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I came here because God led me here. There is nothing else I can say. I was tired of the church. I always felt that something was wrong when I was in church. I always would fall asleep. Finally my farther showed me some things in this site and from then I have been searching to find what the church does not want me to know. God bless everyone and I hope to learn what God allows me to. Peace.

Hello and welcome to Bible Truths, please read Ray and Mike's material with your mind and bible open. I can tell you first hand this is a life changing experience. The members here will help you with understanding but always be as a Berean and check the scriptures for verification.

Happy to have you here,


Welcome Arkhetype to bible-truths.  Thank you for your sincere humbleness.  God searches for people like you, keep it up!  For you to always known that God has your back, says to me, He has given you much faith.

I was a little more stiff necked and stubborn.  Took a lot of whippings from my heavenly Father to straighten me out, lol.  As long as we come to the same point, with the mind of Christ, we can learn off each others unique experiences.

God bless you and yours.



Understood and peace to you as well.

God bless your obstacles you overcame in getting here.


Hi. and Welcome.  If you are close to Michigan maybe you can attend the conference in Marshall.  God Bless you.


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