all. Although I don't know any of us that are doing that. Jesus said if any man would follow Him that that man must 1st deny himself. He also said if anyone left homes lands husbands wives children that they would receive 100 fold not only in the life to come but in this life as well.

I agree it isn't 10% but I personally believe it is our all and not for some man or woman to live high & mighty off of.

In His Service of Love,

Pastor Tim

[Ray Replies]

Dear Pastor Tim:

Thank you for your comments.

Giving our all as you state does not necessarily involve giving ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF ONE'S SALARY, however. On what would the families of such persons live?

Ananias and Sapphiro were not killed by God because they didn't give ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THEIR SALARIES!!! Their sin was "lying to the God" not failing to pay a tithe! If this account were speaking of "tithing" then all that they would have given would have been 10% (they gave MORE than 10%, they held back only a PORTION. The sin was that they COMMITTED ALL TO GOD and then held back. They didn't need to commit ANYTHING TO GOD AND THEY WOULD HAVE LIVED!

I can appreciate all that you are saying, however, NONE IT has ANYTHING to do with the Mosaic law of tithing.



Dear L. Ray Smith,

Do you believe that if you Tithe you will receive abundant blessings, whether you are Christian or not?

Is this power of giving really a law of nature?


[Ray Replies]

Dear Coby:

Thank you for your question.

A "law of nature" as you put it, is a law that always works and can be quantitatively measured and duplicated time after time after time. Tithing is no such law except in the opposite of what is taught.

It is a LAW of nature, that if you give away ten percent of your salary, are taxed ten percent of your salary, spend ten percent of your salary, or even LOOSE ten percent of your salary, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE TEN PERCENT LESS THAN WHAT YOU STARTED WITH!

God CAN bless someone for "tithing" (ten percent) of his salary to someone, but it is not a law of nature that blesses one every time it is done.

People email and tell me that they have been tithing and are NOT BLESSED financially in any way, but in fact, have severe problems with making ends meet after giving away ten percent of their salaries.

Hope that answer you question.



I would like to say thank God for the computer I got for Xmas and for accidentally stumbling across your site. I feel as though I have been freed from prison.

I live here in the heart of the bible belt and I am totally surrounded by well intended, misinformed holy rollers. Before I had my awakening [five years ago] this was a simple problem to solve, I just told them to go to HELL! But now all I can do is look at them and THANK GOD for setting me free from their hellfire and brimstone bull. I lived there for thirty years.

I was a drug addict, full blown needle freak on my way to an early grave and worse I was already dead inside. I don't know man, I met a guy, he told me to pray for an open mind and I did. I did because I had to, everything I knew and believed had failed repeatedly. So I asked God to show me. I surrendered completely, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I threw in the towel.

I was driving down the road one day not thinking about anything in particular and it happened, it happened big time and I was changed forever. I saw everything in a new light especially the bible and all the B.S. I'd been taught. At first I was absolutely on FIRE with it and I ran out to tell the world, found out the hard way that the world couldn't, wouldn't hear it. Oh how they fight for their devil and their hell. Ridiculous huh?

So anyway I found myself among the few who find this and often I have wondered if it's a blessing or a curse to be so alone. When you're free from this world, it's hard to pretend with these idiots. Soooooo what do I do?

A few months ago my twenty three year old sister-in law committed suicide. I was having dinner at her grandmothers house a few weeks later and she started in on me with that hellfire, you better get in church or you're going to hell crap. I told her that I didn't believe in hell and that if there was a hell, I'd already been there. I thought she was going to flip her lid on me. She did everything but jump up on the table and slap me in Satan's defense. Now she sends me E-mails, things she finds on the computer about the devil and how much power he has. Doesn't make sense to me, they tell you how ALL MIGHTY God is on one hand, then turn around and contradict themselves with a sermon on how sneaky, and cunning their devil is. So I say well, what is it? Is God ALL MIGHTY or is he just what, fifty or sixty percent mighty?

It's funny and its sad, just thought I would share it with you. Again I would like to say THANKS I enjoy reading your material and if I can ever be of service let me know, that's why I am here


[Ray Replies]

Dear Randy:

Thanks for your kind words. It is just as much of a blessing for me to hear from people like you as it is for you to heart the Truth on my site. Glad you are off the drugs.

If you will notice I started a new paper on the Lake of Fire and Second Death. It will come out in installments. Be sure you read it. May God continue opening your eyes of understanding as you learn God's perfect will for your life.