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Author Topic: Lake of Fire  (Read 3405 times)

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Lake of Fire
« on: July 24, 2006, 03:48:36 PM »

Where oh where DO they come from?

    FROM PROPHETS LINN BALDWIN , have you ever heard of the lake of fire? And since hell is a grave; are you trying to tell us that living eternity inside of a grave is not a form of torture? Would you like to spend eternal life inside of a grave? I didn ’ t think so. According to you, people that are trying to live a clean lifestyle, and trying to walk upright before the Lord is going to land in the same place as people do, < SPAN lang=en-us> that don ’ t even try or care about living Holy. And even people that are of the Jewish religions that do not believe in Jesus Christ, but are living clean and upright before God; do you mean to tell me that all of us are going to be treated with the same degree of punishment as people like Hitler, and mass murderers . Do you think God has the same characteristics as Santa Clause? He ’ s not Santa. HE IS GOD! I t’s a shame that even writing this letter to you I tried to type santa in lower case and the darn computer forces me to capitalize santa clause. But it will allow me to type Jesus Christ in lower case. Why should the people that developed spell check in software programs worry, according to you, the y are still going to enjoy living large in heaven. I can just imaging the kind of lifestyle you are leading. This Ray Smith is not just accidentally writing his opinions of God ’ s word because he just don ’ t know. But he is a very hateful person, he thinks he knows everything. He realizes that deep down inside for some reason he like s people only for a short time, then soon after he doesn’t like them at all. It is because he is what God calls a Bear Beast Spirit. There are tons of people like him all over the world. I have written a book to soon be released. Keep your eyes ou t for it. If your are in a great bible teaching and loving church family , and if you have a great sincere obedient Pastor , I advise you to stay steadfast  and unmovable, and keep believing in what you have been taught in your church . I don ’ t even worry about what your denomination is, as long as you don ’ t listen to people like this man. God bless you and remember to obey is better than sacrifice. Linn. 39 years old.   PS: FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE SEEKING A CHURCH HOME, PLEASE DO SO DILLENTGENTLY. BE CAREFUL, YOUR SOUL IS ETERNAL, IF THE LEADERSHIP IS TELLING YOU THINGS THAT SOUND TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, BEWARE. GOD ’ S WORD IS WRITTEN PLAIN ENOUGH FOR US TO UNDERSTAND WITHOUT SOMEBODY RE-ARRANGING ITS MEANING. IF YOU FIND IT DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND THE WORD, ASK GOD TO BLESS YOU WITH THE NECCSARRY WISDOM AND TOOLS NEEDED. HE WILL SEND IT TO YOU STRAIGHT FROM THE KINGDOM.
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