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Author Topic: The Enigma of God  (Read 4327 times)

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The Enigma of God
« on: October 12, 2011, 08:25:59 AM »

When will your new paper be finished?  I feel like his spirit in me says that in the flesh Jesus was
completely man, he had divested himself of divinity, but in spirit he is once again the creator god.
From Randy

Dear Randy:  I have no idea.  Only God knows.  A better question would be: "When will you START
writing your new paper?"  I have not been feeling very well the whole last year.  However, I have been
reading and studying a lot, also taking hundreds of pages of notes, but I haven't written but a few
pages on what could be called my "New Paper."  I know people think that I should be able to solve
in a few months what hundreds of thousands of theologians, scholars, teachers, and ministers have
not been able to solve in over two thousand years, but that is not the case I'm afraid. There are
numerous problems with the appearing of Jesus Christ in the New Testament as not only the Son of
God, but God Himself, and yet remain true to the teaching that there is only ONE GOD. I may know
the answer, but Scripturally proving it is a little more difficult than most can imagine.

Who was Jesus when "he had divested himself of divinity" as you say?  The only "Jesus" we are
told of in the Bible is the One Who was born of the virgin Mary.  Who was He and where was He at
the time that He "divested" Himself?  Where do we find Jesus Christ BEFORE the New Testament?
Where did He come from?  Who was He BEFORE He divested His divinity and BEFORE He was
born of a virgin?  Is He even mentioned in the Old Testament?  Or did the God of the Old Testament
divest Himself of His divinity?

If there is only ONE God and that ONE God "divested" Himself of His divinity, then Who is running the
Universe?  Who remains as a God UN-divested of Divinity?  If you say that that God is God the Father,
then Who was the God that divested Himself of divinity?  If you say Jesus, then we have TWO GODS--
One divested and One UN-divested!  If there was but ONE GOD and that One God divested Himself
of His divinity and DIED, then how is it that we still have TWO LIVING GODS?  We have [1] Jesus, the
One that Thomas called "My LORD and my GOD," and we have [2] God the Father Who raised the
"LORD AND GOD" of doubting Thomas from the dead.  See what mean?  It's a ENIGMA!!  May God
grant us all patience till we come into a greater knowledge of the Truth.

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