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Author Topic: Religious Areas of America  (Read 2446 times)

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Religious Areas of America
« on: October 18, 2009, 08:37:57 AM »

Dear Ray,

    I know your a busy man with all the emails you are receiving and
have been suffering from an illness but I thought emailing you a deep
concern that I have is worth a shot. I have been battling with trying
find a place to live where more people care about the truths of God
and try to live according to the laws of God. I currently live in New
Jersey but it seems like the northeast in general cares more about a
secular lifestyle (I feel like an outcast). Is living down south
better where more people care about Gods ways (if so do you know any
towns or states) or is it just hypocrites who say they are religious?
I don't know if you can help me with this one and I don't know if
there is a place out there where people have a strong desire to live
the ways of Christ. I consider myself someone who has a strong desire
to be close with God and learn Gods truths but no one around seems to
care. I hope you can help me because this has been driving me crazy.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to being at your Mobile, AL
bible conference,


Dear Matthew:  No, I'm afraid that there are not any "hot beds" of faithful believers anywhere

in a region so small that your living there would put you in constant contact with them.  You

will only take your frustrations with you wherever you go.  Actually, we have more loyal supporters

in the Northeast than in most other areas of the country.  Not New Jersey, per se, but certainly

Pennsylvania.  Where in Pennsylvania?  Scattered around and separated by hundreds of miles.

Kind of like when one salts his food, he does not shake it all on one small spot.  Didn't Jesus say

that WE are the salt of the earth?  Maybe God needs you in New Jersey, Matthew?

God be with you,


PS   See you at the Conference.  There we should find a lot of Belivers, all in one small area.
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