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Author Topic: Hebrew Disctionary  (Read 4070 times)

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Hebrew Disctionary
« on: November 08, 2009, 10:59:17 AM »

Hi Ray: From your 2008 Nashville Conference videos, concerning age of creation, you gave the Hebrew definition for the word "planted", as being (sprouting or budding). I can't seem to find it in my Strong's or from e-sword. Please provide the name of the dictionary that was used.
Thanks Ray,

Dear Frank:  If I said "sprout or bud" was the meaning of the Hebrew word translated "planted" in the

King James, then I goofed up.  It is the word "grow" --

Gen 2:9 And out of4480 the ground127 made the LORD3068 God430 to grow6779 every3605 tree6086 that is pleasant2530 to the sight,4758 and good2896 for food;3978 the tree6086 of life2416 also in the midst8432 of the garden,1588 and the tree6086 of knowledge1847 of good2896 and evil.7451





A primitive root; to sprout (transitively or intransitively, literally or figuratively): - bear, bring forth, (cause to, make to) bud (forth), (cause to, make to) grow (again, up), (cause to) spring (forth, up).

Hope this clears it up for you.

God be with you,


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