Why are you judging Hagee and Kennedy?


Dennis Vogel:
Why are you judging Hagee and Kennedy?
I am not judging Hagee or Kennedy, I am EXPOSING their unscriptural heresy. See the difference? Paul ARGUED (that's the Greek word used, "argued") out of the Scriptures to convince his listeners that his teachings were correct. Why condemn what God approves of?

You are angry, not me. And your anger is over the fact that you cannot DISPROVE anything that I say in my papers, because it is not I defending me, but rather the Scriptures defending God.  I am not teaching MY doctrines. Have you not noticed that when I make a bold statement that I always use Scripture to back it up? Maybe you need to reread my paper again with an open mind and an open Bible.


My opening remarks on the VERY FIRST PAGE of my first article "EXPOSING THOSE WHO CONTRADICT" states the following:

FIRST, let me state my position succinctly:

Whatever we teach must 'glorify' God. [I then quote Luke 2:14 and * Pet. 4:11].
Whatever we teach must not detract one iota from Christ's sacrifice for all humanity." [I then quote I Tim. 2:5-6 and I Tim. 4:10-11].
I then quote over ONE THOUSAND Scriptures in that article showing what I BELIEVE and what the SCRIPTURES SAY as opposed to the heresy of modern theologians.

And you want to know if I believe in God and Jesus Christ or not?  I can't even comprehend such a question in the light of the THOUSANDS of Scriptures I quoted and commented on in the various articles on my web site!


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