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Author Topic: Something Different  (Read 4907 times)

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Something Different
« on: June 19, 2010, 08:15:47 AM »

Something different

Hello again Mr. Smith. I havent recieved a responce email from you yet regarding my last email, and I am not surprised as you probablly do not have much time to respond to all emails. I would like to send you a link about a book. I am 1/3 the way through this book and it is facinating. The teachings are somewhat simular to yours, but different. This brings a whole out look as to what really happened almost 2000 years ago on the cross and after. I hope you read it, because your teachings brought me hope, but The Book gave me more, and an abundance of gratitude for our Big Brother Christ Yehushua. May our Father always continue to bless you with His gift of spiritual wisdom Mr.Smith.
P.S. here is the link below

Dear Wade:  I apologize, but it is not possible for me to answer all or half or one-tenth of the questions I receive.  Many would require an answer that would take days, weeks (even months) to answer.

Your question on the law (to cover it completely) is one that would require ten or twenty pages to cover, and as I presently have two thousand, seven hundred and forty-seven unanswered emails ahead of yours, I think you can see the problem.  As for your question on what happened to the sins that Jesus paid the penalty for?  They are still alive and well on planet Earth.  Jesus never "removed" the sins of the world.  Rather, Jesus is "the propitiation for our sins and the sins of the whole world" (I John 2;2).  Jesus DIED for our sins.  But Jesus did not REMOVE the sins of the world.  The salvation of humankind is a process.  That's why we live our lives, and those who died ignorantly or as infants will be resurrected and live again.  There is much they need to overcome.

John the Baptist said in John 1:29, "Behold the Lamb of God, which TAKES away the sin of the world."  It doesn't say he "took" away their sins, that he "will take" away their sin, but rather it is in the Greek aorist tens (indefinite--past, present, future)--"...The Lamb of God which IS TAKING away the sin of the world."  "IS TAKING" is the proper translation.  It is a process.  As God cleanses us of our sin through His Holy spirit, our sins are BEING TAKEN away, but not so the rest of humanity which are presently either the "many called," or the NOT called.  As I said, it is too big a subject for a email, but I hope this helps.

As for Dr. Martin's book on "Essentials of New Testament Doctrine," I won't say too much.  Dr. Martin was a friend of mine.  I knew him for nearly forty years.  He is a scholar for sure, but he also is way way off on any number of things.  Back in the eighties when I came to understand the Sovereignty of God and man's phantom free will, I contacted Dr. Martin's Foundation for Biblical Research which was then in Pasadena,  Calif.  I shortly thereafter came to understand this subject thoroughly.  Unfortunately, Dr. Martin did not come to understand this most important of all subjects until just prior to his death.  There are a few things I learned from Dr. Martin regarding the canonization of the Scriptures.  Other than that, I can't think of anything of importance that I learned directly from him.,

 He has been out to my home in years past, but I lost contact with him over the past twenty years.  There is just too much bath water in Dr. Martins book on baby doctrines.  Here's one for you (you won't come to it until near the end of the book:  Dr. Martin believes we will practice polygamy in the Kingdom of God.  We won't marry according to him, as he KNOWS there is a Scripture negating that possibility, but he says rather we will make "pledges" with each other (men with women).  And in this pledge people will agree to remain faithful to one person as long as they "pledge."  They can, however, at any time take up with another pledge and another partner, seeing that they will not have to divorce because they never really got married in the first place.  Dr. Martin says that the ten virgins (five wise and five foolish) is a literal prophecy showing that at Christ's return He will LITERALLY MARRY FIVE VIRGIN WOMEN!  Dr. Martin teaches that the "lake of fire" is a LITERAL FIRE that burns people literally, and that it will probably be located in what is now the Dead Sea.

One more....  Dr. Martin's greatest bedrock doctrine above all other teachings is this:  THE IMPUTATION OF SINS TO CHRIST.  "The MAJOR teaching of the Bible--the KEY to understanding how a person obtains salvation--is that of Imputation....It is no less than the foundational teaching of New Testament Christianity; and the central truths of the Bible could not be sustained without it.  This is why the teaching of Imputation is the MOST necessary for the Christian to understand...Any major dictionary defines the biblical meaning as 'attribution of one person's righteousness OR GUILT to another.'  (Essentials of New Testament Doctrines--ENTD, p. 92).  On page 03 Dr. Martin gives the example of how this doctrine of imputation literally works in everyday life.  He suggests that a child [under the age of responsibility--see my lake of fire series for my teaching on "accountability/responsibility) who steals a neighbor's bicycle and runs it into a tree destroying it, is not responsibility for the damages.  Rather Dr. Martin says, "...any damages for the act [damaging the bicycle] could be imputed to the father."  No, the father may be legally responsible for the damages, but neither the damages, nor the accident, nor the act of stealing the bicycle are "imputed" to the father.
For one of his Scriptural proofs, he cites II Cor. 5:21--"...made Him [Jesus] to BE SIN."  It should read "to be a SIN OFFERING."   Jesus never "became" sin.  Dr. Martin didn't say, but suppose the son had stolen the neighbor's hand gun instead of a bicycle,  and then shot and killed a couple of children with it.  Would these murders then be "IMPUTED" to the father also?  (p. 95).  Would the guilt of MURDER be attributed to the father?  Would the father then be GUILTY OF MURDER?  Give me break.  Show me the Scripture/s where Jesus became "guilty" for the sins that we committed.  There is much wrong with Dr. Martin's theology, and this one that he called the greatest of all Biblical teaching is not Scriptural.

Well, enough of that.  I would not recommend that anyone read his book, not because there are is not some truth in it, but because I doubt that the average person has the ability or spiritual insight to separate fact from fiction in his writings.

After Dr. Martin's death, David Sielaff (who is now Director of this association) contacted me and urged me to take over their ministry.  I respectfully declined.

God be with you,

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