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Author Topic: Hell, Tecktonics, worry & fear  (Read 2743 times)

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Hell, Tecktonics, worry & fear
« on: October 12, 2011, 08:30:06 AM »

Dear Bryant:  I will make a few COMMENTS.... in your email:

Hi Ray,
I've been studying your papers for a while now, I really love them, thank you for writing them. Maybe, a little about me first. I was raised a reformed Calvinist, and I was pretty depressed until I found your writings. I know Calvin wasn't a man of God in any way. He was a murderer, and a murderer "doesn't have eonion life". I have a couple of questions here:

First of all, I was reading some of the scriptures, and came across 2 Thess. 1:9

"Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; "

I know it's "eonion" and not "everlasting", but the word for destruction is Strong's G3639, olethros. What exactly is that verse referring to? I don't quite understand.

COMMENT:  You need to read my most recent Installment in my "Lake of Fire" series on the "lake of fire."  Not only the wicked, but God's chosen Few also, have their flesh "destroyed."  That is the carnality within man--the part of man that is not subject to God or His law.  This part of man's human nature must be completely destroyed.  The word 'olethros' is found four times in the New Testament and is translated "destroy/destruction" by most translations.  I can see little difference between "destroy"--to ruin completely;  "ruin"--to destroy compretely;  and "exterminate"--to destroy completely.

Those who live by "the BROAD way," will end in destruction (Matt. 7:13).
And even Believers are to fear God who can "destroy soul & body" in Gehenna (Matt. 10:28).

Notice in II Cor. 5:5 that Paul instructed the Corinthians to turn over a fornicator to Satan
"for the destruction of the flesh," so that his spirit might be saved.

Here's my other question. I confess, I'm a carnal human, I'm only eighteen years old, and I don't profess to know anything. But one thing I don't understand is why God has given us this wonderful world to enjoy, but then says not to have anything to do with it. I'm referring here to things like enjoying food, and other things. Maybe I've got this all wrong, but I'm just trying to understand. Also, I have a very bad issue with worrying. (That's an understatement, my mind is a constant train-wreck.) I won't get into it, as I know you don't have the time, but I worry about things like, "Are the Calvinist right?" I know you know what the Calvinist are, but for anyone else who might read this, Calvinism teaches that God predestined a few to be saved, and throws the rest into hell because He wants to. I'm trying to get it out of my head that hell even exists. I also struggle with other things, like "Maybe we have free will, and if we reject God even once in our life, we will go to hell". I want to believe so badly, which brings me to my last statement.

COMMENT:  Well you need to get it settled in your mind and spirit as to whether there is a real eternal Christian hell or not.  My paper on "HELL is a Christian HOAX" should be posted next month some time.  Read the half dozen or so Installments I have already written on the subject of "hell."  There is plenty of proof there at there is no eternal hell of torturen.

I try so hard everyday to believe, but after distancing myself mentally from the church, I started to wonder if the Scriptures themselves are even true. I know a lot of people out there don't believe Jesus was/is who the Scriptures say He is. I just, want to know that if I'm unable to make myself believe, (I'm not even sure that's Scriptural.) God will teach me to believe, ether in this life, or the next. (I'm afraid at some point, I'm not going to believe anymore, and then God will be angry and send me to hell.) My prayer every day is for faith, and doing the right thing. That's all I want to do, is the right things.

COMMENT:  Well I don't have an instant solution for all those doubts, worries, etc., except to read the material I write.  There are hundreds and hundreds of pages of real solid proof of God's existence, and the validity of His Word.

I try to avoid sites that contradict the truth of God's word. But sites like Tektonics, CARM, and the like trouble me.  I just want to be sure that God and Jesus aren't the cruel monsters Calvinism and Christianity at large make them out to be. I know you are sick, I've been praying for you. How have you been feeling?

COMMENT:  As I am battling stage iv terminal prostate and bone cancer, I can't do or accomplish all that people expect of me. No one else does what I do.  I have a Web Master who posts my material, and that's it.  Stay way from faith-destroying Internet sites.  One day I will deal with the "Tektonics" site, but right now it just isn't a priority.  I marvel that people are deceived and taken in by this guy, (James Patrick Holding, aka “Robert Turkel”) and his utterly stupid criticisms and unscriptural teachings.  I will deal with him one of these days when I have completed more important things.

Read the Scriptures, and stay away from all those faith-destroying sites.  Most people can't handle them.  I will also take that "zietquest" site to the wall one day, as many are being deceived by their undocumented nonsense.

God be with you,


Thank you for all your hard work. Your brother,
Bryant Harris
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