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Author Topic: Revelation  (Read 5972 times)

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Re: Revelation
« Reply #20 on: April 17, 2011, 10:44:35 AM »

the forum rules say that it is primarily a place to fellowship with like-minded believers, and secondarily a place to discuss and question the things learned on bible-truths.    i have highlighted this part because it is in this spirit that i believed micah 7:9 asked the question regarding the books of daniel and revelation.  ray covered the book of revelation with its' signs, symbols, parables, etc. in his lof series.  ray has also said that everything in the book of revelation is in the old testament.  he has put much work and time into his studies and observations.


While Ray has covered some of the symbolism in the book of Revelation, he hasn't covered all or even half. And he certainly hasn't cross-referenced Revelation w/Daniel or Ezekial, as of yet. Micah's exact comment was how does the book of Daniel hold the key to understanding Revelation.

As I told Grace, no one broke the forum rules or anything like that. I simply told Micah7:9 that the answers he was looking for are not here, that's all. I know they are not here because these same questions come up and the most we have are members' speculations and email replies from Ray saying 'I'll write on this subject one day'.

The books of Daniel, Ezekial, Jeremiah, Isaiah, etc. all contain prophecies of the Day of the Lord. As Ray has taught, the Day of the Lord comes unto God Elect in this age now ["I am coming quickly" - Rev 22:20] while unto the rest of the world in the next age. The purpose of this 'day' or period of time is to judge, purge, and change mankind into the image of God. So we all know what is to happen, we just don't understand the 'how' part in working with all the symbolism given in these books of prophecy.

Now, if there are others in the world who may better understand what a symbol means, and we know what is to happen, one could cross-reference these things and perhaps come up with an answer for their own personal study. That's what I mean by going out and researching to find an answer that may not be taught on And there's nothing wrong with that: this forum should not be a one-stop-shop for one's spiritual growth and understanding.

One comment I will make on this subject is this: While I have not been on the forum as long as you, I have been here for a good while. And there always seems to be great impatience in understanding all these symbols from the books of prophecy in question. And what makes this ironic is: We already KNOW what is going to happen!  :D

We know the world will learn righteousness [Isa 26:9] in that Day [Acts 17:31]. We know all will eventually be changed into a new, spiritual creature [2 Cor 5:17, Gal 6:15]. So why does there always seem to be a sense of urgency for this 'new revelation'? I think it requires a greater amount of faith to trust God to complete His Will, then to know all the details into how He is going to do it. But that's just my opinion, nothing more.

Sorry to be so long-winded all but this was a good subject that was brought up. Hope everyone understands and knows that one's spiritual understanding may outgrow the forum. And that's fine, but don't force anything here when there is a whole world out there with teachings which may help in some way.


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