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Hi Ray,
   My name is Michael. I am new to your writings but have found what I've read so far most interesting. I read what you wrote about the trinity and it does make sense. My question is this, why in John 14:26 and I believe there are a couple of other passages is the holy spirit referred to by use of the pronoun he thereby implying "a person" ? Is the holy spirit a person or an it?
Dear Michael:  There are many deceivers out there that will try to convince you that the Spirit "OF" God is a Second God in a trinity of Three. The Greek word translated "he" in John 14:26 is "chinos" and its FIRST definition  in Strong's Greek Dictionary is "that." And it is translated "that" rather than "he" dozens of times. It is also translated "those," and "them."  In John 1:33 it is translated "the same." In John 9:10 it is translated "the same." In John 18:13 it is translated "that disciple." Etc., etc., etc. The fact that "chinos" can be translated "he" or "them," proves nothing. The Emphatic Diaglott Bible translates John 14:16 thus: "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, which the Father will send in My name shall teach you all things, and remind you of all things which I which I said to you."  Now then, where do you see the word "he" in there?

Hope this helps your understanding.
God be with you,


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