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Author Topic: evilbible  (Read 2765 times)

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« on: July 04, 2006, 01:51:09 AM »

Ray, i just found your website. Let me start by saying i'm a 15 year old
> catholic. After seeing your website, i'm really unsure of what i should
> believe. I mean, i'm sure the end of times is coming soon and we're
> supposed to watch out for false prophets, no offense or anything. I'll be
> thinking about these things for a while. In the mean time, my friend showed
> me a website called I believe your the only man i can find
> with enough scriptural knowledge to put that website to shame. It's got
> maybe a hundred or more bible contradictions, and has scriptural proof of
> rape, murder, slavery in the bible; proof that Jesus lied, that God is
> impossible, and that God is not pro life. Some of the stuff i dissagree
> with, but much of it sounds very convincing. I'm sure i 'm not the only one
> who's fighting for my faith because of this website. I keep telling myself
> not to go there, but i don't want to live in ignorance either. Please, give
> me some reasurrance about this. I have some other questions, but i'll email
> them later.

Dear Henry:

There are many such web site. Some of them are extremely long. I do not have the time to read them all and critique them. There is nothing in them that should shake your faith if you know the Truth. Stop reading all the negative and read the positive. You can spend the rest of your life reading such stuff, and what will it profit you when you finish?

God be with you,

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