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Author Topic: What a mess!  (Read 1294 times)

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What a mess!
« on: January 23, 2012, 08:58:52 PM »

Would you believe that my step son and I changed the oil in his truck and put the oil in three plastic bags so it wouldn't leak until we put it out on garbage day.  A BIG wind came in the night and pushed the bag over and DUMPED 5 quarts of used engine oil all over "our" 8x10 concrete patio floor?  The floor is at a slant outward for rain and the oil covered a huge area of maybe 6 square feet and puddled where the patio meets the sidewalk.
A quarter inch of oil all over and under our stuffed furniture with the skirt part soaking in the oil!
What to doooo-the landlord snow blowing snow right on the other side of our porch curtain would certainly notice the combo oil and cat litter (speedy dry) that we fortunately had to "borrow" from Freebie (our cat) seeping under the curtain!
So a heavy 1/2 inch coating of cat litter all over the floor "soaking up" the superfluous amount of oil (hopefully) and 20 degrees outside and a snow shovel for a dust pan!
You guessed it!  The kitty litter soon blackened as it absorbed the oil and it turned to oatmeal sludge!  Try to sweep that into a shovel with your hands freezing and standing with leather moccasins on that I had on--not knowing what I was called to the porch for.
Phase ONE--sweep sludge into pile and put where?  OK a big industrial sized black plastic bag.  Done as best I could.
Phase TWO--second application of kitty litter to absorb more oil--with Betty advising me not to use too much because that's all we had!  (We don't own a car to just climb in and go get more!)  Sweep that up.. then "discovery"--If I scuffed the oil into powder it would pretty much absorb ALL the oil and leave the floor looking almost original!
Phase THREE--Three and a half hours later, with moccasin sole just about worn through on right foot (because I am paralyzed on my left foot) from scuffing, I find that oil got into the fabric of the chair on arm and back!  So God gave me ANOTHER idea--take handful of litter and hand-grind it into the oil on the fabric!  Presto--oil absorbed -color back--powdery mess-- but that can be vacuumed.
Lastly, keep kitty littering and scuffing where you just tracked with feet and oily broom--trying to reuse the litter so we don't run out when we need to change Freebies litter box.  Two more hours "fine scuffing" the next day and the landlord didn't notice-- lastly--thank God for ideas and no problem with land lord!  WHEW! 
Lesson:  NEVER put a bucket with top in plastic bag and think it won't spill!


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Re: What a mess!
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2012, 02:23:13 AM »

They say the BEST things in life are "free" and there was Freebie, sleeping under the curtain! Love it! A great read!  ;D Thank you!


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Re: What a mess!
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2012, 04:04:54 AM »


Very well handled! Hope we can borrow your Work Instruction that you formulated for a similar incident.



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Re: What a mess!
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2012, 08:24:52 AM »

My Buddy Duane,

No Judgement on my part, but what were you thinking by putting your drained dirty Oil in plastic bags, why didn't you use one of those plastic containers that Kitty Litter comes in and just take the dirty oil over to Advance Auto Parts. I know, it's water over the bridge, too late now, but for next time. If that would have happened in my area, the borough of West Easton would have made a Federal Emergency Big Deal out of it, sorry it happened to you.

I hope that the Hazmat Boys or the Environmental Protection Agency Dudes didn't cross your way, they would have given you more than a lecture and would have had their Pencils & Paper out, but wouldn't get off their White Collar Butts to help you,  ;), :P.

Carry On & hope you learned from this experience of Evil(no moral bias here), one lesson like this would be enough, what a pain in the bucket, that experience, Samson.


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Re: What a mess!
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2012, 04:24:41 AM »

Samson..."it's water UNDER the bridge"  haha BUT the cat litter didn't clean up quite as good as it first appeared and now a week later the oil stain is quite prominent on the concrete.  In scuffing the litter in it made the oil color "go away" BUT it was only temporary until the litter powder vanished.  (SIGH)
But our landlady went into the hospital for a "routine heart valve replacement" and ended up dying from a "complication" so now the "oil stain" isn't so important because the landlord HUSBAND doesn't have to answer to her.
She is now in the grave and "no thought about the oil spill" is happening BUT I will probably "hear about it" in my resurrected body!! (She won't forget in the hereafter--believe me!) :-)
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