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Author Topic: 23 Minutes in Hell  (Read 5336 times)

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23 Minutes in Hell
« on: April 17, 2010, 11:41:39 AM »

I have been thoroughly challenged in what I thought to be truth by reading the articles on your website.  I 'stumbled' on your site while researching the history of tithing in the church. I had already come to the same conclusion as you re: tithing, using the same Scriptural references and chain of thought. Since then I have been making my way through the rest of the articles on your site, which have opened my eyes every step of the way.
My question is this: Do you think it possible that Bill Weise is an unwitting tool in the hands of our adversary, rather than a charlatan who set out to make money by selling books? So many of these people, including Bill Weise, seem sincere, but perhaps it is the pervasiveness and insidious nature of covetousness and greed in our culture that allows Satan a foothold in the first place to make us his unwitting tools.
You are running your race well - what an example for all of us!

Dear Kathy:  I believe that those who have the greater knowledge have seen more truths than those not so interested in doctrinal issues.  The average Church going Christian knows very little about the teachings of the Scriptures, whereas a 70 year old theology professor in a major seminary has probably run across most Biblical Truths, and has rejected them for various reasons:  [1]  It is not popular to go against the tide of popular opinion and teachings;  [2]  One will hardly hang onto his job if he believes or teaches non-orthodox doctrines;  [3]  Carnal minded Christians (both laymen and clergy) do not want to be "persecuted," or "take up their cross," or "die daily," or be a "living sacrifice," or "love others as themselves, etc., etc., etc.
Yes, Bill is deceived by Satan as is most of the world, however, Bill also knows that he is a contradicting liar.  I prove this over and over and over again in my paper.  I cover only about 40 or 50 of his lying contradictions, but there are dozens more, but my paper is already nearing a hundred pages. Bill's whole book is fabrications.  His stories and scenarios are neither Scriptural, nor scientific, nor historical, nor logical.  His experience never happened.  Jesus Christ never told Bill the things he attributes to Jesus.  Jesus is not a liar, nor does He contradict God's Word.  It will be a miracle if I am not sued over my critique of his book, 23 Minutes in Hell.  Besides being totally fraudulent, Bill's book lacks any real scholarship and is so very poorly written.  I marvel that even one single person could read this Christian swill, and believe that there is a lick of truth to any of it.
I am still in a wheelchair, but I can sit at my computer and write.  I spend about twelve hours on it yesterday, but then my feet tend to swell pretty badly.  I'm doing my best to finish it sometime next month.  Typing is almost almost impossible with my left hand at the present time.  It sometimes requres many hours just to verify one statement or one word that Bill uses.  I want this paper to be as thorough and as hard-hitting as possible for only 100 pages.  I believe God has inspired me to have a unique approach to exposing just who are the devil "and his ANGELS?"  I have eight non-offensive caricature pictures of Satan's messengers. I doubt very many will believe it, but I will try to set my presentation up in such a manner, that there can be no other conclusion as to who these angels of the devil really are.
Thank you for your interest.
God be with you,
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