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Author Topic: A few difficult scriptures  (Read 4613 times)

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A few difficult scriptures
« on: December 15, 2010, 06:26:49 PM »

Hi Ray Rob here again.
Was wondering if I could get your views on a few difficult scriptures, and what you believe the holy spirit is saying.
1) The outer darkness and its place spoken in Jude 1:6-7
Where do you think it is and does it have any relevance to humans?
2)The spirits in prison spoken about in 1 Peter 3:19
Can you explain this place and is it before Jesus death (after)?
3)The second death in revelation 20:14
Is this the death of the unrepented unsaved souls, after the white throne judgement?
Also whats your standing about an immortal soul I dont see any scripture to believe there is.
Only God is immortal (1tim 1:17)
Seems to be this strange teaching around about an immortal soul. Propbably to back up there eternal hellfire

punishment..... Of course its very subtle but its there has to be, otherwise God couldn't punish you forever.
God bless  Rob

Dear Rob:  First, I have already written pretty extensively on "the second death" in my "Lake of Fire"
series.  Also I have given a technical/Scriptural study on the immortal soul heresy in my "Lake of Fire"
series, Installment 16, titled: "Hades and the Second Death."  I am not sure how you missed that?  I
had plans to start another Installment in my Lake of Fire series, which would have included such
phrases as "outer darkness," etc., but my health got too bad to continue that Installment.  I have
since worked an entire year on my paper: "Hell is a Christian Hoax," which I believe to be a paper of
paramount importance.  There is a host of Scriptures in the same category of I Pet. 3:19, II Peter 2:4,
etc., that needs to be dealt with as a whole, but which I just have not considered a priority at this time

Truth is, Rob, I don't have the time or energy to write back to nearly four thousand people just to tell
them that I don't have the time to write back to them with answers to their questions.  If I live long
enough, I will get to most of these remaining subjects.  In the mean time, keep studying the material
I have already written.  Hope you understand.

God be with you,

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