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Author Topic: Soul/Spirit Question  (Read 3762 times)

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Re: Soul/Spirit Question
« Reply #20 on: March 23, 2010, 03:44:02 PM »

Hey Arc, relax a bit.

Relax? Oh dear oh dear cp. You have not understood me.  :)

I have enjoyed the exchange between us and have not felt the least bit threatened or unsettled by your communication. 

I am sorry. I don't think I'm doing any of the things you think I'm doing or you think I'm inferring.

I only observe and can only respond to what you are saying cp. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. We know our hearts are not yet in the perfect image of Christ.

Let's call it a day and let God sort it out.

Okay for the sake of peace, let’s move on.  :)

You win,

I won? What did I win cp?

I may be all wrong.

We both, WE BOTH, WE ALL have to seek the Kingdom of God. That is the victory to enter and be accounted worthy to stand in the Presence of Christ.

What I see I see and I will answer to God for it.

As will every other person answer to God, not excluding anyone. We are ALL accountable.

I am not giving up, just want to keep it simple and within the guidelines of this site. I am for the building up of the saints and I need building up more than most but I don't think I'm as bad as your words seem to imply, but I will not judge you by a few posts on a thread in cyberspace.

Wait till you see the Beast is you, the Beast is me and all humankind then you’ll see this post back to you as a feather duster!  :D :)

It would be an honor to meet you face to face some day

You have met me face to face cp. What else was this exchange?

but that will probably never happen but if it did I know any misunderstandings would be cleared up

I have no “misunderstandings” in the context of what you express, and certainly I hold and no bad will towards you cp or for that matter towards anyone else for whom Christ has died. That would be everyone right. That is not to say do not want anyone to be corrected.  I and We all need correction through the Grace and Judgment of our God..

My communicative skills are not as good via postings as my face to face encounters.

   :)     I think you communicated very well.   :)

Let's see, I do want to, because you asked, respond to your last question.

I see, and now you got me afraid to answer, (just kidding) but I see God trying to communicate to us that in the sending of His Son into the world He is showing us that because we are in a carnal, natural way that we need an infusion of His Divinity as it were. His Son. I am earth or a world. I tend to see every human as a world. So complex and unique. God sends His Son into the world (me, you, all). And we come to believe through His workings in us, for it is God who wills and works in us.
This is all I will say for now for I think it will offend you even more.

Now you see cp, you are lead by your assumptions again!  :D :)

First off, God is not “trying to communicate to us”. That is offensive to the knowledge and understanding of God. It is not offensive to me personally at all. You see cp, God does not have to TRY TO COMMUNICATE to us. If God wants to communicate to us HE CAN and HE DOES.  God is ALL Powerful. All Wise and ALL Loving.

Just to share a little snippet with you. It is us who have been blind. It is us who have been in the dark not seeing not knowing not understanding. NOT GOD. God can see in the dark!  8)

Better I stick to safer topics for now. I will re-read all your words to me though and talk to God, our Father and go from there. His word will not return void, in my life or yours or anyone’s.

True and be aware also cp that the letter of God’s word kills. Laws and Rules do not Replace Faith and Mercy of God.

Sorry again for any anxiety I may have caused you

There you go again! It is in your mind that I am anxious, unsettled or in any way disturbed by you. :)

or anyone on this forum.

Look how God is working to edify, encourage and stipulate the boundaries that govern this beautiful pasture where the Spirit of Christ leads us cp.

I am not here to get anyone to believe as I do as you accused me of

Great. That is good to know cp.  Non of us should be here if we are vested with the motives to get others to believe as we do. Look at that magnificent paper we have here in BT where we are council led about saving souls. /ref L Ray Smith WINNING SOULS FOR JESUS?

I do think God has given me a morsel or two to chew while I work my way through this episode of life.

I think He has given you more than that cp! :) in a good way more.



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Re: Soul/Spirit Question
« Reply #21 on: March 23, 2010, 03:57:11 PM »

Thanks Arc, I feel better now. I'm the new guy on the block so I need to get my bearings.

I like when you talk about deception. I use that kind of language on myself from time to time. I say to myself "Claypot (now I really don't call myself claypot!!!!!!) but anyway, I say "Jeff, what makes you think you are not the one who is beguiled by the serpent. You think others are deceived and you are the one who knows. What makes you think you know God so well as to be the correct one?" And on and on I go.

Arc, I see God as so far above anything I can think or imagine (and I'm sure you do too) but He is so far above that I laugh right out loud when I find myself getting so stuck in one way of thinking. I like to use my imagination, yes I do. I ask God to fill it with His thoughts, now that's a fun imagination! I find that I think things and then when devouring Scripture I see how certain things line up so perfectly. Words and thoughts from people like you and Ray and others who genuinally seek God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, help so much.

Thanks for understanding.


Dave in Tenn

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Re: Soul/Spirit Question
« Reply #22 on: March 23, 2010, 06:09:05 PM »

Let's end, then, on this note.  If any want to continue a two-way conversation please use the PM function. 

Welcome to the forum, Clay pot.  I hope you do continue your reading. 
Heb 10:32  But you must continue to remember those earlier days, how after you were enlightened you endured a hard and painful struggle.
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