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Hi Ray
Just thought I would update you regarding our first UK conference held in Basildon UK this past weekend. The conference went well and it was really good to meet up again with some like-minded people.A full year has passed since we last met together.We also met up with some new people as well which was very good.I personally feel refreshed and I know others were too.We still remain a pretty scattered group, even in,what you may consider our tiny little island, so every opportunity to meet up is indeed  a blessing.
Now it's my turn (with some help from Karen) to organize our next event here in Bournemouth (30th June 1st July)and  I'm really looking forward to our gathering together again.Please continue to pray for us as we seek to make the 'true Gospel' known.

I hope the op achieved the desired outcome and that you are in less discomfort.We continue to remember you in our prayers.

Dave and Karen
Dear Dave and Karen:
It's good to hear from you and that your Bible Conference went well.
My hip replacement went as good as could have been expected, It
does get a bit weary fighting so many diseases and discomforts at
the same time, but I believe most realize that they are observing a
miracle in sustaining my life under all these incredible circumstances.
My prayers are for you and all those in the UK who are coming to learn
 the truths of God through your efforts.

May God continue to be with all of you,


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