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Author Topic: Your Thoughts  (Read 6244 times)

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Your Thoughts
« on: April 25, 2010, 10:37:53 PM »

Dear William:  I will make a few COMMENTS..... at the end of your email:

Subject: Your thoughts...on something to ponder

Our Messiah's blood trickled thru the earth onto the ark of covenant

which has finally been found buried 20 feet below
the spot where Yahushuah (Jesus) was impaled upon a stake this so...?

The blood of the animal sacrifices
had to be sprinkled on the Ark to wash away
all the sins of the children of Israel for one year

The blood of the Messiah had to also be sprinkled
on the Ark to wash away ALL sin for ALL times

DNA can be taken from dried dead blood
but not chromosone counts....

But not surprising at all-
The Messiah's blood was indeed still alive!!!!

Upon testing this blood-

It was found that unlike the 46 chromosones
we have because of having two parents...

This sample had only 23 from Miriam
and 1 from the Father. ...totaling 24!!!!

This is Elohims final witness and Testimony
that he did indeed send his Son to Save the WORLD

Also this is the same spot Abraham offered his son
and the same spot of Jacobs ladder

It is the gateway to heaven
and just as the Messiah is the only way
his BLOOD is upon the ARK at this very location

Watch the following video-
it will send shivers down your spine

http: / / www. youtube. com/ v/ bYIwjYN4JVo& border= 1& color1= 0xb1b1b1& color2= 0xcfcfcf& hl= en_ US& feature= player_ embedded&fs=1"><param
What a CROCK!
Where is there documentation on ANYTHING that this guy claims?
He said that he "...met this archaeologist."  WHAT ARCHAEOLOGIST?  Does he not have a name?

Wyatt then informs us that the Jews as a race "are not generous."
He says he received a work permit for this site from THE ISRAELY ANTIQUITY AUTHORITY.
Great, so we can check that one out.  No?  No, we can't.  You see it was never made public.
In answer to his "critics" who claim Wyatt never worked at this site of the crucifixion, we are
 presented with a picture of a few men taken by some rocks.  This is "proof" of WHAT?  It's nonsense.
Wyatt says that at Christ's crucifixion, a large cracked opened beside the cross and Christ's blood
ran down 20 feet and sprinkled the Ark of the Covenant in a cavern below.  Oh really, and do we have
chapter and verse on that?

He says four angels appeared to him in this cavern under the crucifixion site, that had been assigned
the past couple of thousand years to guard this Ark.  Then then direct Wyatt as to how to produce
his documentary on this event--Take the tablets from the ark, film the tablets with the ark, take blood samples, etc.

One angel tells Wyatt:  "God wants EVERYONE to see this," but then a little later Wyatt says, "ONLY the
144,000" of Revelation will get to see this production.

Wyatt asks were there is a reputable laboratory where he can get this blood sample analized.  He is told to
go to "such and such and such."  Boy that's a big help.

Wyatt informs us that Lev. 17:11 say "the LIFE is in the blood."  Actually Lev. 17:11-14 says that "the SOUL is in the blood."

To prove his blood theory, Wyatt quotes I John 5:7.  Only problem with that is, THERE IS NO SCRIPTURE in any
Greek manuscript until the sixteen century--that's just a few years before my 9th great grandparents came to America.

We are told that the blood analysis reveal that it contined only 24 chromosomes, whereas if it were blood from a noram
human, it would contain 46 chromosomes.  So we are told that 23 chromosomes belonged to Mary, and the one other
chromosome belonged to God the Father.  Oh really?  A "chromosome" is composed of organic material, however,

God the Father is SPIRIT, not human or organic!  Also a chromosome is a very long DNA associated with hereditary
information.  Does God the Father really have an "heredity?"  And just what or who do you supposed He can be
traced BACK to?

I marvel that people are hood-winked into believe such unscriptural nonsense.

Oh, and by the way, there is a link where we are told that we cay BUY this presentation shown on the link above,
at a low price and then RESELL IT FOR A PROFIT!

I don't know about you, but I'M OUT OF HERE.

God be with you,


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