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Author Topic: You Fool!  (Read 2768 times)

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You Fool!
« on: July 03, 2010, 11:41:05 PM »

Dear Coen:

I would be a little more careful about who you call, "YOU FOOL!"

I will make a few COMMENTS....   in your email:

Dear Mr L.Ray Smith,

You are one the false teachers that the bible talks about!
This paper on hell, a load of crap!
So much stuff taken out of context! You fool!

This stuff about preachers and ministers etc being the angels of the devil! That verse does not even relate to such a think! You absolute fool! Matt 7:20 speaks of those who never actually knew Jesus and had relationship with him! And heaps of other people besides pastors and ministers do works as mentioned in the verse. So out of context.
COMMENT:  Well, by all means, put it in context for us, Coen?  What IS the context?"  You say that Matt 7:20 [I believe you mean Matt. 7:22...]is speaking of persons who "never actually knew Jesus and had a relationship with him.'  Actually, your statement might have some truth in it, but how does that help your side of the argument?  I believe that many Christians do not "actually" know Jesus or "actually" have a relationship with Him, but that does not mean that the "many" spoken of by Jesus are laity rather than clergy.  Regardless of their personal conversion, it is plan that they do what they do "IN JESUS' NAME."  And it is the clergy, not the laity that preach and teach and cast out demons in Jesus' Name.
You then state: "And heaps of OTHER PEOPLE besides pastors and ministers do works as mentioned in the verse."  Yes, that also is true, but how does that help your argument?  Jesus is not segregating these people into three separate groups of [1] those who prophesy in His Name, [2] those who cast out demons in His Name, and [3] those who do many wonderful works in His Name.  No, He is talking about many people who prophesy, cast out demons AND do many wonderful works in Jesus Name.  They do all three, but you know as well as I that the "many" Christian laymen are not the groups that are doing this, but rather it is the CLERGY that are doing these things in Jesus Name.  No, the only people who believe in the Name of Jesus, and prophesy in the Name of Jesus, and do many wonderful works in the Name of Jesus, ARE CHRISTIAN CLERGYMEN!
It is rare for the general laymen of the congregation to do the "prophesying," or the "casting out of demons."  Those things are first and foremost, the work of the clergy.
So you tell us, Coen, WHO ARE these "MANY" people who do these "MANY" things and works "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST" if not the ministers of the Christian Church?  If they are not Christian Clergy, then you tell us WHO THEY ARE?  But remember, they cannot be the "few" and they cannot be of a religious faith that does not embrace "the NAME of Jesus Christ."  Go ahead, who are they?
I think you know that there are NOT "heaps of other people besides pastors and ministers" who do the works mentioned in this verse, and do them IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.  Who?  Where?  Please show us some of your "heaps?"  I know that the truth can hurt those that it convicts and exposes.  God's true Word is like a "two-edged sword," and it CUTS!

People like you are so frustrating Can't get your head around parts of the bible, so you make up doctrines that have no biblical grounding. You don't like one thing in the bible, so you change it.  So deceived by Satan. Just like Eve.
COMMENT:  Of course those are the words of a "frustrated man" venting his frustration.  You cannot show me any doctrines that I teach which have "no biblical grounding."  If you could, you WOULD.  You need to be careful about accusing someone of a sin when they correct a faulty translation.  "Eternal" and "everlasting" are not words of Scripture. They have no equivalent in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.  What is a sin is to continue using such words of deception that God never used in the manuscripts which are the source of our English Bibles.  You cannot take one statement of mine, or one sentence of mine (anywhere) and prove that it is unscriptural. You cannot.  If you could, you would.  So get off of your high horse and stick with the facts.

God be with you,


PS   I wish I had a nickel for every time someone fakes a blessing on me when what they really mean is:  "GO TO HELL, Ray, and burn forever, you Satan deceived, false prophet and FOOL!!"  One difference between you and me, Coen, is that you can only hope that I burn in hell for ever, whereas I know for a fact, that you will repent and be in the Family of day.

I hope you repent of your sin.
Cause I want to see you in heaven.

God bless you and keep you,
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