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Author Topic: Ray's Condition - July 27, 2011  (Read 2396 times)

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Dennis Vogel

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Ray's Condition - July 27, 2011
« on: July 28, 2011, 06:30:32 AM »

Dear Forum members and bible-truths readers:

Thank you all for your continued prayers for me.  It has been a rather tough year, however, it has also had some rewards in that I am still here.  I am extremely tired and fall asleep continually.  I mean dozens of times a day.  As many of you know, I suffer from sleep apnea along with all my other problems.  I would love to hold more studies and write more articles, but I just haven't felt up to it, and the one theme that I have spent the most time on, still requires the tying up of some loose ends.  Virtually all of my bones hurt if I press against something hard, but sitting in a soft chair or couch alleviates most of these pains.  

Your prayers are keeping me alive through God's grace.  All of my health providers are more than just a little amazed at my survival.  Furthermore, they find it hard to believe that I am 70 years old and think I appear to be the very picture of health.

If only I did feel as good as I look.  The same is true of my Wife Manuela.  She looks great and is always smiling and jovial, but inside she is in constantly and often almost unbearable pain.  But God is not forsaking us.  We have a wonderful life together regardless of our trials and tribulations.
Anyway, I have finally started to write on my research paper.  I have tentatively chosen for the title of this paper:  "Solving the Enigma of God" which is a slight change from my original title "The Enigma of God Solved."  I felt that my first choice of titles too presumptuous, seeing that I don't want to come across as having totally solved this problem, as I doubt anyone will completely solve just Who God is.  What we can do is eliminate all of the popular theories of Who God is, including: [1]  a trinity of three different persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, [2]  a dual God consisting of Father and Son, excluding the Holy Spirit, and [3] the Father only, excluding both the Holy Spirit and the Son.
All three of these theories are wrong and unscriptural, though there are millions who are convinced that God is either #1 or #3.  God is neither #1, #2, or #3, and I can prove it.  There is no problem with excluding the Holy Spirit from the divine Godhead.  The problem or enigma lies with the fact that the Scriptures clearly show that Jesus and His Father have Both existed from the beginning;  Both are credited with creating the heavens and earth; Both exhibit all of the qualities of Deity; and Both are called God   Yet the Scriptures state a dozen times that there is but ONE GOD!  That's the enigma that needs solving.  It's not that the proponents of these three theories are evil or stupid, but rather they do not harmonize all of the Scriptures.  There are major Scriptural problems with all of the popular Christian theories as to just Who constitutes the divine nature of God--the Godhead.
The theory which comes closest to blaspheming the Name of God, however, is the 3rd one which not only totally denies the deity of Jesus, but lowers Him to nothing better than a lucky Jewish boy who grew up to age 33 without sinning.  He was admittedly an outstanding citizen, an honor to His race, but nothing more.  All those who have been hoodwinked into believing such an incredible lie will be be so embarrassed when they learn the truth that they will want to crawl under a rock and hide!  I assure you all, that when the time came to die for the sins of the world, the Father did not say: "Son, YOU DO IT--I'll watch from up here."  

I'm afraid the real drama of the ages has never been told by the Christian Church.  It's time we learn what God is all about--what He has done and what He is yet about to do. God has suffered much for humanity, and maybe it's time we learn to suffer a little for Him.

Till next time, God be with you all,

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