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Author Topic: Living Miracle  (Read 2951 times)

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Living Miracle
« on: July 10, 2011, 09:48:01 PM »

I am a nuclear medicine technologist, husband and father of triplets. I 
do bone scans every day and I am familiar with end stage prostate 
cancer. I am not a doctor, but I have seen what bone mets can do to 
your body. I have been reading your articles for almost 2 yrs and 
assumed that you were dead. When I learned that you were alive it gave 
me hope that God is truly in control of everything! You should not be 
here today and I think you know that! God will not allow you to die 
until your very last nano second is up here on this earth. I encourage 
you in Christ my brother, that God will no doubt hold you up and give 
you strength through your experience with prostate cancer. I have 
never met another person who believes that God will save all men, but 
I know they are out there.  I am very lonely at times with my doctrine 
of universalism in Christ, but I know God has a plan. I would love to 
meet you some day and give you a big hug, you are truly a vessel of 
honor! I will continue to teach my family about the real gospel and 
worship in spirit and in truth. If I don't get my hug in this age, I 
will no doubt get it in the next. Thank you and your staff for a 
wonderful job, God has put it in my heart to give you what I can to 
keep doing what you do! I pray that this becomes a reality.
In God's love,


P.S. It was truly a step of faith that you did not take the 
radioactive isotope to kill your nerve endings to put you out of pain 
thus speeding up your demise. If you ever decide to take the pill I 
will not judge you because everything is as it should be...... Glory to 
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