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Author Topic: Learning to love God Again  (Read 4778 times)

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Re: Learning to love God Again
« Reply #20 on: May 31, 2009, 05:13:28 PM »

Hey guys!
One thing we can count on is this: when He comes we will be like Him! We will all be changed in the twinkling of an eye!

 My sweet little Alex. God has a mighty big love for you! Just look what he has done in you so far!! All of us older folks have lived so long on this journey going round and round the lot of us are just waiting for that day when we will be like Him!! God is molding all of us into what He wants us to be, but look at you! You are a pretty fresh lump!!  ;) so God's got you! You are starting out ahead of the game you don't have a lot to unlearn, but so much to learn! Look at you standing for truth in an age when most guys your age are standing for whatever just makes them feel good! Standing for what they think is good not what God says is good! I'm proud of you, buddy! Even if you don't think you're perfect yet, don't worry, you will be one day and so will all of us!! :D :D
Kathy :-*

Dear Kathy, ty for the very kind words.. i only wish i could see myself as you do. All i see though is a very carnal immature beast :o

I feel way to undeserving of the kind words you have spoken of me.

I look greatly towards that day as well, when we may all be together and perfect in Him! What a day it shall be :)

I'm with you Kathy! I see Alex and others on this forum who are being molded and changed and learning truths so young, and I admit I am a bit jealous.
Of course I know that God's hand has been on me my whole life leading up to this and can see why He took so long to show me but I think it is natural (carnal  ) to think, "Oh if I knew then what I know today..."

Alex, you are SO blessed!

I am loving the journey to finding my first love again!

Dear linny,

Speaking from my own personal experience, i don't think "If i knew than what i know today" applies to me because i know some pretty amazing things and yet i still manage to make the dumbest mistakes.. probably the sames ones you've made without the knowledge you have today. So how much worse does that make me :o heh but anyway thanks for the kindness.

God bless,


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