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Author Topic: suits  (Read 5491 times)

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Re: suits
« Reply #20 on: November 12, 2010, 05:14:33 PM »

To any who think there is division on this not so relevant subject (and I think not), I just want to remind you of dre's question. It was as to where the idea came from to dress up, and the why folks dress up for church. He was not inquiring about whether or not if it was Biblically supported that we do so.
The position some of us have taken, I think, was pointing out that in the context of the situation at the time, WHEN we were in babylon, (especially those of the older generation) showing reverence by wearing ones best was what came naturally as it felt appropriate in the context of the way we thought at the time. Now we know we don't need to. We know the scriptures (even though I never internalized them this way) and we know how appearances mean nothing to God, but the inner man alone.
Like I said earlier, I don't think those still in the churches even reflect on these scriptures, if they know them at all. There it is generally all about tradition and respect (at least with the older crowd), not about feeling righteous. I hope I don't start another debate. Just wanted to clear this up, although I probably didn't do it all that well.
Blessings all


I thought that Your above comment might be directed at Me. Please check your PM Messages with a response as to the reason I answered as I did to Dre91s' question, there's a History behind this. If Your Post is not in response to mine, then accept My Apologies in advance.

                                      Kind Regards, Samson.


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Re: suits
« Reply #21 on: November 12, 2010, 11:11:53 PM »

Well here is a different opinion.  being dirty and grubby  could show you are just lazy and careless.   Taking care of your life and the things God gives you including your clothes, show you have a certain amount of responsibility and respect for yourself and others.  I was just talking today to a woman in my Chiro. office  she takes care of children that are abused, abandon ect.  one of the top items she pointed out was a total lack of responsibility these parents have for their actions.  I don't want to cause any trouble  but...  but... responsibility starts small like cleaning up after yourself  taking care of your clothes ( not to have holes in them, clean, iron if needed, home reasonably clean, car maintained, finger nail clean)  these things are important  they show your character .  Everything in moderation  peggy
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