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A note about the Off-Topics Forum


Dave in Tenn:
A note about the off-topic forum.

Members, the Off-Topic forum shouldn't be seen as the place where members can post material (or links to material) which wouldn't be permitted in the General Discussions forum.  There is wide latitude given to topics which are not necessarily covered by any of Ray's materials, but that does not (and should not) open the door to every religious or controversial idea that floats around the internet and culture.  Please be careful that posted links (which are permitted for informational purposes) also do not open the door to other religious 'teachings'.

I'd also like to remind the members that the 'subtitle' of the Off-Topics board is "Just for fun posts and lighthearted banter".  Just something to think about, should topics start or change into something other than good-hearted and civil fellowship.


Dave in Tenn:
I'm going to start keeping a closer eye on the  Off-Topics subforum.  We have a 'child' forum for inspirational posts, and it's my intention to move threads which fall into that category there.  Inspirational posts which conflict with teaching at Bible Truths will be deleted.  Political opinion and some other controversial topics have no place at B-T at all.  

Speaking as a member, and not as a moderator, I wish there was less email copy-n-pasting here in the Forum.  As a member, I struggle to keep from falling back into babylonian lies, assumptions, and points-of-view.  Much of what gets forwarded in mass emailings is just that--lies, assumptions, and ideological points of view.  When we propogate these things, we ought to be mature enough to recognize these emails for what they are.  This maturity should be expected from both the READER and the POSTER.

To my mind, copy-and-pasting is not fellowship.  It's annoying (and even dangerous) in email.  It can be considered rude, even illegal, to post somebody else's creative work without attribution and/or permission.  It seems to me to be antithetical to fellowship here, as each of us has been drawn to Truth from where we each were, and each is moving on to the higher calling of the Lordship of Christ and the Kingdom of God.  To be honest, I don't know why we need 'devotionals'.  That's just me, though.

Speaking as a moderator, I hope to do a better job of seperating other off-topic' subjects from 'light hearted and fun' posts.

Dave in Tenn:
A friendly reminder.  Not all of us believe exactly the same things on many issues.  That disturbed me for a long time.  I'm still not 100% sure why this is so, but I think Ray spoke to it in the 'why does God love us' paper.  We're all different.

Now the reminder.  The moderators set up the forum and the purposes of the various sub-forums long before I joined.  This one is for "just for fun posts and light-hearted banter". 

Some may ask "What sub-forum is meant for opinions on various serious subjects not covered in the materials at B-T?" 

Answer:  There isn't one.

Nobody wants to be a forum-nazi, but this isn't about free-speech.  It's about the purpose of the forum.  The internet is huge.  If anybody wants to find 'allies' or arguments about personal points of view, there is no shortage of opportunities. 

Just as we do not require anybody to believe or agree with anything that Ray teaches, we do not require anybody to believe or agree with anything a member posts.  I think it's important from time to time to remind folks--especially new members and guests--of this fact.

NOTE:  Regarding Posting Jokes


If you feel compelled to post a joke on this forum, please refrain from posting jokes that are lewd, immoral, racist or sexist.  Keep in mind, this is a bible based forum.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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