If there is no hell, why do we need a savior?


Dennis Vogel:
If there is no hell, why do we need a savior?
If there is no hell, why should I be good?
There is no Scripture that states that Jesus came to save people from HELL!!!

There are, however, hundreds of Scriptures telling us what God is and will save people from.

Jesus came to SAVE SINNERS! And Paul tells us that "ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God."  So what? Well, for one thing, "The wages of sin is DEATH." Death is a real enemy from which we all then need saving! (See I Cor. 15:26).  Christ was crucified and then raised from the dead that our sins might be forgiven and that we might have LIFE.  People will be resurrected from THE DEAD, not from life in an eternal hellhole of suffering.  

There is much else that God saves us from: sin, immorality, prejudice, carnality, hatred, stupidity, arrogance, weakness, disease, fear, pain, suffering, darkness, futility, boredom, lust, pride, ignorance, foolishness, heartache, and a thousand other things from which we all need SAVING!


Christ died because He loves humanity and all humanity has sinned and the wages of sin is DEATH!  Christ died for SINNERS, not for HELL!


By the very nature of things, some things require time and circumstances to develop. Example: Patience. By its very definition is not something that can be instantaneously created. Understand?

Furthermore, there are no qualities or virtues that are not the result of overcoming some form of evil or adversity. Since God wants sons who possess the very qualities of character to He Himself possesses, God creates the circumstances of life necessary to produce godly character.

Of course there is a purpose for our lives. We are all living out that purpose whether we are believers or unbelievers. God has a purpose for BOTH! See Romans 9:20-24. God is calling certain ones now to salvation. He will use those whom He calls in bringing ALL into repentance and salvation later. See I Cor. 15:26-28.


Many ask the same question as you have. It is not a well-conceived question, however.

Think about your question for a moment and you will see how illogical a thought it is.

Suppose your were trapped in a burning building--would you consider this something to be saved from? Good.

Now suppose there are two hundred other people trapped in that same burning building. Would you not consider that they ALSO need, desire, and DESERVE to be saved? Good.

Now since you are "trapped" and cannot save yourself, there are experienced FIREMEN on the way to save you. (Apparently 'firemen' have more of a love for humanity than the god of Christianity does). But, as these firemen are approaching the building to SAVE EVERYONE, you have a question: "I am a bit confused as to WHY all these people trapped in this burning building NEED TO BE SAVED, if it is all up to the FIREMEN to save them?"

So seriously (don't be offended now), does you question make even a lick of sense? Of course not! Just as the trapped people in the burning building CANNOT SAVE THEMSELVES, but will need the experience of trained firemen to save them, likewise, we CANNOT SAVE OURSELVES from our SINS AND OUR INHERITED MORTALITY! But GOD JESUS CHRIST HAS BEEN TRAINED AND IS EXPERIENCED AT SAVING PEOPLE WHO CANNOT SAVE THEMSELVES! God will not leave most of His children in some burning building or hellhole of fire for all eternity without rescuing them!

God WILLS that ALL mankind be SAVED (I Tim. 2:4).
Thy WILL BE DONE (Matt. 6:10).
GOD IS LOVE (John 4:08).
LOVE NEVER FAILS (I Cor. 13:08).


Thank you for your comments.  I appreciate a person who can stand up for what they believe. Listen, Sarah, you've got it wrong, however, I never said, insinuated, nor do I for one second, believe that God loves ME more than He loves YOU. Actually, Sarah, this the the MAIN PROBLEM with Dr. Kennedy and Mr. Hagee in their teaching! They believe and fiercely teach, that God only TRULY loves a VERY FEW of His creatures, seeing that He absolutely has (according to their teachings), predetermined that MOST OF HUMANITY will be TORTURED IN SOME HELLHOLE OF REAL FIRE FOR ETERNITY!

Now Sarah, bear with me.  I realize that I am not a man of soft, pious, self-righteous, words, I tell it like it is, but...BUT, to suggest that God created the human race KNOWING that He ABSOLUTELY WOULD, in the end, TORTURE, WITH FIRE, the MAJORITY OF HUMANITY, FOR ALL ETERNITY pales my language into nothingness by comparison.

Sarah, not only is this teaching of Dr. Kennedy and Mr. Hagee, UNSCRIPTURAL, it is by far the most EVIL CONCEPT TO EVER ENTER THE MIND OF MAN OR DEMON!!!

There is nothing, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, that could even begin to compare with this evil teaching if ever it were true. Sarah, use your God-given mind, spirit, and NATURAL AFFECTION to consider the enormity of this evil, unscriptural heresy.

Consider for a moment, the World Trade Center disaster. I witnessed the whole thing live and in living color. I was shocked beyond words. While I was watching, I was calling all over the country to friends to be sure they were watching too. Now, Sarah, when the last tower collapsed, did you not realize, at least for 99% of the people in the towers, that their fear, pain and suffering was at last OVER? Now it was time for the living, who witnessed this horror, TO SUFFER, and to contemplate what we had just witnessed!

But NO! There's MORE! Enter the world of CHRISTENDOM! You see, Sarah, according to Kennedy and Hagee, when the planes EXPLODED, and the buildings EXPLODED, and the towers COLLAPSED, it was not the END for all those who were 'unbelievers,' IT WAS BUT THE BEGINNING... of an ETERNITY... of EVEN WORSE PAIN, FEAR, TERROR, HORROR, SUFFERING, AND HOPELESSNESS, not for just a few minutes or hours, but for ALL ETERNITY, and Mr. Hagee shouts, "It's JUSTICE!" And Dr. Kennedy shouts, "Hell is FAIR!" And I say, along with the Scriptures, that this teaching FAR EXCEEDS THE DEEPEST INSANITY!!!

According to Christendom's 'eternal torment' theory, the unbelievers in those TWA Jets and twin towers, and the Pentagon will never stop EXPLODING, BURNING, AND BEING CRUSHED BY THE FALLING TOWER. For them it will NEVER reach "ground zero"!!! But for them, this terror will go on and on and on and on and on--according to Kennedy and Hagee, the unbelievers in those planes and towers are right NOW, STILL, BURNING AND SCREAMING AND CLUTCHING THEIR TERRIFIED CHILDREN WHO ARE BEING BURNED AND BLOWN APART FROM THE EXPLODING JET FUEL AND IT WILL NEVER, EVER, STOP. Not in TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF BILLIONS OF QUADRILLIONS OF CENTURIES UPON CENTURIES, add infinitum, ADD NAUSIUM! This teaching is SO SICK, Sarah, no wonder they are causing millions around the world to blaspheme the very NAME OF OUR LOVING CREATOR AND SAVIOUR GOD!!!

These men think that they can flagrantly blaspheme the very Word of God, and none will ever be the wiser, as people send in their millions and millions and millions and millions dollars so that these men can build their kingdoms on earth and live like kings right here and now.

It's SICK, Sarah, it's SICK! And I'm sorry if I offended you. But then again, you said I brought the bad out of you--hey, THAT'S GOOD! I want all the 'bad' taken out of me, that's for sure.

Did you read ALL of my letters to Dr. Kennedy and Pastor Hagee? Did your read my letter to Dr. Kennedy entitled, "What About Those Who Have Never Heard?" That is probably the worst, and the most evil sermon I have ever heard in my short sixty year life! READ IT! And be sure you check EVERY SCRIPTURE I present in answer to this terrible and spurious sermon.

Be sure you read and study the first ten pages of my letter of Pastor Hagee on the Greek "aions" which are translated into English "eternities." IMPOSSIBLE! Be sure to read it. In fact, show it to your pastor. Show it to the greatest scholars you can find. You will learn that we have been lied to by many of the most loved clergymen on earth. You see, Sarah, I love Dr. Kennedy and Pastor Hagee--sure I do--I would do anything to save them from a burning building, for example, even if they would have you believe that people like me are going to LIVE in burning buildings  of fire for ALL ETERNITY!

Let me leave you with four scriptures that expose Kr. Kennedy's and Pastor Hagee's unscriptural doctrine of eternal torment:

God WILLS that all mankind be saved (I Tim. 2:4)
Question:  Will His will "be done?"
Answer:  Thy WILL B-E DONE (Mat. 6:10).

GOD IS LOVE (I John 4:08)
Question:  Will God's love fail to save ALL?
Answer:  LOVE NEVER FAILS (I Cor. 13:08)

Read the last ten pages of my letter to Pastor Hagee for dozens more Scriptures showing that Jesus Christ really WILL save ALL HUMANITY (all sinners) just as His Word says.

God be with you and bless you, Sarah, as you seek God's will in your life!


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