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Just a few tips and reminders
For those with questions:

1. There are no stupid/meaningless/time-wasting questions. You don't know what you don't know...and the only way to fix that is to learn, and that involves asking questions.

2. Another way to learn, as well, is to read and study. Remember from the forum rules (http://forums.bible-truths.com/index.php/topic,3.0.html), please familiarize yourself with the teaching on Bible Truths. That's more than just knowing that Ray teaches the salvation of all. Get to know the specifics in the teachings.

3. You can always ask Ray any questions you may have as well (http://bible-truths.com/faq.html). This is especially useful for questions regarding what Ray has written. Members will assist however we can, but if unsatisfied, simply email Ray.

4. Don't 'ask & preach'. If you have a question, state your question. But it's not really a question if you're telling us why it's true. If you have the answers, why ask? If you are sincerely asking, why act like you already know? A question can have background information, but that's all it needs to be, background info.

5. You can disagree. No really, you can. But what good comes from airing these differences again and again? If 2-3 members tell you essentially the same, with support from Bible Truths teachings, and you still disagree, let it go. Just agree to disagree and move on.

For those who answer:

1. Please try your best to answer the question presented. Remember, you are doing a service for the person asking the question, not yourself. And with that, please stay on topic.

2. Rely on the teaching on Bible-Truths, because that's what we are here to discuss. You don't have to cut and paste every reply...you can use your own words...just stick closely to the teachings. It avoids confusion and helps everyone involved.

3. If you don't like the subject of the thread, don't like how long-winded a thread has become, tired of the same type of question, etc. - Just ignore and move on. What's simple to one person may have many layers of complexity to another. That's life

4. If you're going to take someone to task for a comment, make sure you fully understand their point/position. You don't want to jump on someone's case because of a misunderstanding. PMs are best used, when possible.

5. Try to put yourself in the questioner's shoes. Have they been on the forum for some time? Do they seem to struggle with one particular subject? Treat them with kid gloves first...you can always take the gloves off later  ;)




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