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Hello - New Here - Need Some Prayer!

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Praying for you both, Betsy.

Check out Mike's site for info on the meeting in April in Michigan.  Maybe you are not far away from it. I will pray for you cuz I don't have much in the way of advice to offer.  Know that you are not alone and God will pro-tect you and your son- Truth always wins when the heart truly yearns for it.

Hi folks,
"Pursue peace with all, and holiness, apart from which no one shall be seeing the Lord" (Heb 12:14)

"Now youthful desires flee: yet pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace, with all who are invoking the Lord out of a clean heart" (2 Tim 2:22)

"Likewise wives may do it by being subject to their own husbands, that, if any are stubborn also, as to the word, they will be gained without a word, through the behavior of their wives" (1 Pe 3:1)[/list:u]Remain in Christ that your inner man shall be at peace, and your son too. If your husband insists on him speaking to a priest then let his conscience guide him as he seeks the Lord in prayer. Going into a church is no big deal if one's heart is pure, check out Naaman's request and the answer he got,
"For this thing Yahweh be propitious to your servant, in the coming in of my lord into the house of Rimmon to bow himself there, and he was supported by my hand, and I bowed myself [in] the house of Rimmon; for my bowing myself in the house of Rimmon Yahweh be propitious, I pray you, to your servant in this thing..And he said to him, `Go in peace.' And he goes from him a kibrath of land" (2 Ki 5:18,19)[/list:u]Naaman, having been healed of his leprosy asks Elisha that Yahweh be propitious to Naaman as he has to accompany his 'lord', his King, into the house of Rimmon, a false god. He has to bow down in front of that false god in order to support his 'lord', yet what's really in Naaman's heart?
"And Naaman said, `If not--let be given, I pray you, to your servant, a couple of mules' burden of earth, for your servant does make no more burnt-offering and sacrifice to other elohims, but to Yahweh" (2 Ki 5:17)[/list:u]Yes, Yahweh is the true God in Naaman's heart and so true worship and sacrifice he will now give only to the true God. His inner man worships Yahweh, yet he performs his stately deed of entering the house of a false god and bowing down. This is nothing more than a physical act with no spirit of worship within and Elisha assures Naaman that he can be at peace within himself over this thing.

All scripture is inspired and beneficial, and this wonderful account can bring peace to those who may be suffering legalistic pressure regarding entering a church for some legitimate means. We worship in spirit and truth, and the Father is looking for such to worship Him. Have an easy heart sister, the Lord is greater than our hearts and will reassure you to yourself that you may be at peace with Him.

Grace and peace to you and yours


What a blessing those scriptures are, Nelson.  I think it's hard to understand which way to go in situations like these.  How far is too far when it comes to honoring your mother/father, wives submitting to husbands; understanding that sometimes it's members of your own house who will be your enemies, and at the same time you want to stand firm in the truths God has shown you.  Great story about Naaman too!

Hi folks,

You're right Gill, it can be very difficult to know what to do or how to act in these situations, but knowing that God is conforming us into His image can be a great comfort.

The grace of God will chastise us if we err, and bless us when we walk in His ways,
"Trust in Yahweh with all your heart, And do not lean to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He Himself shall straighten your paths" (Pr 3:5,6)[/list:u]He does indeed straighten our paths and our circumstances are just one way He does this, if we only have eyes to see and ears to hear. Trusting God in difficult circumstances and praying for wisdom and peace will decrease the outer man of flesh while the inner man of the spirit increases, Christ in you!

Be blessed sister, grace and peace to you and yours



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