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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 3998 times)

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« on: August 09, 2009, 11:49:17 AM »

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am sorry to hear of your illness and I sincerely hope that the Lord will heal you.  I hope you can write an article about a miracle.  We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
I do however want to address your article on tithing.  The abuses of certain church leaders do not excuse the disregard of God's law.  People have so much now that gifts are not appreciated and wedding gifts must be something expensive from a store registry.  People can not tell the difference in needs and wants anymore.  I was horrified when I learned that a local "poor" family bought 3000 worth of HDTV's(3 of them).  Kids believe they have the right to iphones and ipod and anything their heart desires without actually earning it.
The truth of the matter is, Mr. Smith, it costs to rent a meeting place, to provide toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, air fresheners, sabbath school materials, print materials.  Our church does well because we are able provide refreshments afterwards outreach projects.  We do however are trying to get a radio program off the ground and there is one thing in our way.
We have 2 or 3 individuals who have read your article and have stopped paying their 10%.  I do not know the details and I love these dearly and still want to fellowship with them anyway.  I am just a volunteer but I can see we are at a crossroad.  Our church is mostly elderly and they say,"What will happen when we are gone."  This is why we want to try the radio ministry.
I would like to ask you to reconsider your position on tithing.  You are great influence and very knowlegeable about the scriptures.  We are to be good stewards and give it to responsible organizations, of course, but tithing is necesary for the sake of the whole congregation and allows for more work to be accomplished.  I would be happy to hear from you but if not I still hope for your copmplete recovery.
Love in Christ,

Dear Theresa:  I have presently seventeen hundred and fifty-eight unanswered emails ahead of yours, and at least a couple of dozens of them about similar to yours on the subject of tithing.  I will try to teach you the truth regarding tithing and the New Testament Believer in Christ Jesus.

I agree with virtually every statement you make in your email...........................except one--MONEY.  The Old Testament law of Moses regarding tithing, has absolutely, totally, nothing whatsoever to do with "money."  It is foolish and ignorant to speak of tithing and money in the same sentence. Money was NEVER EVER a tithable commodity.  So when you speak of tithing money to the Church, your are totally out of the realm of Scripture teaching.

Jesus did not tell the Scribes and Pharisees in Matt. 23:23 that they SHOULD TITHE MONEY.  Did He?  No, He did not. He said that they tithed of small commodity agricultural products (herbs and the like), and these did fall under the category of tithable commodities under Moses, and as they were YET under Moses and were still to follow what Moses said (Matt. 23:2-3).  But nowhere were they told to tithe money.

Jesus was asked whether it was right for them to pay taxes to Caesar?  Jesus asked for a coin--MONEY.  He then asked whose inscription was on that piece of MONEY, and they responsed, "Caesar's."  So then (listen carefully and learn), did Jesus then say what most lying hypocritical Christian theologians teach today?  Did Jesus indeed say, "Well then, if the inscription on this MONEY is that of Caesar, be sure to GIVE IT TO GOD."  Is that what Jesus said?  NO, no He did not.  Here is what Jesus said:  (paraphrased), "Well then, if the MONEY you all use hyas the owner's inscription on each and every coin, then certainly give that money back to Caesar, but give unto God the things (money?  are you crazy?) the things that are Gods."

At our November Mobile Bible Conference I will be covering exactly what the "things" are that we are to give to God.  Yes, we can give money to a church for the expenses and the pastor's salary, but there is no commandment to give ten percent of ones money to fulfill the Old Covenant law of tithing.  Biblical tithing was for ISRAEL ONLY;  take from the FIELDS AND HERDS ONLY.  The men who worked in the fields bringing in the crops (one tenth of which went to the poor, fatherless, strangers, and Levites) who received a monetary salary for their work, did NOT PAY TITHES ON THEIR SALARIES!  When oh when will we learn to believe the Scritures and stop despising the Word of God.

I have a whole section on how to pay Church utility bills without enforced a dead law of "tithing."  However, most people who read my paper do not bother to even read that far to see and understand it.  All believers are to give liberally out of willing heart.  God loves a cheerful GIVER (II Cor. 9:9).  Nowhere in the New Testament will you read that God loves a cheerful TITHPAYER!

When the Worldwide Church of God pretty much universally changed their doctrine of tithing on money, the income to the Church dropped dramatically to the point that they started to close  the doors of the college, etc.  Proof that they should have kept tithing money:  NO--proof that most Christians are Christians in name only and not in deed.  They often give ONLY when they are threatened with A CURSE!

I never began to prosper until I stopped tithing and starting giving out of a thankful heart with no regard to percentages.  And I have heard from hundreds and hundreds that have experienced the same.  If a Church financially fails because people stop tithing money, then it should fail!!  Teach them to love and be generous without being threaten with "a curse" (Mal. 3), and the income will again start coming in.

God be with you,

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