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Author Topic: God?  (Read 2385 times)

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« on: November 05, 2010, 09:01:26 AM »

Hello Ray, I am just starting a study on something preached by Baptist and other trinity believers. They preach that Jesus was the one who created all things, that he is actually god himself, and that he existed and appeared as the angel of god numerous times, while being Jesus Christ, but not. They say he is God.. I have just read their proof text and nowhere did I see it state that. It looks to me that Jesus is one with god and the first fruits of gods plan as we are to be one with god after him. Jesus prays to his father, he says all that he does comes from his Father so he is either delusional under the Baptist doctrine or the Baptist are wrong.
Let me know your thoughts if you are up to it and have the time.
God bless you Ray. I am praying for you.
Thank you
Your friend in God.

Dear Zacch: One of the many papers I am working on is one entitled: "Is Jesus God?"
I do not have the time or inclination to discuss my research paper on this subject in
an email.  It just isn't possible. The Baptist Church does not understand the truth of
this subject, and neither do most other Christians. Hardly anyone knows what the
word "god" means and stands for. Paul tells us that  "there are MANY gods."  Is Jesus
one of them?  Surely Jesus is not His Own Father, neither did He pray to himself,
neither did He resurrect Himself from the dead, as some Baptists teach. I will try
to finish this paper in the future.

God be with you,

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