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Hey L. Ray!!  Intelligence and a logical mind trumps education every time in my book! I am writing to get permission to quote you with this phrase in my upcoming book on The Black Church - Where Women Pray and Men Prey. Chapter 9 is about fleecing the flock and of courese I have a section on tithing. I was sent a link to your page by a FaceBook contact and just saw this. It's perfect!

"Now then, is there a Scholar alive anywhere on earth that can explain to us how this one single unparalleled and never-again-to-be-duplicated event is Scriptural proof that Christians should give 10% of their annual salaries (not the spoils of war, but their money, their salaries), not once, but year after year after year, not to Melchizedek, but to Clergymen who claim to be ministers of Jesus Christ? If anyone can see a similarity here, I will show him the similarity between an elephant and a fruit fly."

I would like to put those sentences in Chapter 9 but do not want to do it without your permission.  Please let me know. My book goes to the editor on Friday. Of course I will add you to my bibliography so people will know where to find you and read more.

Yes, sure Deborrah, you are welcome to quote me in your book.

God be with,



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