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Author Topic: A PM to Ami  (Read 2958 times)

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A PM to Ami
« on: June 04, 2010, 12:11:47 PM »

Hi Ami...I would like to put the following into the Forum on writings if you feel okay with that. I would also prefer to not reveal, to keep holy, separate, your identity in keeping with our particular blessing of communications that I do not wish to flaunt openely. Suffice to give yourself an AKA name to keep sacred what is sacred. If you do not wish this to be published then it is truly okay with me. Blessings to you...Deb..Oh...I did not write this PM to you with a motive to have it expressed into the Forum. It was only after I got up for a break from the flow of joy reaching in as expressed, that the thought came to mind...I would be okay if you are okay to let this PM fly to the hearts of others with the covering of our Joy keeping us separated from the world...Okay, I would be exposed, but..okay.. What ever you say will be okay with me...Here it is...Love to you...

Dearest Ami

It is a joy to see your PMs waiting for me to open, read and enjoy your thoughts, spirit and love. It is like anticipating a clean cool thirst quenching drink of water…the lions drink here in South Africa!

First my responses then my news. ….

You say : The more we are aware of HIM the more we can endure...

You see, THAT, THIS is why I so enjoy our, your communications. They centre on our LORD. YES Ami, I find this to be so true and not only from a mere academic view point but from real life contact with experience as His Spirit has allowed and blessed me to receive and feel.

The Scriptures also endorse this fact yet we cannot APPLY them without HIM!

I turn now to my Bible where I recall having marked out the verse that applies to this observation. Look what the Lord shows me as I look for the verse….

Isaiah 58 : 10 And if you pour out that with which you sustain YOUR OWN LIFE, for the hungry and satisfy the need of the afflicted, THEN shall your light rise in darkness, and your obscurity and gloom become like the noonday.

See how the Lord guides? I know that I have marked the verse I am caused to look for in the lower margin of the Bible in Isaiah somewhere! I go again…

"You are never alone"…I read from a card given to me from a friend to me when my darling husband Abrie was in jail….off I go again…The radio is playing…I am in my shop…
As I recall, my note is in the bottom left of the Bible margin…There I see..."Seven Spirits of God"…on I go…"mournful" comes up twice to catch my eye…."captive of their own perverted minds"….A note regarding the verse 58:10 "exhort, edify and ENCOURAGE"…and there, I do not find my marker. Just like that!

This is typical of how God guides. He puts a verse into recall that He uses to lead to find what He wants to give. "You are never alone"…comes up again and…"You have prepared good works before me"….Isaiah 26: 12 Lord, You will ordain peace, (God’s favor and blessings, both temporal and spiritual) for us, for You have also wrought in us and for us all our works. (Amplified version)

Notes in the upper margin that catch my eye…"By the way you come you’ll return"…Isaiah 37 : 34

Okay, now I need to tell you the significance of this one.

I was ten years in the Corporate Gold Coin Industry. The Chairman was named Elli Levine. I became his Deputy Chair Person and Marketing Director. I was the first and last Deputy Chair in his Company. My rise to name and fame was from the lowly place of being employed as a cashier and then receptionist, then Broker, then Marketing Director and Deputy Chair….

Mr Levine was an amazing person who I respected and admired very much. Our relationship was strictly professional in a high profile Company that held acclaim Internationally. I was eventually to enjoy the perks of being published to possibly be the most highly paid woman executive in SA…don’t be too impressed!...this was typical of a neat move on Elli Levine’s strategy to glean and cultivate a higher impression of his business acumen and prestige in the eyes of the world. I was a beautiful 30 years old when one of South Africa’s Mints produced for my Birthday celebration, a one ounce rare proof Krugerrand right in front of me at an occasion held for me that hosted only myself, Mr Levine and the Admin Director of the Company. It was a high flying time Ami. Very high flying. I went to the USA and headed up the Marketing of a coin for the Portuguese Government on the auspices of the Company.  I even published an article here in South Africa wherein the information received, came from your own Mint Director who was recruited to run the Australian Mint. I am speaking of twenty years ago!

I had occasion to go to Mr Levine’s office one day with the Bible in my hand. I disapproved of his methods that I only discovered in getting up and close to Corporate strategies and I was against the in house trading that Mr Levine was engaging in. I went to him and expressed my opposition to what he was doing. I had the Bible open in my hand and told him that God also did not approve of this method and I read to him from ISAIAH…by the same way you have come…..(Elli Levine started as a small town hobbyist, who had a small coin business) you shall leave. (His Company indeed did fall. He has since died, exactly as the Bible I read to him had told him. It is amazing. He did not know me in the days of his small beginnings and as he left the industry, our association separated and I never saw or spoke with him again…)

Now where is that verse? Have perfect peace…that is some of the words in the verse…E-Sword…where are you….off I go again…E-Sword...
Hah here it is!

Isa 26:3  You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You; because he trusts in You.

Now off I go again to see that noted in the Bible because I think there is more…inbetween…I have just sold R63 soft biltong to a foreign sounding customer who also offered me flags in bulk…I can not sell those I told him as my contract with my Landlord prohibits me from selling anything other than Biltong…

"I will come to you".. are the words I see now in the notes of the Bible as I turn towards Isa 26….The radio lyrics are singing "I need you I need you"…..I smile…I see in the notes…"God’s grace abounding towards me.".. @ Cor 9:8..there is another customer…R10 chilly sticks and a Coke…

Radio lyrics…"don’t stop"….

Isaiah 26…here it is…..Psalm 119: 165 …..

Lyrics …"You got me now".. and the entire page that I have written turns pastel blue!

I see the top line is still in pastel blue….It remains….Oh Lord You are so with me and Ami in this transcript….Is it not just simply wonderful dear Ami.
I have to pause…

I have to pause…

The lyrics on the radio are now singing…"touch my body"….How more intimate can the Lord GET! Oh for Heaven’s sakes…

This is not the usual kind of communications I haW…the key board is going crazy…the radio song lyrics say…"just a little taste"…WELL that speaks volumes Ami of our LORD He is SO much more than we are in our mortality right?

Psalm 119: 165

LOL OH LORD look Ami what He says…..LOOK

Psa 119:165  Great peace is to those who love Your Law, and there is no stumbling block for them.[/

How wonderful His Spirit is to us dear friend and helper of His Joy and Love…

What a JOY is that!

I have to stop now and languish in the smile He has put on my face…

…as I get up…I hear…"Special Agent"….over the radio….

Special Agent of HIS KINGDOM we are we are! He is HE IS

I’d like to put this in the Forum under the writings board titled, A PM to my sister. I would like your permission and AKA name you’d like me to use to protect your sweet souls identity.

Back again…Lyrics "2…1…1..2..3…go" is on the radio…

Oh Ami, will I ever get to answering your PM? Radio.;. this is the river of my life…Oh …drums are beating on the radio……I am laughing now…not only smiling….

You know, Yesterday there was a drought of the Presence of the Lord…a real drought. I felt thirsty, famished….this is the river of the night…now I hear NIGHT in the lyrics of the song! No questions…no questions, I hear in my heart…

Thank you for the flower waiting for me in your PM. That is just so sweet and beautiful…

The Lyrics is soft powder blue…"You got me now"…re-appear on the page….Oh….

Now my ears are open….the radio is singing very important messages….I can not get it into writing though….
On I go…

You say…One day we may meet and the most important thing as we gradually learn of each other is the wonderful TRUTH basis that we share...

Ami, THAT is what holds everything together. Without that basis of TRUTH, nothing remains and everything else perishes. I know that and I too aspire to unity in His Spirit…"Fiesta forever"…lyrics of the song on the radio now!

You say : We have very different lives and experiences, some similar,yet talking with you is devoid of judgements  and firmly based in our mutual desire to grow in the faith that He measures out to us.

YES and this is true of everyone of us. Our differences and lives ARE different and to see beyond that is so healing and beneficial to us as a Measure of His Spirit making us, blessing us to SEE HIM.
You know, I was studying the Scriptures last night and read what happened to Saul of Tarsus. Off to E-Sword to find it…

After Saul was blinded by the light of Christ here is what happened….he SAW NO ONE….

Act 9:8  And Saul was lifted up from the earth, his eyes were opened, but he saw no one. But they led him by the hand

This is speaking to me to see beyond the different lives and experiences and to see HIM only as we are taught to understand that God is Sovereign and He is causing EVERYTHING in our circumstances and our feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences.  And YES, as you say, it IS WONDERFUL….may the wonder be ever present, bathing us in HIS Supreme jurisdiction over our lives, conditions and growth that He provides the increase of through and with His Spirit, Heart, Mind and Presence.

I appreciate your wonderful sensitivity and comprehensive insight into what I was suffered to experience in the division between my husband and I when he was caused of God to endure great tribulation in jail. It was so intense and I thank God that He saw fit to keep us safe and prevent us from perishing. In that time, we were given deep experiences that only God can give through the Fire of His painful baptism of Fire. It did hurt yes Ami. It taught me that I never ever want to ever experience such pain ever again. It turned me against pain yet not against our God. Against pain….I recall coming to the awareness that I am against pain in every name and form in every place and experience. I am not against God or His methods but against pain…yes…I am against pain…that may make me a heretic as God uses evil to humble us and pain to turn us towards Him….heretic or not, I am averse to pain. All pain and everyones pain anywhere any time...Only God can and does bring a benificial result from marring the pot and re-making it. I am not anti-God for maring the pot because I prefer to see the joy of the re-making it! That is the joy! How was Jesus ever different? But for the JOY set before Him He too endured, suffered and overcame this world...despising the shame...DESPISING the shame...So what you say about God giving us His Spirit to endure and the fruit of His Spirit to be patient, gentle and focussed on Him is certainly a blessing of endurance and wisdom infused towards those He is making into the Image of His Son. hurts. Oh yes and may we ever keep the branding mark of fire in our circumcised hearts of His Kingdom of His touch on us calling us as His. I have NO regret that I have been THROUGH the expereice. Just as I do not believe Jesus has any regrets either about His cross either.  Do I want to do it again...NO...categorically NO!  I do not want to revisit that time and that deep wounding pain ever again. It was to be a fruitful expereince for which I have God to thank and praise with deep feelings of gratitude. That is the miracle! That is the gift!

You say we never know what is in store for us….That is so true. If you look back on ANY moment of your life, can you say ever, that you knew what was coming next? NO one can!

Our sister reminded me of that obscurity in our heart and so well stated too! Oh if we can grasp the ways of God, we would live as He is…free…for He has overcome the world. We are in His Plan Purpose and Will as are we all. Knowing that is a great comfort…now applying that is of His Spirit that causes us the desire and gives us the ability AFTER we know and learn and  suffer for coming to realize we can do nothing without HIM.

I recall my friends husband at the shop. He came and told me that he was going to Holland on Saturday. By Sunday he was dead.

I am often reminded of that.  We know nothing, and we have nothing and so it is good, worthy and noble to be given to seek the Kingdom of God…we know the rest….we do…


Your PMs have never bombarded me…GOD bombards me….LOL

Big blessings, thoughts of comfort and peace, joy and living in His Time and His pleasure to you

Love to you


Our sister in USA sent me a link that shows where I live. It is too sweet of her. I trust the Spirit of the Lord has blessed her to feel His Liberating Heart and Mind.
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