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Author Topic: Limiting God  (Read 4356 times)

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Limiting God
« on: June 08, 2011, 07:56:21 PM »

Mr. Smith, could I ask you one more question? Please, please answer... I'm on the verge of tears.

Now I know there are verses which state that God is "almighty", "nothing is too hard for Him", etc. But it is like my mind is tormenting me. Could I please write what I have in my mind?

Can he make "eternity" (though I don't believe in "eternity" in the sense that most do) end?
Can he kill an immortal?
Can he "unring" a bell?

I realize that he has all dominion, etc., but this is driving me crazy. I often do not have rest, and I have trouble sleeping due to these questions.

Please, Mr. Smith. I promise I won't ask anything else. I apologize for writing due to your condition; I just didn't know who else to write to (and believe me, I have searched).

Please respond.

Dear Ian:  Don't try to limit God.  You cannot put God in a corner or find a way to render Him
ineffective. You really are allowing your emotions to get the best of you on this.  There is no
logic nor benefit to the questions you are asking.  No matter what the answer would be, how
would it help you?  How would it make God a better or worse God?  People have been
coming up with such inane questions as long as I can remember.  I have been asked:

"Why, if God exists doesn't He CEASE to exist?"  What possible point can there be to
such a question?  It has no redeeming value whatsoever.  And this one has been around
for thousands of years:  "Since God is Almighty and can do anything, can He create a rock
so big and so heavy that even He cannot lift it?"  Again, tell me what possible sense is
there is trying to push God into an supposedly inescapable position where He would be
Damned if He does and Damned if He doesn't!

It's kinda like the person who asks:  "Have you stopped beating you wife yet?"  No matter
how you answered, you are damned.

So, "Can God make eternity end?"  NO

"Can God kill an immortal?"  NO  But why would He even want to?  What is the point?

"Can He unring a bell?"  NO  But what if He could, what would it prove.  You really, REALLY,
need to get this nonsense out of your head!

God be with you,

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