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Bless and Curse Not


Jesus on one hand  used tough language against the religious leaders. Then on the other hand ‘bless and curse not’ the word bless means ‘speak well of’. I’m still trying to figure this out. What are your thoughts? thanks.

Dear Devon:  I can't help but marvel at how often people look for contradictions in the Bible.
I used to say 95% of all of the tens of thousands of questions I have been asked about the
Bible, have to do with supposed contradictions.  I'm not sure why you didn't give any Scriptural
references to your quotations or statements?  First you speak of Jesus using "tough language,"
and then you say, "on the other hand "bless and curse not" which is a statement of the Apostle
Paul, not Jesus.  Were you aware of this?  So Jesus never did say "bless and curse not." Paul did.
But you are tying Jesus' "tough language" (again you didn't give a reference as to exactly what
tough language you had in mind) with the word "curse." You then define the word "bless" but the
subject of your question has to do with "tough language," and "curses."  I see why you are confused.
So are you trying to say that Paul said we should "bless" or "speak well of," where as you believe
that Jesus contradicted Paul by using "tough language" which you believe contradicts "speaking well of?"
Okay:  First, is a "curse" and "tough language" one and the same thing? If I look up the word "curse" in
a dictionary or a Bible Lexicon, will I find for its definition, curse--tough language?  Are tough language
and curses synonymous?  I don't think so.  To curse someone is to pronounce DOOM on them.  My
American Heritage Dictionary define curse "An appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone.
The evil or misfortune that comes in or as if in response to such an appeal.  A profane word or phrase, a
swearword.Anathema.  To damn. To swear at" etc.  Is this really what you believe defines what you
believe was "tough language" of our Lord? Are you really ready to accuse Jesus of such damnable
accusations?  I hope not.
You can't just lump together things that don't lump.  Furthermore, Paul did not say "bless and use not
tough language," which is what you are suggesting by your question.  Jesus "blessed AND used tough
language."  Have you never heard of "TOUGH LOVE?"  I hope this helps your understanding.
God be with you,


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