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I will make a few COMMENTS....in your email:
Hello mr Ray. Quite some time, I hope you are recovering fast. I pray for you always to regain back your health.
COMMENT:  Thank you for your concern, but after three and a half years of battling this terminal bone
and prostate cancer, it doesn't look like my recovery will be "fast."
Perharps you have time to answer this question, concerning Deut 22:5 where the bible says a woman should not wear what pertain to man. in the society of today, most wears that women wear is PANTs (trouser) and relied on this time of grace.
COMMENT:  Centuries ago women wore long pants, and men wore the equivalent of dresses (kilts), and the like.
When you see a transvestite, you will know without being told, what wearing what pertains to a man or woman is.
Our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, often wears pant suits, and she looks very feminine.
is this not going against the commandment of God? or is there any further explanation you can give to this. is this a sin?
2. Also can a woman be ordain as pastors or deacons? Can they teach in sunday schools or preach in an assembly?
COMMENT:  I have not been able to come to a definitive conclusion on this matter as yet.
3. Is wearing of jeweries a sin?
COMMENT:  "Things" don't sin, people sin.  The Bible certainly contains example of wearing jewelry, but
warns only of going overboard with jewelry to the point where it draws attention to itself, rather than to the
person.  I wear two rings.
God be with you,
Kindly help answer these question whem you are in your relax mood. I pray for your quick recovery. thanks


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