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Author Topic: July 10, 2009 Continued  (Read 3350 times)

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July 10, 2009 Continued
« on: July 10, 2009, 11:30:12 AM »


From Joyce:  You are a tremendous encouragement to so many.  I know you have been for me.  God has called so many to understand the truth of the bible and you have been a voice to validate what God has lead so many to see.  I am one of those who found your website and have been encouraged that there are so many others whom God has lead to know the truth.  I pray that our Heavenly Father will heal you and increase your years.  I ask  it not just for my self but I want to have more bible studies written on the website that I can read and study and I want so many others to find their way there as they begin to come out of deception.  Jesus is the head of the church and I ask it in His Name.  He provides for us all and I pray that He will appoint you with more days to serve Him.  Teaching, preaching, through the website and via meetings or tapes. Also that your website will continue to expand bringing more believers together to fellowship.  Heavenly Father, so many need to read more of Your truths taught clearly and straightforward.  Please prepare Ray, with humility and grace to continue to serve you and your church.  He needs complete  healing that only you can provide.  I humbly ask this in Jesus Mighty Name.  Amen.      

Dear Joyce:  You state your case well, and I agree.  I have yet much to say and write.  I pray I am given opportunity to continue.

Your encouragement means a lot to me, Joyce!

May God be with you and yours always,


Dear Ray,
Just to let you know you are in my thoughts. I have been praying for you and will continue to pray for you. I am going in to hospital today myself but wanted to send you a quick email b4 I went.  Thank you for your kindness, dedication & unselfishness in spreading God’s truth. I pray that God will strengthen you, give you His peace and Heal you in accordance with His will.  Many thanks again for your website & hard work and for taking the time to reply when I have sent you questions.
Take Care & May God Bless you Mightily,
Caroline (Brisbane, Australia) 

Dear Caroline:  I don't know what your situation is concerning your visit to the hospital, but know that my thoughts and prayers are likewise with you.

Your prayers for my well-being mean a lot to me.  The many notes of thanks and encouragement from my readers are one of the strongest medicines in my present protocol.  I do have peace of mind, and nothing is greater than that. Thank you, and may God be with you,

Subject: Love and blessings to you
It's been some time since I've corresponded with you and I'm so sorry to hear of your illness.  My husband had bladder cancer 5 years ago and his bladder and prostate were removed.  As I cared for him, I spent much time studying your writing while he slept so much.  He has been well until this past December when his hip broke and we discovered he has stage 4 metastasis into his bones from the original cancer.  He has decided against chemotherapy and we've agreed to live life as best and happily for as long as we have together.  Your words have always stayed with me and with much time as he recovered from this hip surgery, we talked about your writing.  He has become so open to hearing this and now it isn't just one person's life you changed (mine), but his also.  Finally, the Word of God makes sense to him.  Rarely is there a day we don't discuss the Truth.
Thank you so much for what you've done for us.  You will be in my prayers. Best wishes, love and hope in the spirit of Christ.  Pogo
Dear Pogo: It always makes me sad when I hear of other people's suffering.  Tell your husband that I am grateful to God that anything that I have written has been an inspiration to your husband.  I will pray for you and your husband daily.  Know that you are not alone.  There are many that will be praying for you.  My bones too are metastasized from my prostate cancer through the lympth system.  God continues to sustain me in spite of the bleak prognostications of my medical doctors. If I do not get any worse than I now am, I am going to try and put together a Bible Study Conference here in Mobile later this Fall.  I have some important things to pass on--God willing.  Stay strong.  Keep the faith.

And may God be with you always,


Hi Ray
We thought you would be interested to know that a few of us over here in the UK have begun to meet together.  We all spent the day together at Emmanuel and Miranda's house, and had a great time of sharing and discussing the scriptures and the many things we have learnt from your teaching. It is really precious being able to meet with like-minded people at last. We ended our time together with prayer, and as a group we lifted your situation up to our loving father.
All the best,
Dear Dave:  Thank you for your love and concern over my trying situation.  It means a lot to me.  I am glad to hear that you have started a small study group in your homes.  We have quite a number of readers from the United Kingdom.  It does my heart good when I hear that people take these teachings serious enough to begin group studies together.  I pray that God will prosper and inspire your studies.

And may God be with all of you,


Subject:  I have cancer
Dear Ray,
I have been reading your words since 2001. I will never forget that day. I knew that very day that God is the savior of all mankind. It has been a lonely road but through it all I trust in God. I just found out that I have several tumors in my brain.  I had lung cancer in 2006 and it has now gone there. I will be meeting the Doctor about my treatment this Friday. I am the fourth sibling to have cancer. Two sisters and a brother are gone from it and I see the degrading and painful way they died. I have surrendered to God whatever it will be is fine.  I am more concerned about my wonderful husband and  four daughters and grandchildren. I dont know what to expect but I want to die with as much dignity, strength, and courage to help me in this terrible journey. I make people laugh so I even hope to have humor.  is this too much to ask God for? How has God been to you in all the pain that you are going through? Why cant God let us die in our sleep? I don't understand what the terrible suffering and the deterioration of the body helps or glorifies God. My husband has turned away from God for a lot of trials in our life and this one takes the cake. All of this is very painful. From one cancer patient to another do you have any words of comfort? I am a 62 year old woman and want to make a difference in life for the good. Is that possible?
 God be with you! Barbara
Dear Barbara:  

There is a reason for the suffering of this world and our own personal diseases and trials.  When we are all children in the Kingdom and Family of God, it certainly will bring glory to God that we have learned and acquired a knowledge of good and evil, which are attributes of God Himself.  We always enjoy food more when we are really hungry.  We really appreciate our loved ones if we are separated from them for a period of time.  We appreciate our health so much more if we recover from really bad sicknesses and diseases.  It is so comforting to have enough money to pay all of one's bills when one has had to struggle for long periods of time without financial means.  And so it goes--the more we suffering the more we will appreciate not having to suffer any longer.  And the time is coming when there will be "NO MORE CURSE" (Greek: "doom").
Our suffering is often very great, but it is for a relatively short period of time, whereas the joys of God's Family are infinite and eternal.  There are things in this life we just have to trust God about and take Him at His word.  The joys of our eternal gifts and rewards are just as beyond our comprehension as is our short period of suffering.  Remember that Jesus suffered the death of the cross for us when He didn't need to.  He volunteered.  Why?  Why did Jesus suffer so both in life and death?  He did nothing to deserve it. He never sinned.  He did it to show us how much HE LOVES US!!  As we enter closer to death, our reward is that much closer.  All of God's sons and daughters are but one breath away from eternal bliss and happiness in the Family of God.  And the wicked are just a few years longer in the resurrection to Judgment.
Know that I am praying for you every day, Barbara.  Not only does God love you beyond your comprehension, Barbara, but all of God's children also love you.  It's just that you don't know all of their names as yet.  I had no idea how many people actually "love" me for trying to set an example and for teaching them simple truths of Scripture, UNTIL I was stricken with this miserable disease.  Now I hear from them from all around the world and probably every state in the Union.  It's a wonderful feeling to be loved and appreciated by others, and you Barbara, ARE LOVED.  It's a spiritual thing.  I love all those who love God and love His Word, whether I know them personally or not.  If they love God and His Word, THEN WE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON!
Be strong, Barbara, and cry out to God for the strength to see you through your trails, and we at the Forum will also be crying out for your deliverance.
God be with you always,


Peace be with you Mr. Smith  I have read much of your writings and I have to say that I and my wife are both devastated. We have put so much trust in doctrine and out pastors, but after a many hours of research, we both had to admit that there is truth in your words. I and my wife have approached our pastor, a man we both trusted, but still love, and asked him why he still practices a law from Moses "tithing". When we left, we both felt as if a politician had answered us. Meaning we didn't get his point. We did not have the courage to point out verses from the bible to prove him wrong, but we believe he knew already. I cannot in faith go to a place of worship that still practices a law from Moses. We want so much to worship God, and Jesus Christ, but we can't find any church other than a catholic church, that does not tithe. I could use a lot of encouragement to go this direction and some good advice. If you have any, please give some, as both of us feel free by the truth you have shown us, but are tormented without Christians who feel as we do to worship with. Do you know of any churches that may put us in the right direction? We both hope that your health will improve and are grateful for any help you have to offer. We understand that you may not have time to write back or let alone read this as time is not on your side. Thank you, Mr. Smith for your time to research for our sakes.
Wade,   Canada

Dear Wade:  I get asked these same questions all the time.  We are plainly told to "come OUT of her, MY PEOPLE," in Revelation 18:4.  We cannot come out and still remain in.  Many people desire to come out of the false doctrine and hypocrisy of the Church, while remaining in the fellowship of the congregation.  I do not believe in most cases that this is possible.  So people want to know "where can we go" after we "come out of" the Church and its many sins as outlined in the 2nd and 3rd Chapters of Revelation?  The answer is, we don't go anywhere, physically, literally, geographically.  We remain where we are in our homes, community, and society, but our spiritual fellowship now becomes just that—SPIRITUAL  I am spiritually fellowshipping with YOU from MY home, right now, and I don't even know where in Canada you live.  This is one of the main reasons for our bible-truths Forum.  It is a "place" where everyone or anyone in the whole world can come to fellowship, morning, noon or night.  In some cases you can inquire as to whether there are other like believers in your community or area of the country.  A few of these may even be holding Bible Studies using much of the material from our site.  Join the Forum;  ask questions;  find out just who is out there in computer-land that may be a potential contact for you physically as well as spiritually.  I pray daily for all those in your position of isolation due to the fact that only a "few" are chosen by God to believe as you now have come to believe.  The spiritual must become more important than the physical in your life.  God seeks a chosen few to worship Him "IN SPIRIT and in truth” (John 4:23-24).  Our annual Bible Conferences are an excellent time and way to meet and develop friendships with others of like mind.  If you ever get down or depressed with you new walk in life, don't hesitate to drop me an email, and I will try to encourage you as much as I can and have time for.  Your faith is being tried in the fire right now--be strong, and don't give up the fight.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  

God be with you,  


    I just read the update on the forum about your health and I wanted to thank you, dear brother, for you years of service to the Lord. Thank you for being so open to ideas that others can not accept. Thank you for having the courage to stand in the face of your accusers and speak the truth. Thank you for loving God enough to seek Him in truth and thank you for the countless hours of writing and prayer that you have given to us.  I know that we do not know the Lord's will, but I just want you to know that I am praying for God to give you and your family the strength, courage and peace to face whatever He has in store for you. May you rest easy in His love and the knowledge that His will is perfect and good for all of us. Thank you for being one of the tools that He has used to help so many of us understand that and realize that there really is something to look forward to.
In His love for the aions of the aions.  
Krista (former drug addict turned devoted wife and mother of three)

Hi Ray,   I just learned of your condition. May God's will be done in your life as it is in heaven. My prayers are with you.  I want to give you a sliver of the thanks that I owe you. God through Christ in you has shown me many truths and helped purge many false doctrines over the past few years. I remember reading your trinity paper on a camping trip and feeling like my entire theological world was turned upside down in the time that it took for my wife and son to take an afternoon nap. It's strange that I've never met you, in that you have been so instrumental in opening up my eyes to scripture and turning my feet to obedience, and my spirit to God. I did have a dream about you once. You and your wife were very welcoming, and you had books that you were showing me, and I remember being so excited to learn more from you. I know I'll get to meet you some day and I know you're just a messenger and that what makes you a great man is Christ shining from you. Still, you have my utmost gratitude. Though prematurely, through Christ, the fruit of your labor and the reward of your obedience are evident in my life, and I hope it encourages and strengthens you to hear of it. Thank you, Ray.  May God's favor and blessing be upon you in abundance.    Jeff


Dear Ray,
This is Dr. Thomas from Kochi in Kerala, India, if you remember.  Just to tell you that you are in our prayers and may GOD give you the strength and courage to go through this difficult stage 4 prostatic cancer.  Love and prayers
Hi Ray, how are you?  I have checked your Website today & have noticed that no new updates yet, in that case I guess you are still not well.  I shall continue in prayer for you! This must be a good thing/ sign that God is about to do the unthinkable Miracle so that his name may be glorified!  A speedy recovery!  Floyd
Ray,   Just wanted to let you know that your website has truly been a blessing to me over the past 4 years. I will be praying for you.   In Christ,   Gerry

Dear Ray,  I just wanted you to know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.  I also wanted to say "Thank You".  I have found my way because you cared enough to share the Truth and expose the lies. I know I'm not perfect, but I also know I'm a work in progress as we all are.  Again, Thank you!  Peace and Love,  Tammy and Bailea

Gods peace and love,  I keep begging our Lord to not take you away, I can see our Lords spirit in you so bright, I really pray with everything in my soul LORD let out Brother stay with us,,, we love him dearly.  We love you very much Ray!  May God bless us all and heal you soon...  Gods Love and Healing Grace cover you like a blanket.  Your Brother in Christ,    Randy

Hi Ray, about 7 weeks ago my wife, Yvonne, was involved in a horrific motor accident. We were unaware of it at the time and when we eventually received knowledge of the accident she had already been operated on after being flown away from the scene of the accident by copter. According to the Doctors she had serious brain damage and would make very little recovery and would have to relearn all the basics such as talking, eating, walking etc. In moments like these we tend to despair and all our big talk about how we trust in God for everything is quickly forgotten. Soon after rceiving the news about my wife I was reading through the letters on Bible-Truths when I came read your latter of May 13th 2009 for a second time. It made me realise that I'm not the only one in this world facing a trial and if I had a choice, in whose shoes would I want to be, mine or yours.  Ray, I drew tremendous strength and encouragement from your positive attitude in the trial that you are facing. Talk is cheap, but because of your example I was able to confidently accept that God is in control and his will be done. With prayers from many at Bible-Truths Yvonne was released from hospital after more than 2 weeks in a coma and 5 weeks in hospital. There is still a long way to go but she is walking, eating by herself and every day her memory and speech is improving. To God be all the Glory. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to God and his word. You are in our prayers. Yours in Christ

Ray, its been awhile since I've written to you; probably about a year and a half.  Yet don't think that I've not been thinking and praying for you.  You set my direction for my life with your teaching.  Total, I bet I've spent close to a year when you add up all the hours of study and reading from your site listening to your audios and videos.  God's word made clear; that's what you've done for me.
Thanks, Ray, for your teaching of God's word.  You've been a blessing, brother, and that counts in the Lord's eyes!  You've been a faithful servant!
 Love you and get well soon.  


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