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Author Topic: Choice?  (Read 2870 times)

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« on: December 22, 2011, 08:04:01 PM »

Dear Martin:  I will make a few COMMENTS.... in your e-mail:

Ray, it must be very frightning living in the Deamon-haunted world you have chosen to inhabit.
COMMENT:  Actually, Martin, the world I choose to live in is not "Deamon-haunted."
Don't even know what that means?  "Deamon-haunted?"  I give up.

Your life must be devoid of Life
COMMENT:  Although I have been told by numerous doctors including my hospice
doctor of two years, that I should be dead seeing that I have stage iv terminal bone and prostate cancer,
but my friends just keep on praying and I just keep on living.

as you look over your shoulder and check under the bed for the Bogie man,
COMMENT:  I have never once checked under my bed for a boogeyman.
 and constantly see evil all around you.
COMMENT:  You must be living in a cave somewhere if you do not "see evil all around you."
How can you open a newspaper or turn on the TV and not "see evil all around you," unless
you be blind as a bat?

Those of us who have chosen a world without the Devil and the nasty vengeful jealous god of the bible do not experience your "reality".
COMMENT:  You cannot choose a world with the Devil.  You can deny the Devil, but you cannot choose
a world in which there is no Devil.  It humors me how people of your mentality will often capitalize words
like "Satan" or the "Devil," but then refer to Creator of the Universe as "god" with a lower case "g."  Tis
true, Martin, you do not experience my "reality," but that unfortunately is your loss.

 We live at one with the world, not at odds with it.
COMMENT:  "The world" is a rather small word, but a rather big place with various meanings.  There is
the physical world often referring to the planet on which we live, and then there is the organized community
of mankind with his religions, philosophies, and governments.  I am not "at odds" with either.  I love the
harmony in life and nature, but I do shun the religions, philosophies and other trappings of our society.

 The moral choices we make are made because we want to do the right thing,
COMMENT:  Well I will commend you for that, Martin.  I likewise choose my own moral code.  However,
that code is based on something.  I am not clever enough to come up with the perfect code of conduct
that I strive to live by, but what I have chosen works for me.  I like Spike Lee's phrase: "Do the right thing."

 not because we have been threatened with eternal punishment.
COMMENT:  I'm guessing you don't know very much about me, Martin.  My last paper I posted on my home page is:  "Hell is a Christian Hoax."  Perhaps you missed it?  There is no "eternal
punishment" for anyone, only eternal life, but that doesn't come unto God has beaten the sin and evil
out of us.  It's called "judgment," but it is neither punishment, torture, nor eternal.  God has a way of
promoting His way of life through goodness.  You too will voluntarily succumb to this goodness one day.

  We have given up The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Ghosts, Aliens, Garden Gnomes, Fairies, Hobgoblins, devils,
and countless other fabrications of ignorant, uneducated, unelightened, superstitious and frightened people trying
to impose a supernatural meaning on their lives. Life is beautiful and full of wonder without any of that stuff. C'mon
Ray, come unto me and I will unburdon you. Join the living!
COMMENT:  You do have a way with words, Martin.  Are you serious?  You don't believe in the
Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus?  Wow.  I can see where God has His work cut for Him when it comes
to saving you.  Ya, aside from the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, I don't have much to do with that
stuff either.  If I were a betting man, Martin, I would bet that my life is less burdened than yours is.
May the God (with a capital "G") that you deny, be with you,
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