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Author Topic: Sanctifide  (Read 4675 times)

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« on: June 29, 2006, 11:05:56 PM »

Hello Ray,
> I just wanted to say that I have always felt a sense of fear in my walk. I
> have grown up in non-denominational or pentecostal. But I always felt there
> was something lacking. I believed all that you refute in your writings. I
> was praying that the lord deepen my desire to read his word and to be filled
> with wisdom. A couple days later I ran across your web site and I never
> stopped reading it sense. I can say that I literal laughed and was filled
> with joy and I cried I was brought to tears. I could feel my eyes being
> opened and suddenly there was no confusion. It is there so simple and
> uncovered I thank GOD for the work is working in your life and thank Him for
> bringing me to this day of receiving wisdom and starting a new work in me.
> P. S. I really would like to be a part of some online Bible study with you
> and your family.
> P.P.S I am starting on your Freewill series now, but wanted to know if you
> have a paper on Sanctification as well as conviction and condemnation. I
> have not run across any of these yet on your page.
> Thank you and may God the Father continue to fill you with his wisdom and
> truth.
> Joseph

Dear Joseph: No, I don't have a paper specifically on "sanctification," but you will understand it if you keep reading my material. One day I will do a paper on all the major spiritually sounding words such as: sanctification, holiness, redemption, justification, reconciliation, conciliation, regeneration, propiation, etc. They are not as difficult to understand as they may sound.

God be with you,

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