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many thanks!

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Thank you all for welcoming me so to this forum. I am enjoying reading the posts and seeing such wonderful people! Thanks again, Jennie

Jennie, I am very glad some gals are getting on.  Balance out some of the testosterone!  Welcome. :lol:

I come bringing the estrogen!!!! Guys , watch out!

if these gals ever get together ....oh no...... ](*,)

Rodger :)

Where are the gals? I am one and I don't mind there just being men, but it sure seems like women would want to be a part of this too. I, for one, can't understand how a mother could be at peace with the possibility of her children being in hell. Mothers do so much to protect their kids, and then let the church put all that propoganda in their little minds.
So, come on women, we have some things to contribute too :!:


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