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Calgon take me away

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--- Quote from: Kevin ---Mickyd you have to be kidding. I thought that I was the only one out numbered. I have 3 daughters- 3 months,7yr, and a 14yr old. Plus my wife. Ill pray for you and please pray for me. You know I wouldnt have it any other way Im truly blessed.
--- End quote ---

 :lol: I hear ya.....of coarse you're in my prayers.

Mickyd,  Kevin, Steve Crook and every one else here
 are in my prayers.

As for my wife and i we have 3, all boys   21 yrs, 20 yrs, and are 1 year old.

I am getting old real fast.   Need to try for a girl next time for some change, what do you all think....


I have 3 kids. 2 boys, 9 & 3 and a girl 1 1/2.

And she is more daring than her brothers were at that age.


ah....how wonderful

the girl is daring , gives me somthing to look forward to in our wanting a little girl with God's blessin.

seems many of us have much more at stake then our own growth as we will cater to our childern as well.

God bless your wonderful family andrew.


The ages of mine are scattered 17, 15, two 9 year olds, and a 4 year old....all girls. I had hoped for a boy....but now I have given up. We have enough...enough I say!  :) They are all fine girls. The oldest graduates next year and the youngest starts to kindergarden. I'll almost be retired before she finnishes HS. :D

I have all of you in my prayers. May God bless our children with a better world than we have today.


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