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Author Topic: So you think you can do something ~ There's NEW's for YOU!  (Read 2597 times)

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So you think you can do something ~ There's NEW's for YOU!
« on: October 13, 2010, 05:35:41 AM »

I sent a sister of ours here, a PM saying I was going to tuck my self away as it was past 11 PM and I needed to go to sleep. I clicked the send button not keeping the copy. ::)...but that part I had forgotten by the next morning after I received a lovely good morning PM from this sweet sister of ours and I replied making ANOTHER MISTAKE! :D :)

 I assumed the error of the night before, which was to say I was going to bed, (when I can do NOTHING) was on my record with our God as well. WELL, it wasn’t. I wanted to answer (caused by God the wanting to answer) :D :), our sisters good morning PM,  I went back to quote the error of ASSUMPTION that I had the control, power and WILL and freedom to go to bed when I said I was going to go to sleep….and I saw I had no copy of the PM. I realised gently with a smile that the assumption is not on my record with God because God in HIS Goodness, showed me the weakness of assuming I can do anything and worse still, proclaiming what I am going to do! :o :)

I wrote to our sister….
 PS....I only got to bed at 12 last much for knowing what I was going to written now in record of my folly...Only The LORD knows How HE has written our coming and going, rising and settling down...I THOUGHT I was going to go to bed but no....God knew and showed me otherwise! I still have to learn to DELETE the error of assumption of saying without inclusion of GOD, what I, big all knowing I, am going to DO! much for our Dearest Lord shows me over and over through His Great longsuffering mercy and love, that I know NOT what the morrow brings, much less what the next nana second brings....

Blessings to you...we see in HINDSIGHT ;D :D 8) ;D :D :) ;D  May the hindsight of this day, give you great joy, peace and comfort of walking in His LOVE.

Well I want (caused by God) that this, HIS Blessing reach into your hearts and minds too...whatever morning you wake up too, and what ever day lies before your hearts, minds and souls as appointed by our God for you in His CARE>

Now some might be tempted to say, I have my reward because I have made this beautiful exchange public. Well, okay…you’re right… 8) :) I do have my reward and it is the joy of sharing in the wondrous works that the Lord has prepared before hand for us all…you receiving and me sharing and you sharing and me receiving the wonder of joy that the Lord is shining His Smile into YOUR LIFE and mine > THAT’s reward enough for me!

Blessings to you!

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