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Dennis Vogel:
Dear Ray,
I find it very hard to put into words my concerns for you.  You have been fighting these problems for years now and I have been praying for your complete recovery.

We have known each other since the mid 70's in good times, and not so good, but I know that you changed my life for the better in every way.  The conference you set up with Dr. Martin in Ft Walton Beach was a new beginning for me thanks to you and all of your bible studies since then.  I know I am the quiet guy in the corner but I have learned much from your hard efforts as the Spirit of Christ leads you.

Your up coming surgery is very serious and I find myself praying often through the day for really good results according to God's will.  I want to wish you good luck in your surgery, but its not good luck but its God's wonderful WILL BE DONE.

Thank you and Love You,


Dear Harry: 

How time slips away.  I remember well our weekend at the Navarre Holiday Inn with all the "Jaws" props still there. In fact one Sabbath my wife and I were having lunch in the dining room when I noticed who we were sitting next to--Ray Scheider! One of my favorite actors; in the same league with Clint Eastwood.  I wanted to tap him on the shoulder and tell him how much I enjoyed his work over the years, but I thought it better to let him enjoy his lunch. Amazingly, of that group three are still left Dennis Vogel (our Web Master), Gordon Wallace, Dwight & Cathy Rushing, and a few that have passed on.  Among those who have passed on was that darling couple Susan and Carl Rouch.  What a joy it was to be with them. They were maybe the finest, kindest, most gentile, hospitable, loving people I have ever known.  They too have now passed. Then there was my buddy, Bob Carisle, who passed last spring.  I buried him in the VA Cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi on a Tuesday at 11:00 AM.  For years Bob and I had lunch together every Tuesday at 11:00 AM--I barely made it through the service that day.
Bob and Merle Williams were present at that Study. Bob (who could do one-arm chin-ups) was a career engineer with the Army Corp of Engineers.  Bob was pretty much in charge of clean-ups after major hurricanes along the Gulf Coast.  We spent more time with the Williams than anyone else in the Church at that time.  After moving back to Mobile, Bob would stop by and take printouts of my Lake of Fire series to His Dad, Daniel, up in Mississippi. Dan loved reading those articles. When his parents were younger and still farming, we used to spend weekends with them.  They had 85 acres in Central Mississippi--we called it "The Farm." Everything Mrs. Williams prepared to eat came fresh out of their huge gardens. Those were the 'good-ol-days.'   
That was the very first weekend Bible Study I held after leaving the Worldwide Church of God. Now Dr. Martin is long passed away as well. These are about the only ones I can remember that stayed true to the faith after all these years. There were about 80 altogether that left the Church when I left.

Well thanks for the memories, Harry.

God be with you,



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