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Author Topic: Selective Reading of Scripture  (Read 18351 times)

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Selective Reading of Scripture
« on: June 26, 2012, 08:39:32 AM »

Dear Curt:  I will make a few your email:


No offense, but you should have stayed in roofing... the high point of your career.

COMMENT:  What do you mean by "No offense....?"  Of course you meant to offend,
that's why you said it.

  Your selective use of certain Scripture and selective silence on significant other Scripture
leads you to false conclusions that fall apart in the context of the entire Bible.

COMMENT:  And where is your example of this?  I receive tens of thousands of emails from
those who take offense at the Truths of God's Word, but never do they show from the
Scriptures that what I teach is not Scriptural.  Do you really believe that when writing on any
given subject that it is possible to include ALL Scripture pertaining to the subject, while also
including ALL Scripture which does not pertain to the subject?  One would have to virtually
quote the entire Bible for every subject ever written upon.  When I deal with subject such
as the Christian Hell, I am not "silent" on Scriptures that support the theory of an eternal
hell of insane terrorism.  And why is that?  BECAUSE THERE ARE NO SCRIPTURES WHICH

If there is no hell, what did Jesus save us from?

COMMENT:  The fact that you do not know the answer to your question does by no mean
prove that the answer to what Jesus saves us from has to be AN ETERNAL HELLHOLE OF
INSANE TERRORISM.  I have written a great deal on the subject of: "IF NOT HELL, FROM
WHAT DID JESUS SAVE US FROM?" in my recent paper on: "HELL is a Christian HOAX"
found at the top of our home page.  Nowhere in Scripture is it taught
that Jesus came to save us from an eternal hellhole of torture in literal fire--NOWHERE!
Jesus did die for our SINS, however.  Jesus saves us from SIN AND DEATH!  How is that
for starters?

If everyone is automatically saved,

COMMENT:  Where pray tell, have I ever suggested that "everyone is automatically saved"?
Where?  Salvation is a process, and there is absolutely nothing "automatic" about it.  Where
do you come up with this stuff?  No one will ever be saved without repenting deeply of his
sins and confessing on bended knees that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Saviour.  Where have I
ever taught anything contrary to this?

 what does faith have to do with anything?

COMMENT:  Faith has to do with EVERYTHING.  We are saved by grace THROUGH FAITH, and
that saving faith is a gift from God (Eph. 2:8-10), etc.

  I read several of your “proofs” and the only thing they proved to me is that you have a limited
knowledge of Scripture and a great propensity to take things out of context thus inventing
unsustainable theories using logic that is circular.  2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is inspired
by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness”… All
Scripture.  Every theological theory must stand muster with ALL Scripture, not just selective clips
here and there to make a point of your own choosing (the very complaint you lodge against other theologians).

COMMENT:  Wrong.  I do NOT complain that theologians use "selective clips here and there to make
I wish they would use "selective clips" (is a selective clip something like a 'Scripture'?) to prove their
doctrines.  There are no Scriptures or clips that prove Christian Doctrine.  Do you really believe that
"every [Christian] theological theory" stands muster with ALL Scriptural?  Listen:  Christian doctrine
does not stand muster with ANY Scripture, let alone ALL Scripture.

May God open you blinded eyes,



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