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Author Topic: Amelia Kame's work in Mexico  (Read 1819 times)

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Amelia Kame's work in Mexico
« on: November 30, 2011, 04:27:30 PM »

    Dear Pastor Ray,
    I have been in Miguel Aleman, Sonora, Mexico for over 8 years, and out of those eight years, since my sister Maria and I started our conversion to the Truth of Jesus Christ's message, through your writings, it has been about 5 years.   And I have been teaching these as I translated them to the small group that I now have attending 5 days a week at the mission.  Needless to say, the transformation in their lives has been so obvious and glorious to the grace of God!
    I now teach 4 days and on Thursdays I show them a movie.  We have gone through all your teachings as I have been able to summarize them in Spanish.  These past 5 or 6 months we have studied, or read the first 6 parts of the Lake of Fire series that Moses has made available to me by e-mailing them to me as he and Beto have translated them.  I have given 2 tests on these six parts.  The ladies are doing good.  I have about 9 women who are constant and continue to come.   But when I get back from the States, the number could go up to 30, you know, those that come to see what they can get (physical stuff) not really interested in the spiritual things of God?
    On Mondays I have a class of kids from 9 to 15.  We are studying the New Testament and afterwards we have some crafts or games.  They love for me to make them some cup cakes to eat with milk.  I don't always have time to do these, so most of the time I give them some kind of candy on their way out.  They know there is no hell!  We recently studied the Rich man and Lazarus, and I gave them a short quiz.  Most of them answered that they knew that Lazarus was the Gentiles and the Rich man Israel.
    On Tuesday, I go to el CRREDA, which is a drug and alcoholic reabilitation center here in town.  One week I preach to them and another I show them a movie.  They too are getting to know the truth, and trust the Lord that they will come out of there rehabilitated by His Word.  I take them coffee and cookies, or cup cakes every week.   I have been going there for over 3 years.  I have them read the Word, too.  Sometimes there can be between 30 to 45 men, and a few women.
    Twice a month we go to the State Prison in Hermosillo, which is the capital of Sonora, and I have been preaching to the ladies at the women's prison for over 2 years, going on three.  One lady is a pure Jew, who got converted about 3 years ago, and says she wants to come and help me at the mission since her mom and family have dis-owend her.  I have adopted her as my doughter, so she calls me mom.  They too know that there is no hell!
    As I go to the prison ond Wednesdays I come back and show a movie to the kids of the neighborhood.  They get to see movies on the wall of the chapel every Wednesday.
    On Thursdays, is supposed to be my day of rest.  But there is always all kinds of things going on, but I try to do some cleaning and washing of clothes on that day, if I am not taking someone to the hospital or some other place.
    On Fridays I go to the Triqui community, which is about 400 indians, and show them a movie.  I am trying to learn Triqui, please pray that that Lord sends me a good teacher, they have got to know the Truth, the indians have been told the lies we knew ourselves too.  I need to tell that Truth in their own language!
    On Saturday nights I used to have an English class, but lately, the ones that came are not able to attend.
    Sundays are very busy for me.  I  have a service from 9 to 10:30 and I also teach them the Word.  Then by 2 p.m.  we are on our way to another camp called El Plan de Ayala.  I have been going there about 3 years.  I sometimes have about 18 people attending and a lot more kids.   The ladies from the mission help me with the teaching of the kids there.   Some have grown up really great in the Lord, and are hungry for more.
    I used to give out food bags every 2 months, but now since the churches in the States have stopped supporting me, and my so called friends did too, I have only been able to do it maybe twice a year.  I give smaller food bags but not as I used to.  The pastors also have turned against me and call me a heretic and advice their people not to go hear what I have to say.  I am in a wonderful place, in the arms of love, the bosom of the Father, together with Jesus!   And I am sure you know what I mean, because you and Manuela are there too.   As Jesus is in the world so are we in the world!   The love and joy that comes from knowing that we are cared for by our Spirit Father is worth all the pain, trouble and suffering!

    I will call you next week before I go back into the mission field.
    Loving the Lord through His poor,
    Amelia N. Kame, your disciple.
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