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Dear Ray,

I'm am still so happy I came on your site.  Okay.  This is the truth.  I read my bible now more than ever (answered prayer), and I come away with joy and peace and comfort (that never happened consistently until now).  I have a newfound compassion for people in the world, including my father (who was especially not one of my favorite people in the world, for reasons I won't bore you with).  I sit and think all day long everyday, "Who can I convince about this?" 

See, I've tried telling my good friend, Michelle, and I have tried telling my sisters and brothers, but they don't believe me!!!  They think I'm nuts.   I've given them your website and I get no response.  I was expecting for them to come back to me with, "Wow, Gina, this is so fantastic!!!   What a load that's been taken off my shoulders!"  But instead, I get nothing.  I don't get angry, but frustrated!  I have all this great news!   and they won't listen,

I'm so excited!  I just want everyone to know how good God is. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to research all of this for people like me!!  We are so blessed.  God Bless You!!  I am so blessed!


[Ray Replies]

Dear Gina:

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Sadly, not all get as excited over the grand Truths of God as you do, but we know this is a time of apostasy and failing faith. Jesus asked, when the Son of Man returns to this earth, will He find faith?  Not much!  But it is all part of God's plan, just as your questions confirm.

Many are called, but few are chosen, and the last shall be first and first shall be last. Israel was hand-picked of all nations to be God's example of how a nation can be blessed and prosper when they obey and love God. Israel did not pass the test. God proved through Israel, that the carnal mind cannot keep the laws of God, nor can the carnal mind live God and love neighbor.  So God is calling out a people who are not in a place of honor in this world. Poor people in the city, farmers, peasants, unlearned, people to a large extent.

As in the bidding to the wedding feast, God said bid the poor, maimed, the blind, etc., to come to the feast (of salvation). Paul said,

"For ye see your calling, brethren, how that NOT MANY wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:  But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak thing of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and thighs which are despised, has God chosen, yes, and things which are not, to being to naught things that are" (I Cor. 1:26-28). 

I know that I fit into this bunch of social rejects. But thank God He is making KINGS out of peasants!

So God is now calling a "spiritual Israel" who obey from the mind and heart, seeing that that is where God has placed His Holy Spirit.  And so the "Children of the kingdom" (those who were in line for he throne--Israel) are set aside unto God chooses from the Gentiles a people to bear His Name. And then, Israel of old will be grafted back into the tree of life (Rom. 11), all Israel will then be saved, as well as the rest of Gentile world.

May God continue to bless and inspire you, Gina, as you yield to His perfect will for your life.



I've been reading your letter to Dr. Kennedy and in your section on Good and Evil you say that God meant for Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.   James 1:13 says, "Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man."

If God placed the tree in the garden with the intent of causing Adam and Eve to eat of the tree, then did he not tempt Adam and Eve?  This seems to contradict James 1:13.  Certainly he used the serpent to tempt them.

However, Satan has no authority except that which is given to him from God.

My dilemma is this:  If we allow this act of disobedience to stop short of God and blame Satan (or Adam and Eve), then can we say that God really wanted them to eat of the tree?  And of course, if we do this, aren't we limiting God's sovereignty?  On the other hand, if we trace this act of disobedience back to God and say it was His will, then can we not say that God tempted Adam and Eve with evil which contradicts the above Scripture?

How do you reconcile the garden scene with James 1:13?

Thank you,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Ken:

God does many, many things through OTHER channels. There are no contradictions, we just need to always be completely honest and open with the Scriptures.  Let me give you an example that I am sure you will understand that will also clarify all the other apparent contradictions such as the forbidden tree in the Garden, and many others.

Are we all totally agreed that GOD DOES NOT LIE? Good! 

"In hope of eternal life, which God, THAT CANNOT LIE, promised before the world began" (Titus 1:2).

Now, I Kings 22:22,

"And the Lord said unto him [a spirit], Wherewith? And he [the spirit] said, I will go forth, and I WILL BE A LYING SPIRIT in the mouth of all his prophets.  And He [GOD] said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: GO FORTH, AND DO SO"!!!

So God, Who does not, will not, cannot LIE, agreed to have this LYING SPIRIT go out and LIE!

I realize that many of these things are too high for many Christians to comprehend and accept, but God does operate in such ways, and God does right by doing so.  God never makes a mistake and God never sins. It was not a sin on God's part to make man so spiritually WEAK than he can't possibly live righteously and please God in his present carnal condition.

God did not directly entice Adam or Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit, Satan did. But notice, Who planted the tree?  Where was it planted, in a far corner somewhere? Who made the tree LOOK good and desirable to make one wise?   Who knew that Satan would take the first opportunity to tempt them? Who had ALREADY PREPARED HIS SON AS A LAMB to be slaughtered for these sins even before they committed them? Well, yes, of course, it was GOD! God did NOT tempt Eve. Satan tempted Eve. Eve's own carnal nature tempted here.

God didn't need to even be present--although even unseen, God is always present. God had marvelous, good, and righteous, and unfathomable WISE purpose for creating things as He as.

It would be impossible to create this world, mankind, Satan, and the whole heavenly host, any better than God did it the first time! Can we not believe this?  This creation, this world, this generation of wicked and evil people, with all the terrorists and frightful things happening all around us is EXACTLY AS GOD PLANNED IT. What power in heaven or earth could possible THWART GOD'S ORIGINAL PLAN AND PURPOSE? God IS SOVEREIGN!!! 

Just because we don't always understand things, does in no way ever diminish God's Sovereignty. God plainly tells us that He knows and sees and prophesies, THE BEGINNING AND THE END. Nothing has ever surprised God. God is a billion times smarter and wiser than most ever give Him credit. Christendom is telling the world that God's plan is off the tracks and it's up to us to put things back the way they should be.

Dr. Kennedy has one program after another, year after year, trying to correct the direction of God's creation.  Who could ever believe that Kennedy will succeed and God will FAIL?  Give me a break. We need to worship God for His grand plan for our lives. 

I hope that helps your understanding a little better. I is a pleasure to discuss this matter with those who are sincerely interested in the truth.

God be with you!



Dear Mr. Smith,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your site. To be honest I was looking for contradictions that disprove the truth of the bible when I found it. Oh thank God for working in mysterious ways! I have read at least 95% of the material that is there.

God absolutely opened my eyes after He led me to your site. I was made to go to chruch a lot when I was younger and as a result of that I grew to hate God. Not because the thought of a living, loving, merciful God was bad, but I hate the thought that there was a hell [I mean the one most christians are taught that there is] and that God knew was going there before they were even born. and no matter what, he would never ever do anything about it. So I became a wicca, because I always believed the god and goddesses of what I believed in, no matter how wrong it was to worship them, would not, they could not be that cruel to them that do worship them.  But since God led me to your material, I have realized [learned] no matter what God really does love me, and He will deal with me rightly. [I'm not sure if that is a word {rightly} but it is what I know].

Anyway, let me get to my point. When I was studying as a wiccan I learned a lot about statements having deeper meanings, and [I don't mean to demean] I have noticed that that God teaches in the bible much like they do in wiccan areas. Like the real Lord's prayer 'Forgive them for they know not what they do', didn't just mean those Jews that were there nor just the Romans that were present. It was for the whole world; you, me, and everyone.

Ok, I'll admit it I don't Really have a point, but I just had the feeling that I had to share this with at least one person I did not know personally.Though I know it was God that led me to your writings, I must thank God, you, and everyone that helps you, so much for taking the time and effort to show some truth. By the way I feel the same about all preachers, though sometimes we may disagree
we are all still brothers!



Brother Ray,

I've been seriously reading your revelations on the lake of fire and second death... In the topic: "Whence Satan the Devil"? You speaks about his beginning, I think, I understand your explanation of his origin, but my questions are:

Why did GOD have to create Satan in the first place? 

Was evil present before GOD created Satan by His hand? 

Why would GOD create evil and good as He said, when none was existing before Satan?


[Ray Replies]

Dear Liz:

Thank you for your comments and interest.

You understand, of course, that the answer to your questions could take ten to twenty pages. So I will just give you the answers without all the backup proof Scriptures.

The answers to your questions are directly related to the reason for the whole creation. Why did God create ANYTHING? THE EARTH? THE HEAVENS? US? ANGELS? ANIMALS?

God has always existed--He is ETERNAL. He is SPIRIT. He is LOVE. He is LONELY. GOD WANTS SONS AND DAUGHTERS.

Since God is good and God is love, He naturally wants His sons and daughters to be good and love also.

Goodness, righteousness, virtue, character, and love AND INANIMATE things cannot be created as a rock, or water, or a star, etc. By the very nature of goodness, virtue, etc., it requires TIME AND CIRCUMSTANCE to develop (or create, if you will) these things. And so God CREATES all that is needed to develop these virtuous traits of character and love.

Since any and every virtue that you can think of is the result of overcoming some for of evil, EVIL, therefore, becomes a very important ingredient in the development of virtue, character and love.

As God does not DIRECTLY try anyone, He had to create adversaries to do this "dirty work." And so, God created His OWN ADVERSARY, Satan, the devil. There are lesser adversaries in the form of demons.

Goes gives man the illusion of having "free" will, which exalts his pride and vanity and causes him to think he can operate independently from God. This then brings about SIN.  SIN is so bad that it needs to be atoned for. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to be this Atonement. 

Only a few are presently called to understand ANY OF THESE THINGS. The rest of humanity will be called at the great white throne judging.

There was NO evil present with God before Satan, for God UNDERSTANDS all of the ramifications of good and evil.  When all enemies and powers are brought under Christ's subjection, then evil, sin, and even death itself will be abolished. 

Sin and evil are absolutely necessary in the development of human character, virtue, and love.

God be with you,



Dear Ray,

I don't understand why a loving God would create a world such as this.  Why couldn't it just be that God loved us so much that he would have never created evil, the devil or the antichrist?

I have almost gone to being an atheist. I just still don't understand the God of the Bible being a loving God.  Can you maybe help me? I may have gone too far and God will not even hear me or want to help me I may have blasphemed the Holy Ghost. 

In the past I only served God out of fear of going to hell and not out of real love. If God doesn't will for me to come to him now, then there is no hope for me.

Thanks for any comments.  I just want to get over this angry feeling towards God.

[Ray Replies]

Dear Tommy:

Your feelings are not that different from most people. Most, however, are not honest enough to admit they have such feelings.  Paul says that, "the carnal (natural fleshly) mind is enmity against God; it is not subject to the laws of God, neither is it able" (Rom. 8:7).

When God opens your understanding that there is as much evil in YOU as there is in the world, then you will begin to understand this scripture. EVERYONE sins, and EVERYONE is LOST before he can be SAVED!

You have NOT committed the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit. Besides, those who DO, will also be SAVED! Yes they will! Not in this age, or the millennial age to follow, but at the resurrection of judgment, even those who have sinned against the Holy Spirit will be saved. There is no such thing as an "unforgivable sin". The ones that Christ said committed this sin, will not be pardon (and come up in the first resurrection), but they will be forgiven in the resurrection of judgment and be saved.

God will deliver all creation from all evil. It is only here temporarily. It serves a needful purpose.

May God continue to open your mind to understanding His Word.



Dear Mr. Smith,

For two days now I have gone back to your website to read and reread what you have written there.

Sir, I wish to thank you from the depths of my heart for the wonderful insights you have afforded me. Truly, anything so beautiful must come from God. 

As I read it I felt the greatest of weights being lifted from my body for I have long searched for a God as worthy as the one you have presented to me.

Again, thank you. I pray that many others may find your site and be as taken with it as I have been.

Dear Mr. Smith ~

I thank God that my sister, Gina, told me about her studies with your site.  I thank God that you have this site.

It is Amazing (although, it shouldn't be) how many of us have been taught a lot of the wrong things. And the sad part is, Each of us has the responsibility, like the one you've taken, to research it for ourselves.

But, I'm sure you are aware, sir, that things will "slip" by us and yet, sink in. Not good... And therefore, I am so very grateful for your writings and for what you are re-teaching people ~ like me...

The things is, I've never been able to put my finger on a lot of the questions I've had - like, why would someone who commits suicide be "condemned to hell"?  I mean, Mr. Smith - that question has bogged my mind for years to the point that I've actually told people, "hey, look.  I believe God is going to have mercy and compassion on these people.  They were driven to such a point of despair.   There's going to be a lot of surprises when we come face to face with the almighty."

Anyway, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I will always be praying for you and your family.  If you are in need of anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

However, from the way it looks ~ you ask God and he supplies whatever it is you need.

May the Almighty Bless you according to his riches, mercy and grace.

In Jesus' name,


[Ray Replies]

Dear Cheri:

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It is for people just like you that we exist on this web site.

God be with you and yours,


Dear Ray:

Well I read part of your "Secret Rapture" Out of love there are a few things that I disagree with. In the paragraph that starts like this, It makes me sad to see sincere believers buy into a divisive theory!

I agree that Peter and Paul were both spiritual giants.

But when you say there was a mutual love and respect for each other. and that they worked together sharing knowledge. where in scripture do you find this?


"But when Peter was come to Antioch, I (Paul) withstood him to the face, because he (Peter) was to be blamed. 12) For before that certain (Peter) came from James, he did eat with the Gentiles: but when they were come, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing them which were of the circumcision. (Jews) 13) And the other Jews dissembled likewise with him; insomuch that Barnabas also was carried away with their DISSIMULATION. 14) But when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel. I said unto Peter!!!!"

It sure doesn't sound to me that they were buddies.

Then you say that Peters epistles directly correlates with Paul's Epistles. If so why did Peter say in 2Peter.3-16 As also in all his (Paul's) Epistles, speaking in them of these things:in which are some things hard to be understood   They sure don't correlate when Peter says this, do they?

Ray If you want to correspond with me great. But lets get one thing straight, any time that we make a statement, we will give scripture and verse. But if you are to busy, then you are to just to busy, But as for me I am never to busy when it comes to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

In His Grace Chet

[Ray Replies]  

Dear Chester:

Where is the Scripture that Peter and Paul shared knowledge and were in agreement you ask?

When Paul and Barnabas came to Jerusalem it states that

"...they were received of the church, and of the apostles [one being PETER] AND ELDERS..." (Acts 15:4).

"And when there had been much disputing PETER rose up, and said to them, Men and brethren, ye know how that a good while ago God made choice among us, that THE GENTILES BY MY MOUTH SHOULD HEAR THE WORD OF THE GOSPEL, and believe ... Then all the multitude kept silence, and gave audience to Barnabas and PAUL ... And after these had held their peace, JAMES answered ... Then it PLEASED THE APOSTLES [there was harmony between Peter, Paul, and James in this conference] and ELDERS, with the WHOLE CHURCH..." (Acts 15:713,22).

"It seemed GOOD unto US [the chief apostles including Peter and Paul] being assembled with ONE ACCORD [Perfect harmony here], to send chose men unto you with our BELOVED Barnabas and Paul [you might recall that it is PETER that calls his brother Paul, "BELOVED"], men who have hazarded their lives for the name of OUR Lord Jesus Christ [I don't see any animosity here]" (Acts 15:25-26).

"And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as OUR BELOVED PAUL [I don't see any friction or animosity here, do you?] also according to the WISDOM given unto him hath WRITTEN UNTO YOU; As also in all  his epistles [Peter had THEM ALL!], speaking in them of THESE THINGS [the SAME THINGS that Peter writes about]; in which are some things hard to be understood [but PETER UNDERSTOOD THEM, THAT'S FOR SURE!], which they that are UNLEARNED and UNSTABLE WREST [THESE are the people who don't "understand" Paul's epistles, the 'UNLEARNED and   UNSTABLE'!!]" (II Pet. 3:15-16).

Peter then tells them that,

"YE therefore, beloved, seeing YE KNOW THESE THINGS [the one's that Peter is writing to are not the "UNLEARNED AND UNSTABLE," NO, they 'KNOW THESE THINGS'] before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the ERROR OF THE WICKED [they were the one's not understanding Paul's epistles, not Peter!], fall from your own steadfastness. But GROW IN GRACE AND THE KNOWLEDGE [sound like Paul does it?] of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" (II Pet. 3:17-18).

One does not extol the virtues of a man as Peter does and call him 'BELOVED BROTHER' when one is supposedly having a feud going one. The splits, and divisions, and animosity, etc., etc., is nowhere to be found between the circumcision and uncircumcision saints or between Peter and Paul, but is rather found in the carnal minds of those who write such unscriptural trash! Paul confronted Peter--ONCE. But years and years later we see that they were in perfect harmony (as I believe they were immediately after the confrontation in Gal. 2). 

Do we think that either Peter OR Paul where so carnal as to hold a lifetime GRUDGE?   Paul said, that we are not to even "let the sun go down upon our wrath" (Eph. 4:26), and you think they held a grudge ALL OF THEIR LIVES?   Peter called Paul "OUR BELOVED BROTHER." Does that sound like there was a division between them?  Beloved brother. What was Peter's teaching concerning the "brethren?"

"Finally, be ye all of ONE MIND, having compassion one of another, LOVE AS BRETHREN, be pitiful, be courteous; Not rendering evil for evil" (I Pet. 3:8).

Do we believe that Peter didn't even follow his own instructions?

"Honour all men, LOVE THE BROTHERHOOD" (I Pet. 2:17).

"Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto UNFEIGNED LOVE OF THE BRETHREN, see that ye love one another with a pure heart FERVENTLY" (I Pet. 1:22).

And just why do you suppose, that of all people, it was Silas (Paul's traveling companion) who urged Peter to write his epistles in the first place?

It makes my blood boil with I read and hear of those who would teach others of NON-EXISTENT divisions and enmity between even the chief Apostles! HOW DARE any try to make Peter sound like some carnal-minded slob who held a lifetime of anger against Paul?

Chester, your last statement is really an uncalled for cheap put down. You say that your are "never to busy when it comes to MY Lord..." But I AM? Is that what you are suggesting?  How many days have you answered emails for SIXTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT without a break or even breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  And "MY" Lord is also the Lord of the whole world!



Since God is in control then why pray?  Can we reason with him? Is it to ask only for strength to endure?



[Ray Replies]

Dear Kathy:

I get asked this question quite often. Actually the fact that God is in control of EVERYTHING is a very good reason itself to pray.  We are totally reliant upon God for EVERYTHING!  Think about it. If there were a human being that you had to rely upon for EVERYTHING, would you not stay VERY CLOSE to that person and ALWAYS be in CONSTANT contact with them?  Of course you would.

I KNOW that I have had prayers ANSWERED, ONLY BECAUSE I ASKED!  But you might say, "How can that be if God predetermined to do it ANYWAY?"  But you see, Kathy, He did not predetermine to do it "ANYWAY."  That is OUR ASSUMPTION that is not true. Listen:  God predetermined to do something for us only AFTER we asked for it!!  And yes, it is true, that God predetermined that we WOULD ASK FOR IT, as well.  We just can't out-think, or out-guess, or out-smart God no matter how hard we try.

Let me give you another piece of wisdom. We are told that we are to "Work out our OWN salvation" in the Scriptures.  How can we work out our own salvation if God has already determined that we will be saved and He is going to SAVE ALL?  Same answer as your question to prayer:  "Wherefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling [WHY? Next verse]...For [or because] it is GOD which works in you BOTH TO WILL AND TO DO of His good pleasure" (Phil. 2:12-13).

It is inspired of God that we pray and that we work. Just because it is God doing it, does not negate the fact that it will be done in us and through us. In time of real and desperate need, we will be brought to our knees before God whether it seems logical in the face of God's total sovereignty or not!

Hope this helps your understanding a little better.



[another "Why Pray" email]

Mr. Smith,

I thank you for taking the time to share these truths with others. I have a question in regards to free will. 

Since God is in TOTAL control of everything, why should we pray and ask God for anything?  Since it is not our faith that causes God to answer our prayers, and since God does as He wills in our lives, then why bother asking God for anything we may need, desire or hope for?  Or even pray about someone else to understand these truths, because whomever He wants to understand it, will.  So why pray, or how do we then pray?

[Ray Replies]

Dear Shawan

I constantly receive emails from people who think there are obvious and blatant contradictions between the way we live and absolute laws of God.

The answer is contained in your own question. I realize that this takes a little thought. I have personally thought about all the possible implications of God's Sovereignty and our lack of free will, for thousands and thousands of hours.

Your question is a logical one. If God is going to do exactly what He has predetermined to do, in every and all situations, then our prayers will CHANGE NOTHING!  Right? WRONG!

But HOW CAN THAT BE? That's a contradiction of logic, isn't it? No, it is not. Here is the answer: God not only brings about the result which He always has in mind for every situation in life, and in every situation in the history of the world, but He ALSO BRINGS ABOUT THE MEANS BY WHICH THAT RESULT IS ACCOMPLISHED!

Therefore, nothing is accomplished AT ALL, unless God brings about the MEANS of accomplishing it.

Example:  When Paul was sailing on a ship to Rome, they ran into a terrible storm. It appeared that all would be lost. An angel appeared in the night to Paul and told him that not one hair of anyone's head would be harmed, but that all had to STAY ON THE SHIP!   Some attempted to depart from the ship. Paul told them that if ever they should not stay on the ship, they would DIE! Now then, how could the possibly "die" when an angel of the Lord told Paul that NO ONE WOULD DIE? A contradiction? Absolutely not.

Since God had already committed Himself to SAVING EVERYONE, He also made sure that the instructions needed to accomplish that WERE FOLLOWED PRECISELY! And so those men CAME BACK ON THE SHIP, and they were ALL SAVED JUST AS THE ANGEL TOLD PAUL!

But isn't prayer effective only if it CHANGES GOD'S MIND to do something for you that He wouldn't have done for you had you NOT prayed? Again, absolutely not. God is not a man that He should "change His mind" about anything, ever!  Now, learn something about prayer that virtually no one in all Christendom believes or understands. First, let's look at Romans 8:26.

From the King James: 

"Likewise the Spirit also helps our infirmities, for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

This marvelous Scripture, however, does not bring out the whole truth contained in the Greek manuscripts regarding this verse, in the King James Version. Here is a better translation.

From the Concordant Literal New Testament: 

"Now, similarly, the spirit also is aiding our infirmity, for what we should be praying for, to accord with WHAT MUST BE, we are not aware, but the spirit itself is pleading for us with inarticulate groanings."

"With WHAT MUST BE..."  There is the answer!  And here is the perfect application of this verse in the real world: 

"And He went a little further and fell on His face, and prayed saying, O My Father, IF it be possible, let this cup pass from Me: [but that was NOT POSSIBLE! God had already PREDETERMINED that Jesus SHOULD drink this cup, and therefore, IMMEDIATELY recanted to the prodding of the Holy Spirit and said the following...]: nevertheless not as I will, BUT AS THOU WILL ['to accord with WHAT MUST BE']." 

Then Jesus prayed again, WITHOUT asking God to take the cup from Him: 

"He went away again the second time, and prayed, saying, O My Father, if this cup may NOT pass away from Me, except I drink it, THY WILL BE DONE" (Matt. 26:39 & 42).

Clearly Jesus was CAUSED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT to pray "in accord with WHAT MUST BE."

And the same thing that goes for prayer goes for EVERYTHING in our lives. It will always be according to God's preordained intention. That is not to say that things do not got AGAINST HIS WILL, they often do. But... BUT, it is also often God's intention that we DO GO AGAINST HIS STATED WILL. Many times it is God INTENTION that humanity goes AGAINST HIS WILL. In Romans 9:19 were it says, "For who has resisted His WILL?" it should be translated: "For who has resisted His INTENTION." This is a different Greek word from what is normally translated "will."

People also often ask why I do what I do on our web site in teaching people the Truths of God, if God is going to save everyone anyway. Again, the answer is simple: This is HOW God brings about the salvation of many people. By teaching and preaching. He doesn't have to do it this way, but He has CHOSEN to do it this way.  Hence we read:

"For after that in the  wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God BY THE FOOLISHNESS OF PREACHING to save them that believe" (I Cor. 1:21).

And, of course, we know that it is again, God Himself, Who gives us the faith to believe in the first place (Eph. 2:8).

Hope this helps your understanding a little better.

God be with you,


Mr. Smith,

I just finished reading your lengthy letter to Dr. Kennedy and in the process looked up many of the verses you cited in the letter.  I am not sure how else to express my current state, except to say that I am shaken pretty much to my core at the "possibility" that what you are professing could actually be "absolute truth."  I am a young man, but have been around long enough to know that it is foolish to take anyone at their word, without a period of contemplation, reflection and study first.  However, much of what you wrote makes much sense to my troubled mind and heart at this point.

Just a little bit of background on myself, to give you an appreciation of where I am coming from and how I came to read the letter.  I am the 28 year old son of a Church of Christ preacher, and have undergone formal training myself for the purpose of being a preacher/missionary.  Within six months of completing my training, my wife and I made the decision to pull out of our partnership with another couple to do mission work in China.  Uncertain at that point if full-time ministry was where we belonged, and feeling the obvious pressure to adequately provide for my wife and new daughter, my wife and I made the decision that I should join the Air Force.

It has now been just over five years since I joined.   Up until October of last year, my family and I were still very active in the "Church of Christ," and I often preached or taught adult Bible classes.   But I knew that something was not right with what I saw and felt in that place.   A military move gave us the convenient opportunity to "broaden our horizons" and at least consider the possibility of attending another fellowship outside CofC. We began attending a community church in October that we both enjoyed, despite the obvious differences from our upbringing in the CofC. 

At the same time I began to study modern Hebrew full-time at a military institution, which I am still doing.  The class in which I was placed has a very interesting mix of religious and philosophical viewpoints, and I sat back and listened to the questions and answers, I slowly became aware of the fact that I was very unsettled in my own professed beliefs, particularly in my belief that Jesus was the promised Messiah. 

After reeling internally with these questions and doubts for several months, it finally came to a breaking point where I felt like I would lose my mind if I did not admit my doubts (especially to my wife) and begin to honestly search and critically examine the evidence that we have.  At that point, I could not help but feel that I could be walking away from salvation, (since that is what is implicitly taught in most churches), but I honestly felt that I was left with no choice; my internal frustration was beginning to become external and it had become impossible to hide it from my wife or deny it.  It had affected every aspect of my life and had to be addressed.

This admission came about four months ago.  At that point I stopped attending worship services with my family, a difficult and crushing decision, but I still believe necessary and beneficial in the long run.  I determined from the very beginning that this "journey" would be of no value to me if I started out with an intended destination in mind; it seemed illogical to me that I could discover the truth if all the while I held on to that which I had always considered truth.   Maybe the journey would bring me full circle, and maybe it would not; I determined that that was not in my hands.

This pursuit has pretty much consumed me for the past four months.  For the past seven days, my wife and two children have been out of town to visit relatives, and I have spent no less than 60 hours total on reading and studying, and that on top of my full-time schooling and homework; I want and NEED some answers, but do not have them as of yet.  I continue to search the research and opinions of all flavors of writers, historians and debaters regarding the origins of Christianity, the development of our current canon of scripture, the evidence for Jesus' messiahship, etc.  

At this point in my journey, as you might expect, the possibility that all of this is in vain has begun to creep into my thoughts.  Some around me would have me believe that when it is all said and done and I have read every source available to me, it will still be a "step of faith" because that is how God has designed it.

Okay, that was a lengthy introduction, much more so than I had planned. But it all brings me to today.  I honestly cannot recall what led me to type "hell" into the search engine when I awoke this morning, but it led me to your letter.  That document was truly an eye-opener for me, as I had never heard such concepts pulled from scripture before, but it has led me to this overarching question:

If we will all end up in the same place when time is no more, for what PURPOSE have we been created and placed here on this earth?  If this world is not to separate the righteous from the wicked (which in itself begs a question), then WHY AM I HERE? 

Maybe this question betrays the sad state in which today's teachers have left me, for nothing even seems to make sense anymore without the concept of "eternal punishment"!!  And yet I have so despised that "reality", brutal and inhumane as it seemed to me, but continue to be a slave to it.

Here is the bottom line: I am asking for your help in fully understanding this view of scripture, because it is so foreign to me that I can hardly wrap my brain around it.  Admittedly, I have several other issues outside of this one to deal with (namely the canon of scripture, first and foremost), but if I could truly see how it all worked together and did not contradict then surely it would help me on my way to a resolution.

I'll leave you with this question from which maybe we can start to converse, if you are willing: How do you reconcile the message of the book of Revelation, John 3:16, II Thess. 1:9 (and context) with this view?  These are just a few passages that came to me or I ran across as I read your letter.  If you could help me out with this, I would be eternally (no pun intended) grateful.  Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.



[Ray Replies]

Dear Todd:

Thank you for your email and questions.

That we have a set of writings that were intended for us by God as a revelation of Himself and His purpose for the human race, I have no serious questions. They are indeed DIVINE in origin even though written by men. Their message is far beyond the scope of men's spirituality.

Although seldom realized by even the greatest scholars of Scriptures, there are great enigmas, secrets, parables, metaphors, allegories, symbolic and figurative language, etc., etc., etc. on virtually every page of Scripture. Why?  Jesus Christ spoke to the masses in public ONLY IN PARABLES, and NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE understood them, not even His own disciples. Why?  He said this regarding His teachings:  "The WORDS that I speak unto you, they ARE SPIRIT, and they are life."  Yet virtually ALL Christian scholars insist that the Bible must be taken "literally."  How can a parable be "literal?" That is utter foolishness.

And as for the book of Revelation, it was "signified" and signified has to do with symbols--it is A BOOK OF SYMBOLS, it is NOT literal. Literal stars will not fall to this earth. The smallest known star is a million times larger than the earth!!!

The only way that anyone understood the real teachings of the Scriptures and the words of Christ was when Christ taught His disciples the meaning of these things IN PRIVATE. (See Matt. 23).  Jesus Christ is STILL teaching His servants the meaning of life IN SECRET, and you are now reading some of it on the Internet, I am happy to say.

Most of your demon thoughts regarding hell will vanish once you understand that a key word "aion" in Greek has been translated "eternal" or "everlasting" or "for ever AND EVER[?]" when in reality it means NO SUCH THING. Aions (and they are often used in the plural--imagine a plurality of eternities?) are periods of time, (long or short) with beginnings and ends. Once this is firmly established in your mind and heart, you will clearly see that no one will ever be punished or tortured for ETERNITY!

God created this universe subject to VANITY and CORRUPTION (See Romans 8). God is the Creator of "good and evil" (Isaiah 45:7). He planted a [symbolic] tree of good and evil in the middle of the garden where He placed our first parents. Being already vain and corrupt from their very creation, they lusted after the fruit and disobeyed God by eating it.  It was necessary for them to do so. God designed it so that they would do so. God Himself possesses a knowledge of good and evil. God wants SONS. Sons possess the attributes of their fathers. We must all learn by a knowledge of both good and evil. Evil is a most necessary ingredient on the road to sonship and developing the very character of GOD!

There is no good, no virtue, without a knowledge AND EXPERIENCE OF EVIL. Try to name one virtue that is not the direct result of OVERCOMING SOME FORM OF EVIL? You can't do it.   These things I am telling you are the DEEP things of God. You will NEVER learn them in a church service or Sunday school class. The greatest philosophers that have ever lived could not come to this knowledge by their carnal reasonings. This is divine knowledge. This is way God calls the WISDOM of this world (the "wisdom" mind you, not the foolishness) STUPIDITY. Probably the most commonly and universally held philosophical and theological concept in the world, is that of "free moral agency." It is utter foolishness and stupidity to God. Man has a will, but man does not have a will that is "free" to act independently of His Creator and Sovereign God!

I would suggest that you first read the first ten pages of my letter to John Hagee in the paper entitled "EXPOSING THOSE WHO CONTRADICT." In it you will see proved by Scripture itself that there is no word in the entirety of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts a word that has for a definition "endless time." There is no such word! In Scripture the concept of eternity must be express in a phrase such as "...will have NO END" as there is NO ONE WORD THAT MEANS ENDLESS TIME OR ETERNITY IN THE SCRIPTURES!  Hence, there is NO ETERNAL punishment on mankind. All punishment has a purpose and that purpose will be accomplished. It does not go on and on and on for eternity for NO PURPOSE AT ALL.  Besides, God is love not an alien monster who delights in acts of eternal terrorism--that is BLASPHEMY to teach such damnable lies.

Next read the last ten pages of my letter to John Hagee wherein I discuss a number of Scriptures that proves God will save ALL HUMANITY.  The very thought that an all-wise, all-loving God could or would create billions of humans knowing in advance that He would torture most of them for all eternity for no purpose is itself, blasphemous. Yet this is theology 101 for the Christian church.

You will have more questions as you go, so don't be afraid to ask. Keep your questions short and to the point if possible, as I receive many emails that I must answer daily.

May God be with you and your wife as you seek God's perfect will in your lives,


God bless you.

I have a tough question for you.

I would like to know prophetically/scripturally what is to be the end of Islam. What will be the end of those who continue to follow the Islamic faith?

I would also like to know prophetically/scripturally what will be the end of the Jews--those who continue to follow Judaism?

Please share your insight prophetically/scripturally.

Pastor Rich

[Ray Replies]

Dear Pastor Rich,

Thank you for your email and questions.

Are you sure you want the Scriptural answer to your questions?

It is interesting that you picked Islam and Judaism to know their fate. I am curios as to why you didn't include Christianity in this list?

The Islamic faith bears no resemblance to the Teaching of Jesus Christ and the Apostles.   There is but ONE NAME under heaven by which men MUST be saved, and that name is Jesus Christ.  All those who reject Jesus Christ, He will reject them. Not for eternity, but in their first life. Islam is decidedly NOT the Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Judaism is a totally corrupted version of the religion of the Old Testament Israelites. The Jews, likewise, as a nation, as a race, and as a religion, TOTALLY reject Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Jesus will, likewise, reject them. Not eternally, but in their first life.

Now then, Pastor, we have a far larger and far greater and far more evil religion extent in the world today that either Islam or Judaism. Gee, who could they be?

"And the woman [a woman is used symbolically to represent a church in Scripture] was clothed with purple and scarlet, and gilded with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, brimming with ABOMINATIONS and the UNCLEANNESS of the PROSTITUTION of her and the earth. And on her forehead is written a name:

Babylon the Great
the mother of prostitutes
and the abominations
of the earth"

(Rev. 17:4-5).

Now notice Rev. 18:4,

"And I hear another voice out of heaven, saying, 'Come out of her, My people, lest you should be joint participants of her sins, and lest you should be getting of her calamities, for her sins WERE PILED UP TO HEAVEN, and God remembers her injuries."

Do you see that God plead with "HIS PEOPLE" to come out of her?  What great religious system of this earth is God pleading for His people to COME OUT OF?  Islam?  Judaism?  Hinduism?  Confucianism?   Jehovah's Witnesses?  Mormonism? Hardly.

Notice again,

"Hither! I shall be showing you the sentence of the GREAT PROSTITUTE who is sitting on MANY WATERS [peoples and nations], with whom the KINGS OF THE EARTH [this church is not off in a corner some place, she is consuming the very 'KINGS OF THE EARTH'], commit PROSTITUTION [spiritual idolatry], and those dwelling on the earth [that's a lot of people, Pastor, 'THOSE DWELLING ON THE EARTH'] are made DRUNK [spiritually] with the wine of her PROSTITUTION." (Rev. 17:1-2).

  • What HUGE religion is blanketing the earth like no other religion in the history of the world? 

  • What religion teaches the most hideous and damnable false doctrines far worse than an pagan or heathen religion in the history of the world?  


Now maybe you are beginning to see where God is going to lay much blame for the darkness of spiritual deception covering the world today.

Hope this helps your understanding a little better. 

Thank God there is coming a white throne judgment and lake of purifying FIRE to cleanse the world of all the carnal-minded darkness that mankind has wallowed in for centuries.

May God continue to guide you into His perfect will for your life!



Dear Mr. Smith,

I wanted to say thank you for the teachings that I have received. I printed out ALL 149 pages of your email (about those that contradict-Pastor Hagee and Dr Kennedy) and I appreciate your views.

The reason for the letter was #1-for thanks, and #2 for some clarification on some issues. My questions are:

  1. Why don't you believe that in Isa.14 that they are talking about Satan? Are they really talking about the king of Babylon? Now, I figured they were talking about Satan, because it says "Oh Lucifer..." (you know the scripture), and upon reading, I saw how it COULD be talking about the king of Babylon, but then why did they say Lucifer then?
  2. I see the scripture where it says it is GOD'S WILL that all men be Saved-but you also see other places when it's directly connected with believing in Jesus Christ (John 3:16-18). So, what about the Muslims, J-witnesses and Mormons? What happens after they die and are resurrected? Is that when they will come into the truth?
  3. So, with the Lake of Fire-are you saying (that the scriptures say) NO ONE will perish in the Lake of Fire? So, really, there's NO punishment for those that rejected the Son and never repented for their sins?
  4. Where is Satan now? According to Revelation 12:9-is he still in heaven? I KNOW he's not in HELL, because of your great teaching on this matter, I KNOW THAT MUCH...so where is he though?
  5. I listen a lot to Bishop T.D.Jakes (a preacher out of TBN) and I noticed that you have written stuff back to Pastor Hagee and others on TBN, but I never see his name. Do you have a problem with some of his teachings, or (in your opinion) is he ok?

Again, thank you so much for taking the time out to teach properly. I really learned A LOT from that letter and I'm looking into getting one of those literal translation bibles (that are out of print), because I have the ol KJV study bible, and then I went out and bought an interlinear bible, but I still noticed some of those words are incorrectly translated...so I'd appreciate any help in leading me to where I could find one of those bibles that you use.

As a fellow teacher of God's Word, to be correct is better than being followed, revered, and cheered...my desire is to make Jesus Christ, and His Glorious Gospel Message known to ALL mankind!; although I want it to be the RIGHT message! I appreciate your help in advance. May God bless you and keep you.

In His Will,

Minister.Chris ...

[Ray Replies]

Dear Chris:

Thank you for your interest in our site. I'll try to answer your questions in an abbreviated fashion.

  1. Isa. 14 is speaking about the king of Babylon. He is clearly a "man" and he "dies."  Lucifer is not the proper name of anyone. Lucifer comes from a verb that means to "howl" as a dog howling at the moon!  Translators and theologians will do almost any thing to remove evil from the realm of God (Isa. 45:7). 
    I will write a paper on this false interpretation of Ezekiel and Isaiah regarding Satan, in the near future.

  2. When God's Word makes a dogmatic statement of fact regarding ANYTHING, we would do well to not try and find other Scriptures that CONTRADICT God's statement. There are NO Scriptures that contradict the statement that God wills all mankind to be saved (I Tim. 2:4) and therefore WILL SAVE THEM (Isa. 46:10-11). All other arguments against God's Word are merely human carnal failure to believe God's universal statements of fact.
    When the Scriptures state that "GOD IS LOVE" it is worse than foolishness to then quote Scriptures that show God using EVIL AGAINST MAN to prove that on some occasion at least, God is NOT love. Do you follow? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING within God's plan of salvation denies that 'GOD IS LOVE.'  And nothing, absolutely NOTHING, within God's plan of universal salvation denies that He will save everyone.
    Preachers, teachers, theologians, men--teach that God is limited by barriers they THEY construct to thwart God's plan. God is not thwarted by any such human arguments. The idea that a person must be saved BEFORE HE DIES, or he will NEVER, EVER BE SAVED is one of the most Satanic teaching to ever come out of Babylonish religion. Where is such a satanic doctrine found in the pages of God's Word?  NOWHERE!!! Jesus Christ came to SAVE SINNERS.
    Not many believe that: Jesus Christ is the SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD.
    Not many believe that: Jesus said He would DRAW ALL MEN UNTO HIMSELF. 
    Not many believe that: God's word says at about four places that EVER KNEE WILL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS JESUS LORD AND SAVIOUR. 
    Not many believe that: God says He is not willing that ANY SHALL PERISH. 
    Not many believe that: God says that it is HE Who causes men to believe or not believe to have faith for not have faith.
    Not many believe that: Jesus said that NONE CAN COME TO HIM by their own choosing. 
    Not many believe that: IN OTHER WORDS, NOT MANY BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD!!!
    Most of humanity will be saved in JUDGMENT. Read the many many prophesies regarding the resurrection and how that God will then SAVE all those wicked sinners that have died in their sins.
    Judgment serves a higher purpose than PUNISHMENT AND REVENGE.  God sets the hearts of men RIGHT through His judgments. David tells us in the Psalms that the whole world WILL SING IN JOY when God's judgments come to this earth.
    NO ONE "perishes" in the lake of fire. Only carnality is burned up in God's CONSUMING FIRE. The sinners WILL BE SAVED.  Muslims, and Mormons are deceived. They are no more wicked that WE!
    The world has been BLINDED. God Himself has blinded the world (even though He uses messengers of evil to actually do the blinding at times). God Himself will have to REMOVE THIS BLINDNESS in order for people to see. This God will do. Have you not read where the "KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD [spiritual knowledge from God is NOT BLINDNESS] SHALL COVER THE EARTH AS THE WATERS COVER THE SEA!"  All mankind, all the heavenly host, and even Satan himself, will come into a knowledge of the truth--ALL WILL BE SAVED (in heaven and earth).

  3. There is punishment upon the wicked, but that punishment is designed to TURN THEIR HEARTS TO GOD, not to torture them inhumanly for all eternity.

  4. Satan like a roaring lion is PRESENTLY seeking to devour all that he can (I Pet. 5:8)--this obviously takes place on earth, not in heaven.   We wrestle against spiritual powers in high places. He do this ON EARTH, now, not in heaven (Eph. 6:12).  Satan hindered Paul on earth, not in heaven, etc., etc.

  5. I don't listen to T.D.Jakes. I have heard him for minutes at a time on several occasions.  It's not a matter of whether I have a problem with Jakes or not. The question is does he teach the truths of God? Mr. Jakes knows more than we is willing to publicly teach. He apparently is "ashamed" of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. If one KNOWS the truth (or at least some of it), but refuses to teach it for fear of what his public will think of him, then I say that he is ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    There are more like him that know at least somewhat about the SALVATION OF ALL, but absolutely refuse to teach it. Pat Robertson is also in this category. He apparently KNOWS that the Scriptures teach the salvation of all, but he too is a spiritual coward and refuses to public teach what he knows to be true. I am not their judge--God is perfectly capable of dealing with all these men. 
    T.D. Jakes writes books. He sells books. He peddles and merchandises the Word of God for money. Many of these modern peddlers of God's Word are likeable personalities. They are even pleasant to listen to (at times), but be not deceived.

If you will but keep studying God's Word with an open and humble mind and spirit, GOD WILL lead you into all truth. God is opening your mind now. Don't turn your back on what God is doing in your life.

I will write some papers in the future that will explain many of your questions in much greater detail than I am able to do in an email.

God be with you.



[More emails on the same subject]


If Satan is not a falling angel were did his angels come from because this is confusing me. If God created Satan how he is (not a fallen angel) but a perfect adversary did he create a whole bunch of little messengers (angels) for him? Because we know angels can not sin cause if they could that would be contradicting wouldn't it?

[Ray Replies]


It nowhere says in the Scriptures that it is not possible for an angel to sin regardless of his rank. I believe that there is only ONE archangel. Arch means the number one and the HIGHEST. There can be only ONE of such rank.  As Michael is an "archangel" and "Michael" means LIKE GOD, and as Jesus was called on occasion in the Old Testament the "Angel of the Lord," it follows that Michael the Archangel is referring to Christ.

Angels can and do sin.  II Peter 2:4,

"For if God spares not SINNING MESSENGERS [angels], but thrusting them into the gloomy caverns of Tartarus, gives them up to be kept for chastening judging..." 

Angels need salvation just as mankind does.




I'm still somewhat confused still because if God created angels that could sin why couldn't Satan be a angel that sinned?

Also if angels can sin then that would go along the lines of EZEKIEL 28:12-18 because when God says unto the PRINCE of Tyrus in verse 2 he yes clearly calls the PRINCE of Tyrus a man but when he says take a lamentation against the KING of TYRUS he never calls the KING of Tyrus a man.

If angels sin why couldn't Satan be a fallen angel? I know there is one ARCHANGEL but why could not Satan have been an anointed cherub cause in EX.25:20 God talks about cherubim's.

[Ray Replies]


It isn't that Satan couldn't have been a righteous angel that sinned, it's just that he WASN'T. The Scriptures say that God's hand formed the "crooked serpent," God "created the destroyer to destroy," "Satan was a murder from the beginning," "Satan was a liar from the beginning," etc.

The blasphemous aspect of the Christian teaching that Satan was "Lucifer" (a word that is translated "howl" in other verses) and then turned against God, is the aspect that God DIDN'T KNOW THAT HE WOULD DO SUCH A THING! And that because of Satan's rebellion, God apparently had to CHANGE HIS PLAN OF CREATION AND REDEMPTION TO SUIT SATAN!!! And the aspect that Satan will WIN MANY MANY MORE SOULS THAN God!  And that EVIL WILL ULTIMATELY TRIUMPH OVER GOOD!!!!!!!! And a dozen other such blasphemous teaching connected with this damnable heresy of Christendom!

And if Satan was a "blunder" in God's creation then God is NOT PERFECT. If God didn't create Satan for the purpose he is now fulfilling, then God DID KNOW ALL, and God NOT ALL WISE AND ALL-KNOWING. And God LIED when He said that EVERYTHING HE CREATED WAS GOOD!!! Etc., etc., etc.  Are you starting to get the picture? So, Jeremiah, this teaching is not just unscriptural, it is evil and blasphemies God Himself!