What church should I attend?


Dennis Vogel:
What church should I attend?
Where can I find a church that does not teach tithing?
What church does Ray attend?
What is Ray's background?
Actually there are a few churches around the country that do not teach tithing. I had a Pastor from a Baptist church in Texas e-mail me and tell me that he was going to tell his congregation the Biblical truth about tithing after reading my paper.

Tithing is but one of a whole plethora of wrong, evil, and unscriptural doctrines taught by the institutionalized church of Christendom.

If you can't find a suitable congregation to fellowship with, Diana, you can do as many of us do by fellowshipping with just a few believers over the telephone or in homes.  Our real communion and fellowship is, of course, with our Father and our Lord.

Don't get discourage because you don't find many of like mind to commune with.  Jesus said it would be a lonely road when we forsake the world and follow Him.


I [Ray] was reared in a Methodist Church back in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

In my early twenties God began to show me things in the Scriptures that were in contradiction to the doctrines being taught by most Protestant and Catholic churches.

I am not a member nor do I fellowship on a regular basis with any institutionalized church or denomination. I do have numerous good friends scattered around the country who are like-minded, and we do communicate on a regular basis and periodically hold small conferences where we discuss various topics and themes of the Bible.

By trade I am a roofer down here in Miami, Florida.

I have zero desire to build a following or a church or any such thing. My concentration is on writing more and more articles and papers of significant Bible themes to post on our web site. I am presently working on a paper on the LAKE OF FIRE and the SECOND DEATH. It will be posted later this year.

I am encouraged by the number of people who are coming with a open mind to read and comprehend the marvelous truths of God's Word.  I am married with teenage daughter still at home. Hope that answers at least some of your questions.


You asked about me.  Well, there isn't much to tell. I was a lost sinner and now I am a saved sinner.  Although God is indeed giving me some victories over things I could never control in the past.

I have four years in the US ARMY, and four years at a liberal arts college.

Presently I am married and have a teenage daughter. I am 61 years old.

I have a full-time job roofing in the Miami area.

A couple of years ago my good friend in Mobile insisted on my writing down some of my Bible Studies and putting them on a web site for others to read. You are reading the result of that endeavor.


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