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Author Topic: Paradox of the foothills  (Read 3042 times)

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Paradox of the foothills
« on: September 21, 2010, 03:28:12 PM »

Hi Beloved,
I'm inspired to share this, as I was recently reminded of it when I was having a POM day (poor ole me) !

A few years into my walk in Babylon, I was asking God why, after so many blessings, It seemed i was going 'downhill'.  He inspired me to consider one of those things that I sometimes refer to as, 'Perfect Parallels'.

He caused me to understand and consider the nature of a mountain. The tallest of which are invariably surrounded by foothills.  

We first see the peak that we are drawn to, but between the summit and us are the foothills. So we prepare to climb.

After a good, hard slog, we ascend to the top of the first foothill.
At this point we stop and rest, admire the view, take notes, photos etc.
We get our energy back, and looking up we again are reminded that the summit still beckons us.
So off we go, down. Down.

Down into the valley and up to the top of the next foothill.

While resting, we consider the level we're at, look back at the level we came from and once again, consider the high peak of our target.
And off we go again. Down.

It's the nature of the foothills.  
We have to go down in order to go up.

The interesting thing is, not only are the tops of the foothills graduated in altitude; so are the valleys.

There may come a point on our journey when, after hours and hours of strenuous climbing, that once again, we find ourselves in a valley.
At some stage, either through sheer exhaustion, or pain from injury, or hunger or thirst or just plain weariness, we hit an emotional low.

All this effort and we're still in a valley,  The shining peak of the summit still tantalises us. We're drained. We're starting to lose the will.

The fact is we've been climbing for days and still there are valleys ahead.
The beautiful truth is, the valley that we lie so despondently in, is actually higher than most of the previous hill peaks, where we felt so encouraged.

In life, it can seem you're in such a valley.

The reality is, even in this valley.......... you are higher than ever you were !

Take courage beloved, the end truly is in sight.
And nothing in your earthly life will ever compare to the view from His mountain.

You're in good company.
With expert climbers; and an expedition leader second to none.
By Royal Appointment.

Every blessing on our journey,

Grapehound xxx
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